Chapter 1932:Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Shamelessness that knows no bounds

Chapter 1933: Shamelessness that knows no bounds

But in Ling Han’s case?

He had endured several hundred times of the curse activating?

It should be known that only four to five years had passed, and the Black Murderous Curse should only have activated four to five times, so how could there be as many as several hundred times?

There was only one possibility.

Ling Han had entered into the Time Cultivation Chamber, and thus, while only four to five years had passed in the normal time flow, he had gone through as many as a few hundred years.

Was there any other person like that?

The Black Murderous Curse was clearly so agonizing, capable of making a person whose willpower was strong as steel become obedient. And this was also the reason why Old Demon Blood Shadow had allowed Ling Han to go to Alchemy City without any worry. He was sure that Ling Han would definitely obediently do as he commanded.

Who would have thought that this freak actually thought that the activation of the Black Murderous Curse was too infrequent, and actually took his own initiative to enter into the Time Cultivation Chamber to suffer.

Old Demon Blood Shadow was dumbfounded. He had never met anyone like Ling Han before.

Was this human? This was practically Divine Metal that had taken human form.

Just die then!

Madness streaked through Old Demon Blood Shadow’s eyes. Since he could not capture Ling Han, and was destined to die, then he might as well kill Ling Han so at least there would be some company for him in death.

“Die!” He stretched open his right hand, as if he was pulling on invisible strings.

He activated the Black Murderous Curse to the fullest, planning to kill Ling Han.

However, after the word “die”, there was only the soft whistle of the wind. Ling Han was still standing, completely unperturbed.

‘Th-th-this… How is this possible?!’

The fact that Ling Han could withstand the pain that came from the activation of the Black Murderous Curse only meant that he had a frightening willpower, but Old Demon Blood Shadow was presently launching a fatal attack from the Black Murderous Curse. This had nothing to do with willpower, and would directly kill his victim.

‘Why are you not dead?’

Ling Han broke into a grin, and raised his right foot. He took a step forwards, and as his foot landed, a large mass of Blood Shadow Insects was shaken off from his body. Before they even landed on the ground, they had turned back to Regulations and dispersed.

They were not solid creatures, but rather formed from the Divided Soul of Old Demon Blood Shadow gathering the Regulations of heaven and earth.

“Old bastard, don’t forget. You are more or less at Yin soul level by now, so how much power would you be able to draw from the Black Murderous Curse?” Ling Han asked calmly. His physique was extremely tough, so how could a Yin soul- level attack be capable of killing him?

Old Demon Blood Shadow was completely tongue-tied, unable to speak.

‘Don’t say it like it’s so easy. Even if you are a fifth severance, which is comparable to Yang soul, you are still a minor level inferior to me. Furthermore, the Black Murderous Curse is already planted, and would directly activate within your body. Even if our cultivation levels were equal, you would still be easily killed, what more when my cultivation level is completely superior to yours?’

He…. just what kind of freak had he trifled with?

The old bastard was presently filled with regret. Initially, there was still more than 100 million years to his lifespan, but now? First, his life force was seriously wounded, and then he went into battle by burning the remnants of his life force, which was courting his own death.

If the heavens gave him another chance, he would definitely stay far away from Ling Han…. no, he would directly kill this guy, and take the treasure he had by force!

Old Demon Blood Shadow was increasingly sure that Ling Han had to have an astonishing treasure on him. Otherwise, how could he possibly be so strong?

“Even when things have come so far, you still haven’t given up on your evil intentions!” Ling Han humphed coldly as he strode forwards. Masses of Blood Shadow Insects dropped, and his whole person was soon completely revealed, standing erect as a spear.

“I will send you on your way to the afterlife!”

Ling Han gave a battle cry. The Nine Heavens Flame flared, and he turned into a God of Fire, blasting out towards Old Demon Blood Shadow.

King tiers were invincible within their cultivation level, and emperor tiers could still be invincible even with a gap of a single cultivation level. Then, what about monarch tiers?

Invincible even with a gap of two levels!

The fifth severance could be considered as Yang soul in a different sense, but it still ultimately was not Yang soul. Hence, there would definitely be some influence on Ling Han’s tier-surpassing battle prowess. Thus, against a Dividing Soul Tier, he was still unable to maintain invincibility with the gaps of two minor levels, but surpassing one level was easily done, what more when Old Demon Blood Shadow was at the end of his rope.

With him putting his full effort in now, Old Demon Blood Shadow immediately fell into a disadvantage.

“Don’t kill me!” Old Demon Blood Shadow wailed. “I don’t have that many years to live. Spare my life so I can handle my posthumous matters!”

Ling Han only felt that this was outrageous. Just how shameless was this old bastard?

To even say such words, his shamelessness really knew no bounds.

But upon further thought, this old bastard had ambushed Ling Han, and planted a curse on him so he could steal the Natural Peach Seal for him, which was already enough proof of his utter shamelessness.

“You had best go on your way to the afterlife sooner so that you won’t harm others.” Ling Han was completely merciless, every strike fatal.

“Aaah! I’ll kill you!” Old Demon Blood Shadow burst the last bit of his life force, but even so, he was no match for Ling Han, and was still pummeled by him. Furthermore, his life force was already pitifully little in the first place, and now throwing everything onto the line like this was only temporary, and very soon, it was completely expended.

“I resent this! Hate! Hate!” The old bastard, too, knew he was soon done for, and roared at the skies. He simply gave up any form of resistance now. “You call yourself a prodigy of your generation, so how could you bring yourself to make a move on one who won’t fight back?”


Initially, Ling Han had thought that he already knew that this old bastard’s shamelessness was completely without bounds, but he had never thought that he could surpass his imagination.

Because he was no match for Ling Han, he actually dared to say indignantly that he was not even fighting back. How could he be so shameless to make such a declaration?

Ling Han didn’t even bother to say anything in denial anymore, and simply shot out a punch. ‘The earlier you f** die, the sooner this can be over with.’

But while Old Demon Blood Shadow said he was not fighting back, when he saw a punch flying towards him, he still stepped back, and stretched out his arms to parry.

This…. to say nothing of the fact that Ling Han was speechless, even Yan Xianlu and the others did not know what else to say. This old bastard had once been an Ascending Origin Tier elite, so how could he be so shameless?

He was so shameless that it was world-shaking.

“Disgusting!” Ling Han’s fiery punches landed repeatedly, and after over a dozen punches, Old Demon Blood Shadow was forcibly blasted into dust.

Old Demon Blood Shadow’s lingering spirit had not dispersed, and was still floating in the skies. It was filled with yearning for life, but because the spirit had no base, it soon dispersed without a trace, and was completely erased from this world.

“Ling Han, let’s go play!” Hu Niu ran over, hanging onto one of Ling Han’s arms, her face bearing a dazzling smile.

The Empress also walked over, and held Ling Han’s other arm to show her sovereignty.

Facing other women, the Empress had always been calm, but Hu Niu did indeed make her feel pressured.

“You witch, let go of Niu’s Ling Han!” Hu Niu declared in jealousy.

The Empress merely swept a disdainful eye over her, and ignored her. She had no interest in arguing with this kind of little girl.

“Wayaya, Niu is going to die of fury!” Hu Niu flew into a thunderous rage, her eyes shining with ferocity, blazing with killing intent.

Ling Han could only step in as mediator, and pacified Hu Niu.

“Brother Ling, looks like you are going to be very busy. Then, I will just keep it short. There is about 10 years’ time until the Mystery Realm opens, so you can make some preparations. If you could reach the peak stage of the fifth severance before that, that would be best,” Yan Xianlu said.

He then added, “Never underestimate the prodigies of Wide Prosperity Heaven. Only if you have reached the peak stage of fifth severance could you possibly match them.”

Previously, he had exchanged 10 strikes with Ling Han, and he surmised that he had the upper hand. But even he was no match for Shi Xiuwen, so Ling Han naturally was even less likely to be a match.

Ling Han only nodded, and did not say that his true strength lay in his physique. Furthermore, he had not used the two Source Powers of Nine Heavens Flame and Xuanyin Source Water, either, and also had the Black Tower, which made up three types of supreme level Regulations.

The other had spoken true. He did indeed need to reach the peak stage of fifth severance as soon as possible. If he could avoid using external help, then it was best for him not to.

“Then, we will meet again at the Three Blooms Valley.”

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