Chapter 1:Arsenal Military Academy

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"Army Military Academy" Author: Xiaoxiang Donger


A novel of the same name adapted from the original project of Huanyu Film and Television, "Gry Fire Military Academy", screenplay: Xiaoxiang Donger, the story tells the re-enrollment of the fire military academy, which trains officers, and the scholar Xie Xiang joined the army on behalf of her brother. Tang learns, and her classmates are studying and living together. The conspiracy to smash the enemy has matured, and she joined the Southern Revolutionary team and became a true patriotic young man.


In the early morning, it started to fog, and the cold rain poured down all over the sky, forming a piece with the dark sea. The ferry’s chimneys emitted thick smoke, staining the far and near sky with a layer of iron lead ash. Feeling depressed. The captain previously issued a notice saying that Shunyuan is strictly forbidden and cannot be docked for the time being. He had no choice but to float on the high seas, waiting for the notice from the shore. This time, I waited for a full day and night, and it was only this morning that I was allowed to enter Hong Kong.

Xie Xiang stood on the deck, wrapped in a black coat, with broken hair hanging down from her forehead, covering most of her face. The harbor was bustling with hustle and bustle, and a row of little black Austin came in, and the sharp whistle sound came from afar, penetrating the cold white fog, and piercing straight into the ears.

"Xiangxiang, it's windy here, wait in the advanced cabin."

Xiao Jun stood by, holding an umbrella in his hand. A well-dressed gentleman in his forties hurried past with a suitcase, and was about to hit her. Xie Xiang quickly pulled her with his hand.

"Sorry, sorry."

The man hurriedly said, without stopping, he walked quickly towards the special box.

When the wind was strong, Xie Xiang turned his head, and saw a row of guards with live ammunition in the special cabin. A young figure was surrounded in the middle, wearing a brown leather coat, and wearing a pair that looked unkind. The Erbing glasses shook his neck and shoulders greatly, and twisted his waist again. There was no calmness at all, and it was very swagger.

"I don't know which family's prodigal son, it's not a small pomp."

Xiao Jun curled his lips and murmured softly.

The hard shell military cap, the five-pointed star cap badge, the yellow twill uniform, and the golden epaulettes. This is the military uniform that has just been revised and unified by the Southern Metropolitan Government. The epaulettes on the local area are still gray.

Are you from Nandu?

Xie Xiang thought secretly.

Like her, this group of people boarded a ship on Hong Kong Island. On the sixth day of last month, the Tongchang Railway was bombed, and there was a labor movement at Nanping Pass. Several railway tracks were dug up, and the railway traffic in Shunyuan was completely paralyzed. Immediately afterwards, Zuo Jiming, Liu Maoyan, Du Lu and other high-ranking officials of the Feng'an department were assassinated. Commander Zhang Zhongxun was severely executed. The whole province was martialized, and the main roads were blocked. Shunyuan completely became an iron bucket inaccessible to water.

When others waited, Xie Xiang couldn't wait. She made a decisive decision, bypassed Hong Kong Island, entered the country by water, and then met this group of people.

Because of the arrival of this young man, the entire special chartered area was strictly forbidden on the ferry. Even the guests who had already booked the boxes were invited out. Although the words were polite and courteous, there was no room for negotiation. Then, the banquet hall on the third floor became a private sphere, singing and dancing, all night long, lively and current events are like two worlds.

The blockade lasted more than an hour, and the other passengers were not allowed to disembark until the young master's convoy in the special cabin was far away. The travelers speculated about the identity of the person, but no one complained for the time wasted. Obviously, this kind of thing is commonplace in such turbulent years.

"Xiangxiang, go to my house first."

Xie Xiang picked up the box in Xiao Jun's hand and nodded.


The night was extremely quiet, even the wind outside the window had stopped, Xie Xiang sat in front of the mirror, silently lost in thought. The lights were warm and yellow, casting a warm shadow, and the surroundings were so quiet, the dialogue between Xiao Jun and her mother became clearer in this silence.

"Xiang Xiang is coming to Shunyuan to go to school?"

"Yes, Xinhua Girls' School, didn't I tell you."

"There are so many good schools in Peiping, why do you have to come to Shunyuan? Besides, her brother had happened here before."


The voice weakened again, and Xie Xiang returned to his senses and spread his hair. The girl in the mirror has big eyes, a very tall nose, and her lips are pressed into a straight line, with a bit of seriousness. It is different from the softness of the daughter in the south of the Yangtze River. She has the heroic spirit of a northern woman in her appearance, like hanging in a cold winter. The pine cone on the branch is obviously not a flower, but it has the shape of a flower.

This way, it should work.

"Chuck", the door was pushed open, Xiao Jun walked in with a tray, a bowl of soup on the tray, and a white towel next to it.

Xiao Jun sat down and looked at her with some worry.

"Xiangxiang, you...really think about it?"

Xie Xiang smiled, took away the towel, and picked up a pair of scissors hidden underneath.

"Think about it."

"Opening the bow without turning back the arrow. The Agni Military Academy is not a fun place. If you go down with this scissors, there is no way out."

Xie Xiang held a handful of hair, cut the scissors across it, and let his long hair fall to the ground with a "swish".

"I didn't want to look back."

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