Chapter 20:Arsenal Military Academy

Drunk nonsense

The gymnasium late at night was empty and lonely. Xie Xiang was hitting the sandbags alone in the training ground. His mind was filled with the figures of Shen Junshan and Jin Xianrong. He was a little bored. There was no way to punch the sandbags. .

After a long while, the anger in her stomach was almost exhausted, and her arms and fists were sore. She sat down on the ground and panted, grabbing one of her short hair with some annoyance.

All dressed up as men, who would be so indifferent and fall in love with themselves.

"Xie Liangchen? Why are you here, get out and drink!"

A wine bottle rumblingly rolled to Xie Xiang's feet, following the reputation, the drunk Guo Shuting did not know when he came, and was sitting leaning on the grandstand.

His clothes are full of dirt and dust, and he must have drunk and rolled somewhere.

Guo Shuting asked: "Will you drink it? Return my wine if you don't drink it."

Xie Xiang shook his head, got up and patted the dust on his pants, picked up the wine bottle and walked to the stand.

"Instructor Guo, when did you come?"

"Soon, it started when you came in."

Xie Xiang was speechless, opened the bottle cap, and took a swig of wine fiercely. The smell of wine was so spicy that it choked her to cough again and again, and the hot liquid burned down her throat to her stomach. She really couldn't understand why Guo Shuting liked to drink so much. It was so difficult to drink.

Guo Shuting squinted at him, and saw that she was drinking happily and in a good mood. He raised his wine bottle and bumped her.

"Come on! Cheers, today is my day of great joy."

Overjoyed? Xie Xiang was shocked. Would Guo Shuting still marry a wife at this age, or he had taken a concubine... Who was so unlucky that he was attracted to him, wouldn't it be Huo Xiaoyu? !

Guo Shuting looked at the weird gaze she cast at herself and said, "Don't think about it! It was my big enemy who died today, but I didn't kill the person. I can't say whether it was happy or disappointed. I have been looking for it for so many years. His enemy was killed by someone else, it’s really ** baffling."

Gudong! Another empty wine bottle was thrown on the ground.

Xie Xiang nodded, and then realized that the country hates the family. Most people have the past in their minds this year. She couldn't keep it open before. After this period of time, thinking about it, the depression gradually disappeared. Shao, then comforted him, "Instructor, you just want to start, you know if your enemy is dead, that’s not bad, you are so old, your enemy is probably not young, maybe. I've been old in a few years... Then you are not more depressed."

"Slap!" Guo Shuting slapped his forehead fiercely. Xie Xiang slapped his teeth in pain. After another glance, Guo Shuting had already swayed to the boxing ring with a wine bottle.

"The brat speaks so horribly, dare to say I'm old, come on! Make gestures!"

Not to be outdone, Xie Xiang got up and walked towards the boxing arena. Although her physical fitness was worse than that of other students in the Agni Military Academy, she was trained in Chinese martial arts since she was a child, at least not to mention playing a civilian instructor.

"Instructor, let's talk about it first, regardless of age, if I hurt you, don't trouble me."

After that, Xie Xiang punched violently. Guo Shuting frowned and looked at her, holding wine in his left hand and making a fist with his right hand. He swiped forward and fell in one blow.

"Fancy, unconvinced?"

Xie Xiang got up from the ground, patted the ashes on his body, and said in shock, "I, I made a temporary mistake, come again!"

But for a moment, Xie Xiang fell to the ground again and screamed: "Instructor, are you sure you are a civil servant."

"Will you accept it?" Guo Shuting raised his chin and asked with a smile while looking at her.

"I'm taking it!" The hero doesn't suffer from immediate losses, he admits counsel when he should admit counsel, and Xie Xiang decisively admits defeat.

"Come again!"

"I have taken it!" Xie Xiang got up and ran to the dormitory.

Before taking two steps, I heard the sound of tigers and wind coming from behind him, Xie Xiang had to turn around and punch, and Xie Xiang's screams wafted again in the empty gymnasium, "Ah! I took it! I took it! I really took it!"

Xie Xiang, with a blue nose and a swollen face, was lying on the ground in despair. Today she finally saw the power of Guo Shuting. It turns out that the real masters are hidden, and a bottle of wine was handed over to her. Guo Shuting looked at her, "Get up. !drink wine!"

After losing the fight, drinking must never lose, Xie Xiang took the bottle and drank it. She had a few fights with Guo Shuting and drank another drink. The relationship was inexplicably close. The two drank all the wine, and then walked towards the dormitory.

In the long and narrow corridor, each door of the dormitory was exactly the same. Xie Xiang took Guo Shuting to walk around again and again, but still did not recognize which door was his dormitory.

"Xie Liangchen?"

Xie Xiang looked back, and when he saw Gu Yanframe poking out of the dormitory, he grinned and turned his head to Guo Shuting and said, "It's stupid, we both passed by!"

Seeing that both Xie Xiang and Guo Shuting smelled of alcohol, they were unable to stand still, Gu Yanframe hurriedly stepped forward to support Xie Xiang, stared at Guo Shuting and said righteously: "Instructor Guo, you took the students to drink, you are blatantly. Violation of school rules!"

"You play less serious, you, you go out over the wall every night, when I don't know?"

Guo Shuting yelled with a big tongue, then smiled triumphantly at Gu Yanframe, and pushed Xie Xiang into his arms, "You, take her back, I'm leaving."

"Goodbye, instructor!" Xie Xiang couldn't open his eyes anymore, and he clicked on his heels. He wanted to pay a standard military salute, but he didn't have the strength to slap him softly in the arms of the man behind him.

"This is how much you drank." She heard Gu Yanjian sigh, and then she was dragged and dragged onto the bed. Gu Yanjian handed the towel over with a slight disgust. The snow-white towel was handed to the tip of his nose, but Xie Xiang didn't answer it, just stretched out his face with his eyes closed.

Gu Yanjian's heart moved, looking down at her, her white face was full of blush, Xie Xiang closed her eyes tightly, her slender eyelashes kept flashing, and Gu Yanjian felt itchy in her heart.

Noticing that the person in front of her hadn't moved for a long time, Xie Xiang opened her eyes and looked at Gu Yan's frame pitifully. The corners of her eyes were reddish with water vapor in them, and she sighed softly.

Why is he so cruel to her? Gu Yanjian also sighed, helplessly squatted down and wiped her off. The towel was gently swept across her face, leaving a water mark, which should obviously be disgusting, but the words turned into care and comfort.

"Look at you. If you don't know how to drink, don't drink it. Drinking is such a stupid virtue. If you are tired, go to bed quickly."

Xie Xiang nodded obediently, and reached out to the neckline of his clothes: "Take off your clothes before going to bed."

Gu Yanjian hurriedly turned his head and did not dare to look at her again. He believed that he was not a righteous gentleman, but at this time he could not take advantage of others, and he still had to control it. However, he didn't know how long he could hold on.

Xie Xiang was dizzy, and after a long time he could not untie a button, he said coquettishly, "Gu Yan frame, you help me!"

"Then I can turn around." Gu Yan felt happy, rubbing her hands expectantly, and knelt down to unbutton her: "You asked me to untie it. Don't turn your face when you wake up."

Xie Xiang was drunk and didn't know anything, but nodded with a smile.

The buttons were untied one by one, but the lively scene did not appear. There was only layer after layer of chest cloth in front of him, and Gu Yan frame annoyed and fastened all the buttons again.

"Just dress like this and sleep!"


"Just wear it if you tell you to wear it!"

"Oh." Xie Xiang replied aggrievedly, turned around and fell on the bed. Gu Yanframe held her down, squatted down again, and began to take off her shoes.

Xie Xiang smiled and lowered his head and approached him: "Gu Yanframe, do you know, my name is Xie Xiang, not Xie Liangchen, I am a girl, and you are all deceived by me."


"I was beaten by Instructor Guo just now, do you know?"

"I know."

"How do you know everything!"

"Because you are stupid!"

Xie Xiang raised his hand to hit the back of Gu Yan's head, and jumped up with aggrieved face.

"You curse, apologize to me!"

Looking at Xie Xiang who was drunk crazy, Gu Yanframe knew that she couldn't reason with her, and backed back after surrendering with her hands, "Yes, you are the boss, I take it, I apologize, I'm sorry, let's go."

Slightly satisfied, Xie Xiang approached forward. Suddenly his feet were soft, and he threw Gu Yan frame onto the bed. Gu Yan was confused when she cared. She screamed and put her in her arms. Then a soft voice came from her chest, "Huh? Why is your face so red?"

Gu Yanframe hugged her silently, coughing uncomfortably, but after all she could not let go.

Xie Xiang saw Gu Yanjian turned his head and ignored him, smacked his lips, found a comfortable position in his arms and fell asleep.

When he woke up, Xie Xiang was the only person in the house. Gu Yanjian didn't know where he was. The water on the bedside was still warm. He didn't leave for long.

The curtains were half opened, and strong sunlight came in through the curtains, covering the whole area with golden yellow. Xie Xiang looked at his watch, and he fell asleep until noon.

"Yeah, wake up, I thought you had to sleep for a whole day." Gu Yanframe walked in from the door, glanced at Xie Xiang who was sitting on the bed in a daze, and asked, "How is your sleep? Does your head hurt?"

Xie Xiang watched Gu Yan frame putting the boxed lunch in her hand on the table with a smile on her face. She was a little uneasy. Her memory only stayed at the Taoist Hall and Guo Shuting drinking. As for how to return to the dormitory, and everything after that I remember, what happened last night, I probably didn't say anything that shouldn't be said.

Xie Xiang grabbed a handful of hair embarrassingly, and cautiously tentatively said, "Yesterday, last night...Did I drink too much?"

Gu Yanframe hugged her shoulders and looked at her with a smile, and looked at her from head to toe.

"What do you mean?"

He deliberately lowered his voice, and the deep voice contained a taste of playful abuse, and Xie Xiang was even more disturbed in his ears.

"Then me, am I drunk crazy? What, strange things do I say?"

"What do you mean?"

With this sentence again, Xie Xiang wanted to cry without tears, with a sad face: "What the ** did I say?"

"You ask, is there any secret that I'm afraid I know?" Gu Yanjian suddenly bent over and approached her, a pair of eyes staring at her for an instant, her deep eyes eroded Xie Xiang's nerves inch by inch. After a while, Xie Xiang reacted.

"of course not!"

The two stared at each other from a very close distance. His sharp eyes made people panic. Xie Xiang was very upset at first. Seeing his eyes, his heartbeat was so fast that he could only sit up straight with gritted teeth. .

A stream of light glided across Gu Yan's eyes, and she straightened up, put her smile away, and said with a straight face: "Warning, you are not allowed to drink in the future! Especially with Guo Shuting, his old ghost ran to the Shannan Tavern Huo Xiaoyu all the time. , You still dare to drink with him, you are not afraid..."

"What am I afraid of? I, I am a big man." Xie Xiang said bitterly.

"Are men safe? Are men safe? Everyone has them these days, not to mention the fact that you look like a little girl."

"Who are you talking about!"

Xie Xiang sat on the bed, his eyes were still watery because of the hangover, his hands were tightly clenched into fists, and he looked like he was about to jump up at any time, looking like a cute little rabbit.

Gu Yanjian stopped arguing with her, and the corners of her mouth twitched and gave a chuckle, turned around and brought the lunch box to her. "Eat while it is hot. There will be sparring exercises this afternoon. Don't be beaten like last time. I have to find North."

"Huh!" Xie Xiang snorted coldly. She didn't compete with the meal, and took the lunch box and started eating quickly. She wanted to replenish her strength. This afternoon, she was going to surprise this person who looked down upon herself.

In the afternoon test, Gu Yanjian and Shen Junshan actually got into a group. Just when Xie Xiang had silently lit a candle for Gu Yanframe in his heart, he found that the two were evenly matched. This discovery suddenly caused a storm in her heart.

Last time he was injured, Shen Junshan bandaged the wound for himself, with a skillful technique. Xie Xiang couldn’t help but compliment him. After that, Shen Junshan told himself about his previous experience. It turned out that he had returned to China and became a war doctor three years ago. Although the scale of the war was small, it was very tragic, and many people were killed by his men.

Take another look at Gu Yan's frame. A rich young master who can eat, drink and have fun all day long can actually have such a good skill. For this, Xie Xiang can only lament that this person is really talented.

"Okay, go back."

Lu Zhongxin said, ending the long fight between the two.

"Zhu Yanlin, who do you want to fight with?"

Zhu Yanlin looked around, looked at Huang Song frowning, then looked at Li Wenzhong curled his lips, and finally set his eyes on Xie Xiang.

"Just thank Liangchen!"

Xie Xiang walked up and took the wooden knife that Zhu Yanlin handed over. Zhu Yanlin leaned in her ear and said, "Don't worry, I'll be gentle, I won't hurt you."

Is this, the persimmon picks a soft pinch? Xie Xiang was a little bit dumbfounded. Last time she was chosen to compete with Lu Zhongxin, but was knocked down three times in two minutes. Since then, Xie Xiang has been treated as a joke by the people of the Lihuo Military Academy. Lu Zhongxin even said, If Xie Xiang has always been at this level, then don’t want to graduate from here, but...

"thank you."

Xie Xiang smiled and narrowed his eyes. She is not the same she used to be.

The sword was sharp, and all the tricks were rushing to Zhu Yanlin's vitals. As soon as he slashed a room, Zhu Yanlin was knocked to the ground, clutching his shoulders and cried out in pain.

"Are you okay." Xie Xiang raised her eyebrows. Since the last time she was admonished by Lu Zhongxin, she had asked Guo Shuting to guide herself. After studying the technique for more than a month, a big knife has already made her superb, and she was not prepared to start today. , Really tough.

"You are pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger!" Zhu Yanlin yelled while lying on the ground.

Xie Xiang smiled and helped Zhu Yanlin walk off the stage.

She also felt that she was getting better and better.

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