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Divine Cultivation System
I Have a Random New System Daily
God-level Delivery Man from Ten Thousand Realms
Martial God Asura
Master Dan Dao
Top-level Air Luck, Quietly Practiced For Thousands of Years (Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years)
Scholar's Advanced Technological System
I Have a Trillion Protagonist’s Halo
Military Technology
Scholar’s Advanced Technological System
Marvel: I Can Control Metal
True Daughter, She is the Almighty Boss

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When The Incubus Enters The World Of Quick TransmigrationChapter 29
Inverse Sword GodChapter 9727
Reborn Missy An Adorable WifeChapter 437
Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!Chapter 2379
Return of the War GodChapter 6834
Lord of PetsChapter 1420
Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse GameChapter 1160
Real Cthulhu Running GameChapter 1974
Nuclear Power Sword ImmortalChapter 708
Start with a Mechanical HunterChapter 415

Finished Novels

Metropolitan Super Deity

Metropolitan Super Deity

Full842 chapters
Super Skill System

Super Skill System

Full51 chapters
The Magical Blacksmith

The Magical Blacksmith

Full117 chapters

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