Chapter 22:Arsenal Military Academy


Without the fire cover of Gu Yan's frame, the enemy was obviously relieved, and the integrated force gradually approached the workshop.

Sitting and waiting for death has never been Shen Junshan's style, only preemptive strikes or a chance to get a chance, even if the hope is slim, he must fight for it. Moreover, there are not many people left in the car. With sufficient ammunition, it should be possible to use a submachine gun to break through a gap. Shen Junshan just wanted to act but was caught by Xie Xiang.


Looking in the direction of Xie Xiang, people outside the workshop were surging, and it seemed that the entire timber factory had gathered.

In front of the crowd were tied compatriots, including students and police. Shen Junshan took a closer look, and Ji Jin was among them.

Wu Bin’s black muzzle pressed against the head of a policeman: “Listen to the people inside, you are already surrounded, and your accomplices have fallen into my hands. If they don’t come out, I will kill them all. ."

The muzzle moved down, and a bullet came out and shot straight into the policeman's leg. The policeman who was kneeling and howling was dragged aside. Ji Jin took his place, and the gun in Wu Bin's hand was pointed at his temple again. Ji Jin closed his eyes and quietly waited for death to come.

If it’s someone else, Shen Junshan might not care, but Ji Jin is a close friend he has known for decades. This tells him how he can ignore it, so he has to walk out with his hands up, Xie Xiang followed him and the crowd behind her The laborer also followed closely behind them.

Wu Bin laughed and grabbed Shen Junshan by the collar. He looked at the sign on it and said with ease: "The seventh phase of the Agni Military Academy, it's capable enough." Released his hand and took a step back, Wu Bin lifted his foot. Crazy kicking a group of his subordinates, irritable like a mad dog: "A group of student soldiers beat you into this kind of virtue, and their brains are all chewed up by the dogs, huh? A bunch of rice buckets!"

The men lowered their heads and let him go crazy, and no one dared to resist.

Wu Bin shook his neck, then turned his head and asked Shen Junshan: "Are you in charge here?"

"It's me, what do you want?" Shen Junshan's eyes were calm, not at all like his prisoner, even if he was covered in blood, he wouldn't hurt his arrogance.

"What do I want?" Wu Bin smiled evilly, "You ran to my house to shoot, kill people, keep me from sleeping, and ask me what I want?"

"Everyone has a different stand, and each is his own."

"Different positions! Different positions! I'm going to your different positions!" Wu Bin kicked the oil drum next to him and bent over and looked at Shen Junshan, "Big brother, I just want to make some money! It's like killing a parent. , Why are you killing my parents? Ah? Did I offend you, did they offend you?"

Such a statement is really not half a conscience, this group of people are just walking corpses with nothing left in their skins.

"You are helping foreigners sell your compatriots, and you are ashamed to say that you just want to make some money." Xie Xiang couldn't help it anymore. It was the first time she saw such a person, the sense of justice in her heart almost rushed out. The tone was full of disdain.

This disdain obviously angered Wu Bin, who was in a high position. He grabbed the gasoline barrel next to him and threw it at Xie Xiang, "Did I let you talk? Who allowed you to speak?"

Xie Xiang closed her eyes and did not hide. It was not that she could not hide, but she knew her current situation. If she died here today, she would have died well, she would not regret it, nor would she be afraid.

The pain in the imagination did not come, and there was a solid and steady embrace in front of him,

"elder brother."

Xie Xiang murmured, this embrace was too warm, like Xie Liangchen, but when he opened his eyes, the person was not Xie Liangchen. The gasoline tank slammed on Shen Junshan's back, and the pain made his face instantly pale. , The corners of the mouth also ooze bloodshot eyes.


Shen Junshan shook her head at her, let her go, and turned around and said: "We have no grievances and no grudges, and we are also acting on orders. This matter is now going through the sky. The city government, police department, and army are all watching you. Killing us in one step will not help. As you said, you are doing this for nothing more than making money. It is better to step back and be practical and allow us to spend money to buy our lives."

Wu Bin smiled and said, "Spend money for life? How much do you have?"

"There are so many you can't think of, you can't make money by selling labor for a lifetime."

Shen Junshan's arm lightly rubbed Xie Xiang's body, and the dagger on his upper arm slipped from his sleeve into his hand, and Xie Xiang hurriedly leaned over to block him.

"What a big tone! It's a pity that I don't have this blessing, everyone, goodbye!"

Wu Bin waved his hand, not taking Shen Junshan's words seriously.

"Cut them all to me. I will go to Shanghai tomorrow, go abroad, go to France, go to the United States, I have money, the city government, the police department, the army, go play shit, want to catch Laozi, not …"

Wu Bin led a group of subordinates back, the sound of gunfire mixed with fire light blasted in, the huge shock wave rendered the front of the door into a sea of ​​fire, and Wu Bin and all of his men were caught in the sea of ​​fire. Wu Bin fell on the ground and looked straight at the door, seemingly unable to believe or imagine what was happening in front of him, but all of this happened. Heaven and ** are often only separated by a line, and at this moment, the gap has been opened up by the artillery fire in front of you, and life and death begin to reverse at this moment.

The smoke slowly dissipated, revealing the dark faces of Gu Yan's frame and Huang Song. Xie Xiang would definitely find it ridiculous in the past, but nowadays, most of the emotions that arise in his heart, there is also a trace of rejoicing, rejoicing for the rest of his life, and for the rest of his life, the deceased will be there.

Gu Yan didn't know the fluctuations in Xie Xiang's heart at all. After coughing for a long time, she patted the sawdust on her body and pointed to her black face and roared, "Didn't you say you know how to use it?"

Huang Song chuckled, his white teeth set off against a black face and he paid special attention: "Yeah, haven't all these guns been shot?"

"These two idiots!" Xie Xiang smiled and cursed in his heart.

Although disgusted, in Xie Xiang's heart, Gu Yanjian and Huang Song have become an indispensable part. They always make her happy and bring unexpected surprises to her boring life.

But for Shen Junshan, it is a completely different feeling.

There is dependence, trust, and perhaps a little like. This kind of like is very subtle. Once Xie Xiang once thought it was the kind of like between men and women, but when he just rushed over, Xie Xiang suddenly realized that, It is a kind of love among relatives, just like she likes her parents and her brother. She likes Shen Junshan. He has too many similarities with Xie Liangchen, so similar that Xie Xiang treats him unconsciously. The generation of dependence also made Xie Xiang fall into a deep panic, but from today onwards, everything has passed, he is still a trusted and dependent friend, and can only be a friend.

The workers were rescued, and the following things had little to do with them. Under the arrangement of the school, everyone got on the bus again and returned to the Agni Military Academy.

It was the first time Xie Xiang did the task. He thought it was just a small fight. Who knew that the battle was also a sensation. When he returned to the dormitory and lay down on the bed, he couldn't help but feel a little dazed. Go away, come back intact.

Few newcomers could sleep soundly this night. Xie Xiang had several nightmares. After waking up, without exception, he saw Gu Yan's deep sleeping face, and saw him lying motionless in the bed, sleeping peacefully all night. Xie Xiang couldn't help but sigh again with jealousy.

Finally stayed up all night, got up early and rushed to the cafeteria. The crowded canteen is not as lively as it used to be. The students are quietly chewing the food, quiet and terrible. Xie Xiang looked around and did not find Shen Junshan. She was a little lost and wanted to ask questions. Jin felt too deliberate and had to sit here silently.

The cafeteria door opened, and Gu Yanframe sneaked in. While wandering, a pair of feet suddenly appeared in front of him, these shiny little leather shoes, these straight military uniforms, this unsmiling dead face, this, isn't this Lu Zhongxin!

Gu Yanframe raised her head and smiled flatteringly, "Instructor Lu, good morning!"

"It's getting late, I've waited for you for an hour." Lu Zhong hooked back and said, "Come here!"

A group of guards suddenly rushed over from their seats and stood behind Lu Zhongxin.

"I was wrong. I was wrong. I'll never be late again. A big bath in such a cold day will kill you!" Gu Yanjian was still struggling, "Instructor, you let me go this time, I..."

"Salute!" Lu Zhongxin suddenly shouted.

The people in the cafeteria all had their boots buckled, and they saluted Gu Yan's frame neatly. Huang Song stabbed Gu Yan's frame and said, "Laughs!"

A stiff smile was drawn on Gu Yanjian’s face, and Lu Zhongxin stepped forward and patted Gu Yanframe and Huang Song on the shoulder: “For your bravery performance last night, the school gave a high degree of praise and reported this incident to the military academy to fight for you. Commendation. I am indeed a student taught by my Agni Army Academy. I am proud of you."

The applause was thunderous and prolonged. It wasn't until Lu Zhongxin's figure disappeared at the entrance of the canteen that the students boldly walked over to congratulate him.

Xie Xiang looked at the frame of Gu Yan who was surrounded by water, and was happy for him in his heart. After thinking about it, let's go to Ji Jin first.

"Why didn't you see Shen Junshan?"

"He came back last night and kept coughing up blood. I took him to the hospital. The doctor said he was shocked to his lungs."

Xie Xiang's heart slammed. Could it be to protect himself from the injury yesterday?

"Which hospital is he in?"

"Municipal Hospital."

Xie Xiang turned around and walked out, and Ji Jin's shout came from behind him: "Xie Liangchen, today is not a day off, you have to ask for leave!"

When I didn’t see him, I was thinking about it, but when I was about to meet, Xie Xiang showed his timidity. He wandered in front of the door and hesitated to move forward. I still remember that the first time I met Shen Junshan was during the medical examination in this hospital. At that time, I accidentally bumped into him. I thought it was a hurried glance of meeting, but unexpectedly, it became the true meaning of living and dying together.

The door opened, but his hand stopped on the doorknob and couldn't move.

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