Help & Information

We have collected novels from many sources on the internet. The most of them are machine-translated works with AI to speed up translation compared to traditional translation methods.

When designing this website, we want to be simple and sometimes inclined to be a perfectionist. We hope to give you a great reading experience.

Below is a summary of some of the features of NovelSala. Read through to get them.

  1. Bookmark function only works in your current device. The bookmarks are not displayed when you change devices or web browsers.
  2. Website will automatically bookmark when you access any chapter of certain book.
  3. In chapter page, you can double tap to slide down 1/2 height of the screen.
  4. In bookmarks list, to manipulate the single item you can touch and hold 2 seconds until the popup is shown.
  5. Website has a dark-mode is activated according to the theme of OS.
  6. You can also quickly share the URL of a chapter with friends via QR code by pressing the button to toggle the window.

If you have more questions or report problems please send a message to the support fanpage at Facebook:

Thank you and please enjoy the stories!