Chapter 1931:Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 1932

Chapter 1932: Explosion of fury

“Brat, come!” Old Demon Blood Shadow fluttered the Blood Shadow behind him, an abnormal rosiness rising up on his pallid face.

HIs life force was greatly damaged. Actually, it was already a great challenge for him just to struggle at death’s door. This battle would definitely cause his originally overwhelmingly short lifespan to become ever closer to the finishing line.

But he had already considered this battle as the last hope for his continued survival. Now that he had thrown everything into the gamble, he naturally would not be concerned, either.

Capture Ling Han!

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, “Old bastard, you would only be beat to bursting by my fist!”

Xiu , his figure charged out, and had already launched a punch in attack.

“Overestimating your own capabilities!” Old Demon Blood Shadow was proud. While his cultivation level had fallen, he was still at Yin soul. Even if one ignored the major tier, he was still two minor levels higher than Ling Han.

He stretched out his right hand that looked like a withered claw, and grabbed at Ling Han’s right wrist.

Weng , the stars in Ling Han’s body shone, stimulating great dao, and drawing on the power of Regulation. Immediately, an ancient seal appeared on his fist, and from the surface, it looked like a ball of fire.

This was a seal of great dao that had been drawn from the Nine Heavens Flame, and was Celestial King Tier in level!

What was unfortunate was that Ling Han’s cultivation level was too low. This seal of great dao was also incomplete, and exuded a feeling of ruin. However, an ancient, noble aura was subtly surging, shaking the Nine Heavens.

Old Demon Blood Shadow’s expression changed drastically. The might of this blow from Ling Han had actually far surpassed his expectations.

A Severing Mundane Tier could actually be as strong as this?

‘Hang on!’

He suddenly recalled a legend. It was said that an ultimate prodigy would be able to break out of the binds of the heaven and earth, and deliver another strike after the fourth severance.

Fifth severance, capable of matching Yang soul!

Hiss, this guy was actually the kind of freak that only existed in myths.

Old Demon Blood Shadow was not to be blamed for being ignorant. Though he was an Ascending Origin Tier, he had always been a loner. There was no great support or background behind him, so how could he possibly know of too many secrets?

It was already impressive enough that he could realize that there were still fifth severance prodigies existing in this world.


The grabbing motion of Old Demon Blood Shadow became slower and slower. That seal on Ling Han’s fist had already taken effect, preventing him from invasion, and amidst an intense friction, flames began to burn on his palm.

The old bastard was unconcerned, but when he pushed his hand further forwards, he discovered that his right hand was in overwhelming pain.

The pain came from being burnt.

Fire had not been ignited due to the strong friction; it was rather that the seal that Ling Han had formed had drawn upon the Regulations of Fire, which burnt his skin.


Old Demon Blood Shadow paled in shock. Even if Ling Han was a fifth severance, which was equivalent to a Yang soul elite, he himself still had the cultivation level of Yin soul, so how could he possibly be wounded by Ling Han?

“Old bastard, the only reason why you could bully me was because your cultivation level was much higher than mine. To say nothing of a battle of equals, even if you are two levels higher than me, I will still be able to suppress you!” Ling Han roared loudly, his figure suddenly charging while brandishing a fist that contained all his fury.

The Black Murderous Curse was indeed capable of tempering him, but having it forcibly planted into his body by someone else was naturally a completely different notion.

Even though only a few years had passed, adding in the time that he had passed in the Time Cultivation Chamber, that was a few hundred years of time, which meant that he had endured the agony that came when the Black Murderous Curse activated a few hundred times.

Every time it activated, Ling Han really wanted to pummel the Old Demon Blood Shadow. With all these times added together, his fury had also accumulated to the pinnacle, and now he was going to vent his fury to his heart’s content.


When his fist punched out, Regulations became solid, and countless seals could be seen appearing, incredibly mysterious and profound.

Teng, teng, teng. Both Ling Han and Old Demon Blood Shadow took a few steps back, and then regained their footing.

In this exchange, they had both come out in a tie.

Old Demon Blood Shadow’s expression was very ugly. At present, he had bet all his hopes on Ling Han. He wanted to capture him so he could use him to blackmail a Celestial King, but Ling Han was actually so strong that his wishful thinking had completely fallen short.

His lifespan was possibly just 100 years, and furthermore, he was presently burning his limited life force to continue the battle. Who knew, he could directly die whilst he was still in the middle of battle.

He didn’t want to die… He didn’t want to die!

The old bastard roared. Boom , the Blood Shadow behind him surged madly, and then turned into a hurricane that blasted towards Ling Han. When it was channeled for a certain distance, this hurricane actually dispersed, turning into black dots that filled the skies.

Ling Han’s eyes swept over it, and saw that these black dots were actually multiple insects that filled the skies with their numbers, buzzing madly.

Each bug did not look much different from a mosquito, but they were considerably bigger, as big as a pinkie. They had a long stinger, which was incredibly sharp, and shone with a metallic brilliance.

The insects flew all over in the skies, falling down towards Ling Han.

And in that short instant, Ling Han was covered by mosquitoes, all of them using their sharp stings to pierce him, wanting to suck his blood.

Ling Han did not move. He wanted to see if these things could do anything to his physique.

Old Demon Blood Shadow showed a cold smirk. This brat was too arrogant, and had completely no idea that these Blood Shadow Insects were his trump card technique. Furthermore, they could work together with the Black Murderous Curse.

While the Blood Shadow Insects were attacking, he would activate the Black Murderous Curse, and it would be a coordinated attack.

…If you only bothered about the inside of your body, the Blood Shadow Insects would penetrate your body, and devour your blood essence. These Blood Shadow Insects were actually formed from his Divided Soul. Whatever blood essence they sucked could be fed back to him. Though it would not recover his life force, it did have some slight bit of nutrition.

And if you were only bothered about the surface of your body, the Black Murderous Curse would similarly be able to take your life.

What Old Demon Blood Shadow had to ensure was that he did not activate the Black Murderous Curse too powerfully in a moment of carelessness, and directly kill Ling Han off. If he did, he would not be able to blackmail that Celestial King.

“Explode!” Old Demon Blood Shadow exclaimed.

Ling Han felt a jolt in his heart, and his entire person was assaulted with indescribable agony.

“Kakaka, did you think that the Black Murderous Curse would only activate once a year?” Old Demon Blood Shadow scoffed. “Since I was the one who planted this Black Murderous Curse, then as long as I will it, it can activate at any time.

“Now, kneel in front of me!”

The old bastard was very proud of himself when he suddenly revealed an expression of disbelief. “Huh?!”

That was because Ling Han was standing completely unperturbed, and did not show any pained expression. Furthermore, not one of the Blood Shadow Insects managed to penetrate the latter’s skin, as if that was not a human standing there, but rather a slab of Divine Metal.


“Y-y-you… you…” Only now did Old Demon Blood Shadow feel his heart and spirit tremble. Firstly, he did not dare believe this, and secondly, he would not be able to capture Ling Han like this, and that would mean that he was not far from death.

Ling Han smiled slightly, and said, “I have already experienced the Black Murderous Curse several hundred times, and have long become capable of enduring it.”


Old Demon Blood Shadow completely could not believe this. Just how overwhelming and agonizing was the Black Murderous Curse? This was not a technique that he had created, but had rather been gained from an ancient cave. It was highly possible that it had been created by a Celestial King.

He had used it before on a great many people who had declared that their willpower was as strong as steel, but it would be three times at most, and each one of them would be wailing for mercy, and he could command them to do whatever he wished.

For example, there was a person who supposedly loved his wife madly, and when he could no longer endure the Black Murderous Curse, he still killed his beloved wife. There was an Immortal Palace Tier elite who was chaste and pure, and after she had been planted with the Black Murderous Curse, she suppressed the humiliation and entered into a brothel, where lowly cultivators played with her to their hearts’ content.

This caused Old Demon Blood Shadow to be filled with confidence in the Black Murderous Curse. There was no one that could withstand the agony that came after the curse activated.

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