Chapter 1934:Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao


Chapter 1935: Contempt

Alchemist Zi Cheng had a total of three disciples…. ex-disciples. Because they were too seriously influenced by him, if they continued to stay by his side, it would forever be impossible for them to surpass him. Thus, Alchemist Zi Cheng had long since discharged these three disciples.

Not that he held no affection for them, but rather he hoped they could have brighter futures.

His third disciple was named Zhu Feng, and had long since become a four-star alchemist. However, in terms of Spirit Refinement, he had attained Fifth Refinement, so he could barely be considered a grandmaster, but there was still a very far distance between him and Alchemist Zi Cheng.

Peng Huanian glanced at Ling Han, a sliver of disdain appearing in his eyes. A mere Two-Star Alchemist, what right did he have to be called uncle by him[1]?

That was really too much of a joke.

However, with Grandmaster Zi Cheng in front of him, he did not dare be insolent. After all, this was the strongest alchemist in the entire Eastern Celestial Realm, and there was none that could compare!

Even the two alchemists, Heavenly Heart and Chu Ye, were inferior to him, and those two alchemists had attained Sixth Refinement.

Hence, Peng Huanian could only reluctantly say, “Greetings, Fourth Uncle!”

If it was not for the fact that Zhu Feng thought extremely highly of Grandmaster Zi Cheng, and was filled with incredible respect for him, he would really want to turn around and leave. As a noble Three-Star Alchemist, he was compelled to actually address a Two-Star Alchemist as uncle. He could not bear the embarrassment.

He was slightly confused. It was clear that Zhu Feng was already a Four-Star Alchemist, and had now even advanced to the level of Sixth Refinement. Furthermore, he was a disciple that Grandmaster Zi Cheng had discharged, so why was he still filled with such reverence towards Grandmaster Zi Cheng, and had deliberately urged him to observe the etiquette as befitting of a grand- disciple?

Ling Han saw this, but merely smiled, and said, “Nephew Peng.”

When the word ‘nephew’ entered his ears, Peng Huanian naturally was even more displeased, his expression dark.

Grandmaster Zi Cheng smiled, and said to Ling Han, “Third has finally broken through, advancing from Fifth Refinement to Sixth Refinement. Huanian has deliberately come to inform me. En, you go on my behalf. You apprentice brothers should meet each other.”

“Understood!” Ling Han said solemnly.

Peng Huanian could not help himself, and interrupted, “Isn’t Fourth Uncle a little too young? Can he bear such a heavy responsibility?”

Grandmaster Zi Cheng was immediately displeased. FIrstly, this was his arrangement, and secondly, Ling Han was his beloved youngest disciple. ‘What right do you have to express doubt? Who do you think you are? Do you have any idea what it means to respect your seniors?’

However, ultimately, he had indeed discharged Zhu Feng, and only in name was he still Peng Huanian’s grandmaster, so it would not be appropriate to be too strict. Thus, he only glared at Peng Huanian, a very imposing air exuding from him.

Peng Huanian’s heart immediately jolted, a sense of indescribable coldness welling up in his heart.

To say nothing of the fact that Grandmaster Zi Cheng was a king tier among Four-Star Alchemists, who no one in the Eastern Celestial Realm could compare to, and had an extremely high position, just the fact that he was an Ascending Origin Tier elite meant the might of that glare was nothing that a mere Dividing Soul Tier could bear.

He lowered his head, and felt like his whole body was shivering. His discomfort could not be described, and he almost fell onto his knees in a moment of weakness.

“Go and pack up a bit,” Grandmaster Zi Cheng said smilingly to Ling Han. He was indescribably fond of this youngest disciple, and the fact that he had Ling Han represent him to congratulate Zhu Feng on advancing into Sixth Refinement was also a kind of announcement that Ling Han was his heir, and could represent him in all respects.

Ling Han nodded, and asked Peng Huanian, “When do we set out?”

“The distance of this journey is not short, so it is best to set out in the next few days.”

Grandmaster Zi Cheng interrupted, “Help me pass this vial of Abundant Origin Pills to Third. It would be my celebratory gift to him.” He took out an alchemy vial, which he handed over to Ling Han.

Ling Han nodded, took the vial, and stowed it away.

Peng Huanian involuntarily showed an expression of envy. Abundant Origin Pill was the highest grade among Four-Star alchemical pills. If an Ascending Origin Tier took it, it could increase their Source Power. It was an incredibly precious alchemical pill, and even one was exorbitantly valuable.

“I will make some preparations, and we can set out tomorrow,” Ling Han said to Peng Huanian. He was not asking for the other’s opinion, but merely informing him.

He was the uncle here, so he naturally could directly decide this kind of issue. There was no need for him to discuss with the other party.

Peng Huanian’s displeased expression became even more pronounced, but because Grandmaster Zi Cheng was still here, he did not dare say a word. Mentally, he swore that after they set out, he would definitely deal with this uncle, and curb his spirit. Otherwise, wouldn’t this brat become tyrannical when they reached Guanhua City?

Ling Han saw this, but only smiled faintly, and did not take it to heart.

The two of them took their leave from Grandmaster Zi Cheng, and then left.

When Ling Han told this to the Empress, Hu Niu, and the others, everyone agreed in unison that they were to go together to offer congratulations to Grandmaster Zhu Feng.

“Thankfully, Guanhua City is not too far from the Three Blooms Mountain Pass where we agreed to meet Yan Xianlu. It’s just about a month or so away, and we can completely make it in time.” After Ling Han did some calculation, he nodded. He could make it to both locations very easily.

“Godfather, we want to go too!” Shi Lei and his sister exclaimed.

Actually, it was unknown which of the two of them was older. Thus, the two of them had always argued with flushed faces, and had even come to blows over the issue of who was older. For the time being, Shi Lei was slightly at an advantage.

“All right, we will go together,” Ling Han said with a smile. In the end, he had not taken these two kids as his disciples, but had rather adopted them as his godchildren, and was also nurturing these two kids with great care as well.

Though only a dozen or so years had passed, this pair of siblings had already advanced into the Heavenly Body Tier.

This was firstly because the resources in the Celestial Realm were too abundant, and secondly, they had the Reincarnation Tree, which was endlessly shortening the time they spent on comprehension. Additionally, the physique of this pair of siblings was too good, containing a sliver of Source Power of heaven and earth, so when they cultivated, it would be half the work with twice the effect.

After a day of preparations, they set out on their journey, heading towards Guanhua City.

This time, they did not ride the Dragonhawk, but rather went on the water route. They had a water shuttle as their means of transport. It was not too big, only 15 meters long and three meters wide. It had been fortified by certain formations, so its speed was astonishingly rapid.

However, the moment they boarded the water shuttle, Peng Huanian immediately switched to a different expression, appearing to be incredibly proud. There were a total of three rooms on the vessel. After he had taken the largest one for himself, he did not bother with Ling Han and his group any further.

…The water shuttle could steer itself, and had no need of manual control, or someone to keep an eye on it.

“Ling Han, Niu will go and beat him up,” Hu Niu said in displeasure.

“Forget it. For the sake of Third Senior Brother, there is no need for us to drop to his level,” Ling Han said. After all, Ling Han was the senior here, and he had not even seen his Third Senior Brother yet, so if he did beat up the latter’s disciple, it would not be too appropriate.

Hu Niu pouted, her eyes looking from side to side. Clearly, there was no way she was going to give up the matter just like that.

The journey was quiet, and after about three months, they had exited the Calm Peace Heaven, and entered into the Wide Prosperity Heaven.

After entering into the Wide Prosperity Heaven, and traveling for about half a month’s time, they finally arrived at Guanhua City.

This was a Celestial King Tier city!

The master of Guanhua City was Universal Clouds Celestial King, who had already attained fourth heaven in the Celestial King Tier. Guanhua City was the main base of the Universal Clouds Sect that the Universal Clouds Celestial King had established. The area under the reign of the Universal Clouds Sect comprised as many as tens of thousands of cities, and the size of their territory was astonishingly huge.

After the group disembarked from the water shuttle, they entered into Guanhua City.

“Alchemist Peng!” When they saw Peng Huanian, the guards at the city gates all approached, ingratiating expressions on their faces.

Alchemists truly had such outstanding status.

Peng Huanian showed an expression of arrogance, and deliberately glanced at Ling Han, his intention of showing his authority incredibly clear.

‘See, this is how a Three-Star Alchemist is treated, and that is how awesome I am. Are you worthy of my calling you uncle?

‘Are you worthy?’

[1] Same as last chapter, does not mean actual uncle. In this case, because Ling Han is Zi Cheng’s disciple, and Peng Huanian is the disciple of Zi Cheng’s other disciple, Peng Huanian should call Ling Han uncle.

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