Chapter 21:Arsenal Military Academy

Free labor

As the night falls, a large timber mill is located in the outskirts. Backed by the mountains, the other three sides are built with high walls. The outside of the factory is full of greenery, with trees and bushes intertwined and stacked, hiding the entire timber factory in the deep mountains. The factory is built with sand and stone, without half a plant, and only huge oil drums and logs and other industrial facilities can be seen everywhere.

The moonlight poured down, reflected on the sandy ground, streaming out a silver light. This silver light is like a huge curtain separating the wood factory and the jungle into two worlds, with sinful waves on the inside and undercurrents on the outside.

A group of students from Agni Military Academy lurked in this surging undercurrent.


An hour ago, a rapid sirens sounded throughout the campus, and then two military vehicles drove over and parked downstairs in the dormitory. In less than three minutes, all the students in the school were already dressed neatly in the car.

The car is silent, no one knows where to go or what to do, but no one asks, they are silently waiting for orders. The road began to be flat and became bumpy, and the fresh fragrance of trees faintly floated in the air, which was no different from the last military exercise. Xie Xiang looked along the gap in the rear of the car, and they had already left the city.

After about twenty minutes' journey, the car finally stopped on a secluded road. Xie Xiang jumped out of the car and saw the endless trees in front of him, the branches intertwined, penetrating the fine silver light. A black backpack equipped with equipment was handed to him. Xie Xiang took the backpack and followed the team into the woods, reaching the ** at the edge of the woods, where Lu Zhongxin stood waiting for them.

“It looks like a timber factory here, but in fact it is a stronghold for illegal detention and trafficking of laborers. The military’s knowledge shows that several large-scale illegal trafficking and killing of Chinese workers in Feng’an in the past two years are all related to this timber factory. The factory has something to do with the factory. People from the Police Agency have been monitoring here for a while, but just received the news that there are ghosts in the Police Agency, and the other party is likely to be transferred tonight after receiving the news. The commander ordered us to assist the police officers, They were arrested before they were transferred."

Xie Xiang stood on tiptoe and looked at the lumber factory in the distance. In the vast night, only an icy outline could be seen. How many compatriots’ bones were used to pile up such a cold blood, and how much will be needed tonight Hot blood can melt this mountain of bones.

The foreign enemies are not driven, but the domestic ones kill each other first. They treat foreigners as flattering masters, but use their compatriots as a tool for gaining benefits. Now this world is so rotten.

"The other party is employed by foreign forces, has sufficient weapons and ammunition, and is likely to possess extremely lethal heavy weapons. The timber mill is backed on one side and surrounded by high walls on three sides. It is patrolled 24 hours a day and equipped with professionally trained personnel. Police dogs. There are three observation points in the factory, guarded by three people in shifts, and the surveillance area covers the entire timber factory. It occupies a large area with no vegetation and no obstructions, so it is difficult to pass. Because the other party still holds a large number of laborers, in order to prevent them from jumping the wall , So we have to sneak in secretly, and before we find the detention point and rescue the laborers, we must not shoot to alarm the enemy."

"Now check your equipment!"

Suddenly, the sound of uniform bullets loaded in the woods.

"Check the watch!"

Xie Xiang looked at his watch. It was 10:57, and the war was about to begin in three minutes.

The pointer pointed to exactly 11 o'clock, and the students quickly dispersed, immersed in the boundless darkness.

Xie Xiang, Shen Junshan, and Ji Jin sneaked in from the southeast. Over the high wall, the three of them hid in the corner. The high-power searchlights hanging upstairs kept flashing back and forth in the yard, and Xie Xiang's heart also shook with the lights.

Shen Junshan ran out quietly without knowing when, and the searchlight passed by, only a few centimeters away from him, Xie Xiang couldn't help exclaiming. But seeing Shen Junshan slid into a cement pipe, the light passed by, shining on the cold cement pipe, and the hanging heart of Xie Xiang suddenly dropped.

Shen Junshan got out of the other side of the cement pipe and quickly climbed up to the watchtower, the dagger was unsheathed, and the two living beings turned into two warm corpses and fell down.

Xie Xiang and Ji Jin followed Shen Junshan's pace with guns, and walked to the warehouse where the laborers were held together.

In front of the warehouse, there were two well-equipped guards, and the people watching from the black guns panicked.

Shen Junshan frowned. Although the warehouse occupies a large area, there is no shelter around it. It might be difficult to kill two people without a gun.

While thinking, two figures had jumped down the rope from the air, kicked over the two guards, and then there was the sound of a knife piercing into the flesh.

"Come out, we've seen all three of you on the roof." The two grinning people in front of you were Gu Yanjian and Huang Song who sneaked in from the west.

"Where is Zhu Yanlin, isn't he with you?"

"He stayed in the watchtower to watch people, in case the enemy changes shifts in advance." Gu Yanframe took out a piece of wire and labored to unlock it. There was a gunshot in the distance, and then, the gunshots rang one after another, one after another. There was a loud bang, and the fire at the gate soared into the sky, dyeing half of the dark night into endless blood red.

Gu Yanjian's hand that was unlocking was still calm, and her voice was stained with a little anger: "These idiots in the Police Department!"

With a "click", the door finally opened, and the whole room was illuminated by fire from the sky, and a dark crowd was closed in the warehouse. Xie Xiang was overjoyed, and hurriedly ran over to shoot at the lock on the cell, but the lock was still intact under the impact of the bullet.

"Sir, under the camouflage cloth on the table over there." A laborer pointed his finger at the table in the middle of the room.

Xie Xiang hurried over to check, but his face changed suddenly when he uncovered the camouflage cloth. A huge explosive bag was placed on the table upright, and the number on it was bright red, and it only took less than three minutes.

Gu Yan framed her as she was stunned and walked over. After seeing the explosives, she stunned for a while and forced a wry smile, "Have any of you learned how to disarm bombs?"

Everyone shook their heads, and there was a sound of footsteps outside the door. Shen Junshan took a gun and walked out: "Someone is here, Ji Jin and I will delay the time, you guys as soon as possible."

Xie Xiang stared at the explosive bag and still had no response. She had seen this kind of explosive in the book, but unfortunately, even though she had read it, she was still not sure.

"The switch is on the left, the detonator is on the right, and the three wires exposed in front of me, I think they should be cut green or yellow." Xie Xiang murmured.

"What did you say, I didn't catch it." Gu Yanjian picked up the scissors: "Which one did you want to cut?"


Seeing the scissors gradually approaching the yellow line, Xie Xiang was suddenly not sure, and shouted, "It might be green too!"

Gu Yanframe turned her head and looked at her: "Are you sure?"

Before life and death, Xie Xiang's head buzzed, and suddenly thought of the dead Xie Liangchen, and suddenly thought of Shen Junshan who was not far away, and suddenly focused on Gu Yan frame who was staring at him, barely. Nodded and said: "I have seen this route in the book, but I am not sure."

Huang Song looked at Xie Xiang's embarrassed gaze, weakly making a bad idea, "Or cut it all."

Gu Yan gave him a blank look, and saw that Xie Xiang was always unsure of his attention, and the scissors were placed on the red lead. "I think red is also good."

Looking at the detonator with only 20 seconds left, the workers panicked: "Sirs, there is no time."

Huang Song was surprised and shouted: "It's going to burst! It's going to burst!"

"Which one to cut?" Shen Junshan strode back when he heard the noise, looking at Xie Xiang deeply.

"Yellow, I remember it was yellow." Xie Xiang was still a little uncertain.

Shen Junshan picked up a pair of scissors and cut the yellow thread. Everyone squatted on the ground with their heads in exclamation. Xie Xiang looked at him blankly, he actually believed her so much.

The bright red number stops at 0 and does not change.

It's yellow!

Xie Xiang suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. Just as everyone was in the joy of the aftermath, Shen Junshan had already picked up the machine gun and shot it at the wall. For a while, the stone walls fell one after another.


The laborers worked together, smashed through the stone wall and escaped.

Shen Junshan gave the order, "We are divided into two groups. Xie Xiang and I led a team to retreat from the east, and Gu Yanjian and Huang Song led the people to retreat from the north."

"it is good!"

The two teams dispersed and headed to the assembly point.

The assembly point in the east was overcrowded with laborers, but the north was empty. Obviously, after passing the bomb disposal test just now, the workers all chose the more secure Shen Junshan.

On the other side, Gu Yanjian and Huang Song ran to the designated place but found no one came. Huang Song was wondering about going back to the warehouse to find someone, but Gu Yanjian straightened his body. Not far away was Shen Junshan with a group of people quietly. Evacuate.

Huang Song snorted, "Does this mean you can't believe the two of us?"


"Do you feel that you have no face?"


The flaming military vehicle drove over, and a group of enemies jumped out of the vehicle and started shooting at the workers. The muzzle passed, a flesh and blood body was hard to beat by the rain of bullets, and a small number of laborers fell. Shen Junshan looked around, searching for the nearest escape point on the map, and ran to the workshop with the rest of the people around the warehouse.

Intensive artillery fire blasted frantically around the warehouse. The enemy obviously didn't notice Gu Yan's frame and Huang Song not far away, but it also gave the two of them a chance.

Gu Yanframe pointed to a house: "Go to the roof! Open fire to cover their evacuation."

The two quickly climbed to the roof. Gu Yanframe drove the machine gun and began to shoot downwards. The enemy was beaten and fled, finally giving Shen Junshan and the others a chance to escape the fire-intensive areas safely.

Huang Song took off the grenade on his waist and threw it out. Gu Yan framed his ears, and for a while, he didn't hear the sound of the explosion: "Did you pull the string?"

"It doesn't seem to be there." Huang Song sneered.

The grenade that had just been thrown out was thrown back again and landed on the roof not far from them.

Huang Song stared at the grenade intently: "Did you say they pulled the string?"

Gu Yan framed furiously: "What do you think?"

The grenade exploded in the distance, and the aftermath destroyed the roof where the two of them were, and the two fell into it.

Gu Yan crawled out of the pile of sawdust embarrassedly, turned on the flashlight to check the environment, but was shocked by the sight in front of him, and let out an exclamation.

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