Num. of chapters550 chapters


Gu Pan woke up and was told that he was dressed as the infatuated second male lead in Mary Sue’s novel.

From now on, there are two more tasks:

One: Grab a girlfriend with the male protagonist.

Two: Raiders the super villain of this world.

To prevent the big boss from destroying the world if he disagrees, and implicated her, an innocent book-piercer.

After several failures of the routine, Gu Pan came to a conclusion: the big guy, he eats soft and not hard!

So he turned into the ultimate little fanboy, inspired to serve the big guy comfortably!

“Boss, which brand of clothes do you want to wear today? Which country’s cuisine do you want to eat? Is the water temperature right? Would you like to wait for you to bathe and change clothes?”

Jiang Xun looked at the man whose waistcoat had already fallen off but didn’t know it, and smiled: “Okay, everyone is a ‘man’ anyway.”

The fake man looked forward to: “…”

No, we are not the same.

[Wearing books, group pets, women pretending to be men, villains, routines and anti-routines, pretending to be pigs and eating tigers]

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