Chapter 1935:Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Used like a tool

Chapter 1936: Used like a tool

Ling Han’s expression darkened, and he said, “Peng Huanian, for the sake of Third Senior Brother, I will not call you to account, but you should know your own measure. Do not seek your own humiliation!”

“Haha!” Peng Huanian sneered. “Ling Han, do you think that just because you are under the tutelage of Grandmaster Zi Cheng, you have the right to rule over me? I have already tolerated you for a very long time. You are but a brat, so what are you strutting around for!”

He was jealous of Ling Han.

The latter was superior to him in nothing, yet was taken in by Alchemist Zi Cheng as disciple, and a disciple that was considered the heir of his teachings at that! Moreover, this brat had four beauties by his side, and all of them were supremely beautiful, each having her own unique traits.

In terms of cultivation strength, he was a Dividing Soul Tier. In terms of alchemy, he was a Three-Star Alchemist. Just how was he inferior to Ling Han?

He was defiant. What gave Ling Han the right to have all this?

“Ling Han, Niu wants to pummel him!” Hu Niu was the first to lose composure, and was about to step forwards and launch herself into a fight. Meanwhile, the Empress’s expression was icy and cold. She similarly could not bear having others be rude towards Ling Han, which made her feel as if it had happened to her.

Peng Huanian was completely unafraid. These people were all Severing Mundane Tiers, while he was a Yang soul elite. How could it be that all of them were heaven-defying freakish fifth severance, and could match him in battle?

Wasn’t that a joke?

“Grandmaster!” Right at this moment, a young man walked quickly out of the city. He was dressed entirely in embroidered robes of crimson, and was incredibly showy. His looks were not too bad, and with a lanky build, he could definitely be considered a handsome young man.

When they saw this young man, the guards hurriedly paid their respects.

This man was no simple character. Not only was he Peng Huanian’s grand- disciple, he was also the young master of the noble Mo Clan of the city, and belonged to the category of characters that could make the earth quake with just a stomp of their foot.

His name was Mo Shuang.

“Mo Shuang.” Peng Huanian nodded with a smile, seeming to treat this grand- disciple with important regard.

That was natural. The Mo Clan was an Ascending Origin Tier force, and could be considered the strongest below Celestial King Tier. He was only a Three-Star Alchemist, and in front of the Mo Clan, he could only claim to have some status, but he still was not worthy enough of putting on airs.

Alchemists indeed had outstanding status, but this status was bestowed on them by cultivators. In front of true mighty figures, what difference did an alchemist have with a stranger?

For example, Mo Clan was a target that Peng Huanian had to curry favor with.

Mo Shuang’s expression was respectful, but there was a sliver of pride in his eyes. Though he had been taken in under Grandmaster Zhu Feng, his true strength lay in cultivation. As for alchemy, it was just a hobby for him.

Furthermore, Guanhua City had this kind of atmosphere. Prodigies of cultivation would get a little involved in alchemy so that they could add further shine to their reputation.

“Grand Master, this is…” He looked at Ling Han, exuding a little puzzlement, but more of contempt.

“Oh, this is just a minor character that has come to congratulate your founder on having broken through to Sixth Refinement,” Peng Huanian stated evenly. With an “outsider” present, it was absolutely impossible for him to call Ling Han uncle.

“From the Calm Peace Heaven,” he added further.

The Calm Peace Heaven?

The sneer on Mo Shuang’s face became even more pronounced. Who did not know that the Calm Peace Heaven was the weakest in strength among the 33 Heavens of Eastern Celestial Realm? Previously, it had been ranked as equals with the Wide Prosperity Heaven and Far West Heaven, but in the last several hundred million years, the cultivation level of the Wide Prosperity Heaven and Far West Heaven had taken leaps and bounds in development, and had already left the Calm Peace Heaven far behind.

In the hearts of the cultivators of the Wide Prosperity Heaven, the Calm Peace Heaven was a symbol of weakness. Thus, if the cultivation level of both sides was equal, it was natural that it would be the cultivator from the Wide Prosperity Heaven that could emerge victorious more easily.

However, while the Calm Peace Heaven was weak, it did seem to be rich in exquisite beauties!

He glanced at Hu Niu, then looked at the Empress, and then passed an eye over Bewitching Maiden Rou. The three women all had their own unique traits. One was beautiful yet pure, one was supremely elegant, though she did not show her appearance, and the last was alluring and bewitching, every slight movement capable of enchanting others.

“Grandmaster, it seems like this person has disrespected you,” Mo Shuang said. He was secretly glad. This was a rare opportunity for him to show his might.

He could humiliate Ling Han in public, and see what these beautiful women would think of him then.

The Calm Peace Heaven was really weak. Three top-grade beauties were actually following such a wimp.

Peng Huanian calmly stated, “He is just a young man that has an exaggerated opinion of his own abilities.” In front of this junior, he naturally had to maintain the reservedness that he had as a high-grade alchemist.

However, firstly, he was indeed conducting himself with dignity, and secondly, Ling Han was indeed Grandmaster Zi Cheng’s disciple, and was his martial uncle as well. If he made a move on Ling Han personally, Grandmaster Zhu Feng would definitely not spare him.

But Mo Shuang was a different case. Firstly, he could not be held responsible, since he did not know better, and secondly, the Mo Clan was a powerful force. How could it be that Zhu Feng would turn hostile with the Mo Clan?

Thus, if Mo Shuang were to pummel Ling Han, it was definite that Ling Han could only suffer in silence.

When Mo Shuang heard this, he instantly came to a decision.

…Peng Huanian disliked Ling Han very much, but because of his self-conduct, it would not be proper for him to make a move. Thus, he was only saying some words in contempt, but was secretly encouraging him to make a move.

Precisely what he wanted.

“Brat, you had better kneel and apologize to my grandmaster!” Mo Shuang pointed a finger at Ling Han, his tone filled with the command of one who was used to a high position.

He really looked down with too much contempt on those who came from the Calm Peace Heaven. He heard that there were only two or three monarch tiers even, unlike in their Wide Prosperity Heaven, where there was one such ultimate monarch tier even in this Guanhua City.

He was Liu Jie, a man of outstanding talent.

Ling Han waved a hand, indicating for the Empress and the others not to be excited. He would deal with this matter.

He looked smilingly at Mo Shuang, and said, “Kid, hasn’t anyone taught you before that you should not be used by others like a tool?”


‘Do you think you are my senior?’

Instantly, Mo Shuang was fuming with rage, and looking at Ling Han’s vitality and flame of life, they all showed that the latter was younger than him, and very much younger at that, but this guy actually dared to call him kid?


“What a bad mouth, let me first deal with your smelly mouth!” Mo Shuang made a brazen move.

His strength was indeed extraordinary. As the young master of an Ascending Origin Tier clan, he was worthy of being ranked among emperor tiers.

Ling Han nodded internally. No wonder it was said that the Wide Prosperity Heaven had been boosted in fortune by the heaven and earth. Any random Severing Mundane Tier he met was actually an emperor tier, and from this it could be seen just how high the overall level of cultivation was in the Wide Prosperity Heaven.

However, what could a mere fourth severance do in front of him?

Ling Han crossed his arms behind him as his feet stepped casually, easily dodging Mo Shuang’s attack.

Seeing that they shared the same roots, and he was a senior, Ling Han decided that he would not defeat the other too badly. Moreover, Mo Shuang was young and impetuous, and was only being used like a tool by Peng Huanian.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Mo Shuang delivered over a dozen consecutive moves, yet did not even manage to touch a corner of Ling Han’s robes. Involuntarily, his face flushed red, and his eyes burned with endless fury.

He had thought that he would be able to suppress Ling Han with a single move so that the latter would be embarrassed. Then, the Empress and the other beauties would be able to see who was better and who was worse just by comparing them. However, after these few moves, all his effort came to nothing. Ling Han, on the other hand, was still elegant, graceful, and incredibly relaxed.

With this comparison, it was clear that Ling Han was stronger.

He felt embarrassed, and then a blazing fury rose up in him.

“Yi, Mo Seventh, met your match?” Amidst a long bout of laughter, a group of seven walked out of the city. They consisted of five men and two women, and they were all giants among men. The men looked handsome and heroic, while the women were beautiful and sweet.

The speaker was a man whose back bore a giant purple bow that was slightly taller than even his person. He strode forwards, exuding a captivating heroism.

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