Chapter 23:Arsenal Military Academy

Let go of obsession

In the ward, Jin Xianrong was handing the cut pears to Shen Junshan: "Eat some of the ones that moisturize the lungs." Shen Junshan showed a bitter expression, but smiled and took it.

Xie Xiang stayed in the posture of pushing the door for a long time, and the cold touch from the door gradually swallowed her enthusiasm.

"Xie, are you coming to see Junshan?"

Xie Xiang thought, if Jin Xianrong hadn't stopped her, she would definitely run away in the next second.

She nodded and walked stiffly into the ward, looking dullly at the person lying on the bed.

Shen Junshan threw the fruit core into the trash can. Seeing Xie Xiang frowned slightly, he comforted: "I have nothing serious, just a small injury, don't believe me." He moved his arm, but was held down by Jin Xianrong: " It's not a minor injury. The doctor said you should move less and rest more. You, be prepared to live here for a while."

"Not that serious."

"If it's not serious, you have the final say, the doctor has the final say."

"I just studied medicine."

"You learned how to treat others, but you never learned how to treat yourself."

Shen Junshan shrugged, and said a little bit dotingly: "You just like to make fuss."

Jin Xianrong also smiled and looked at him: "You have always been careless."

The two bickered and were overjoyed. Xie Xiang stood there and stared at them blankly, so tacitly that they couldn't allow others to participate, and Xie Xiang didn't want to get involved in the two of them.

Jin Xianrong turned her head, as if only then realized Xie Xiang's embarrassment, she hurriedly pulled him over and joked: "He is also in the military academy, and classmate Xie is much better. It looks quiet and quiet."

Xie Xiang responded with a polite smile and said to Shen Junshan: "I'm actually asking you, do you know how to disarm bombs?"

"do not know."

The answer was simple and neat, but it caused waves in Xie Xiang's heart.

"Then you still listen to me?"

"I believe you."

"But I don't believe in myself."

"So I have to trust you more, Xie Liangchen, don't be too arrogant, you are actually a very good person."

Xie Xiang was dumbfounded, looking at him blankly, water vapor appeared in his eyes. This trust has nothing to do with identity and interests. It's just a pure trust in oneself.

Abandoning the identity of Xie Liangchen, he trusted Xie Xiang.

Xie Xiang lowered his eyes, and when he raised his head again, his eyes were clear and bright, "You have a good rest, I will go back first."

There is no wind and no clouds today, it is a very fine weather. Once some things are figured out, it will not be so uncomfortable, and even the steps will be much lighter.

However, Jin Xianrong doesn't seem to like herself very much. Although she treats herself politely and politely, Xie Xiang always feels that she has a trace of hostility in her alienation. Could it be that she was bored by the time she spent with Shen Junshan, and she should not go there anymore, Xie Xiang thought, but she felt that Shen Junshan was injured because of herself after all, and she felt sorry for not taking care of him In that case, Xie Xiang thought for a while, then trouble Ji Jin to go.

As soon as I walked downstairs to the dormitory, I saw Gu Yanjian and Qu Manting talking about something. Gu Yanframe looked impatient, but Qu Manting was very happy. Xie Xiang was a little surprised. Qu Manting would not really like Gu Yanframe. Got it.

Xie Xiang probed his head and wanted to continue watching, but worried that the porridge was cold, so he had to climb upstairs to take it to Ji Jin, and ask him to send it to Shen Junshan. When he turned around, Gu Yan stood on the corridor with a proud face. It seems to say: This young master is not happy, come to coax me.

Xie Xiang didn't know why, but it's always right not to mess with him, so he leaned against the wall and walked around him back to the dormitory. As soon as I sat down, I saw Gu Yan frame smashed and beaten in. Xie Xiang frowned and looked at him. This young master is ill again? Gu Yanframe looked back at her provocatively, and Xie Xiang had to push the door and go out, can't you not afford to provoke her.

"Why are you going?"

"You're getting nervous, why should I stay here and watch?"

There was no movement behind him, and the sound of kicking the door after a long while shocked Xie Xiang.

The atmosphere in the dormitory was strange. Xie Xiang could only go out to train on his own. He didn't go back until the night. When he opened the door, he saw a pale but lively Gu Yan frame. He excitedly held the thermometer and ran to him.

"Xie Liangchen, look! I'm sick!"

Xie Xiang looked at him speechlessly, how could he catch a cold on such a hot day? And no one is so happy with a cold, this is not a trick to tease yourself.

"So?" Xie Xiang asked tentatively.

"I want to drink porridge!"

"Then you can drink it."

"Go, you go and buy it for me!" Looking at Xie Xiang who was indifferent, Gu Yanframe's expression changed, "You have no reaction at all."

"Why do I have to react to your cold? I think you have a mental illness. It's useless to drink porridge. Give up treatment."

Xie Xiang glanced at him, ignored what he said, and fetched water with the kettle.

When I met Huang Song along the way, I probably saw her look gloomy, Huang Song cautiously greeted her. "Good time! What a coincidence, you also come to fetch water."

"Well, we don't have hot water."

"By the way, is Gu Yanjian's cold better?"

Xie Xiang was a little surprised. He didn't expect that Gu Yanjian was not pretending to be sick, but was really sick.

"How did he catch a cold on such a hot day?"

Huang Song took Xie Xiang's thermos and filled her with water, and replied, "He was caught in a big bath today."

"Soak in a big bath? Why?"

Huang Song stretched out his finger and made a gesture of two.

"Two, two whole eggs were hit on Instructor Lu's head. Hey, the egg skin on the head was beaten. It would be nice if Instructor Lu didn't pick a layer of his skin."

"Which one did he sing again?" Xie Xiang was a little confused, but he was more apologetic. Was he too cruel to Gu Yanframe just now?

"He wants to get sick. Ji Jin said that the patient will be treated with special treatment. Gu Yanjian said that he has not been sick since he was sensible. It's really a perverted physique!"

Huang Song was still sighing, Xie Xiang had already walked quickly towards the dormitory with a kettle, opened the door, Gu Yanjian was lying on the bed sulking, and she covered her whole person with the quilt. Xie Xiang came over and asked him to take medicine, but he ignored it. After several attempts failed, Xie Xiang's patience was polished, and he went back to bed and went to sleep.

When she woke up the next day, Gu Yanjian still ignored her, and Xie Xiang went out to buy porridge after finishing up, but this time, she bought two copies.

In the long and narrow corridor of the hospital, Xie Xiang stood in front of the ward and waited.

Ji Jin opened the door and walked out: "It's all here, why don't you go in and take a look?"

Xie Xiang waved his hand quickly and said, "No, you can help me bring the porridge in."

"You guy." Ji Jin smiled helplessly, and took the porridge in Xie Xiang's hand. "Eh? Why did I buy two copies and drink the other one by myself?"

Xie Xiang didn't reply, but just smiled at him. Jin Xianrong opened the door and walked out, "Student Xie is here again. Yesterday's porridge was bought by classmate Xie. It tastes good. I'm just about to ask where you are. I bought it at home."

Xie Xiang frowned slightly, and asked a little hesitantly: "Junshan likes to drink?"

"Junshan doesn't like to drink porridge, let me drink it all, don't you mind."

"Don't mind, Ms. Xianrong likes it." Xie Xiang still smiled, but he was unavoidably disappointed.

Seeing that the atmosphere was a little embarrassing, Ji Jin hurriedly helped him out: "Good morning people are nice, and my heart is careful."

"Yes, with such a careful thought, girls can't compare to it. Classmate Xie also looks like a girl, very beautiful." Xian Rong's eyes are like a torch, and the momentum is compelling. For some reason, Xie Xiang always has a kind of her own. Seeing all the illusions and facing such greetings, Xie Xiang took a step back in a panic.

He held Xie Xiang from behind with both hands.

"Can it be called beautiful in this way? I don't have a washboard figure all over my body. I look like a man from the front and back, and there is a bit of a woman." Gu Yanframe's lazy tone was implicitly provocative, and the atmosphere suddenly became more embarrassing.

Jin Xianrong smiled dismissively: "Does classmate Gu come to see Junshan too?"

"Don't, I'm not a classmate with you, and you don't know you well. You can either call me by name or Mr. Gu." Gu Yanframe finished speaking rudely, and hugged Xie Xiang, "Hurry up, I didn't see her dislike us." Are you getting in the way, I don't have to be annoying here."

Say goodbye to Ji Jin.

When Ji Jin was about to send him off, Xie Xiang quickly declined, and followed Gu Yan to leave the hospital.

Xie Xiang was held in his arms by Gu Yanjian, and the hot body temperature was transmitted from him. Even though he received the antipyretic injection today, Gu Yanjian's forehead was still hot, and his face was also pale.

She made a little bit of money, and Gu Yanframe hugged her firmly, and Xie Xiang felt that wherever he was hugging her body, it was slightly hot with him.

Back in the dormitory, Xie Xiang opened the bag and took out the cold medicine he bought today and handed it over.

Gu Yanjian was a little pleased, but there was still an indifferent expression on her face, and her face was still stern, "I haven't eaten dinner yet, do I take medicine on an empty stomach?"

This sentence awakened Xie Xiang and quickly took out the lunch box in his bag, which was filled with a bowl of porridge.

Gu Yanframe glanced at it, "Why did Shen Junshan bring it to me?"

"No... forget it, you like to eat or not." Xie Xiang took back the porridge that had been handed to Gu Yanji's hand, but was stopped by Gu Yanji's hand, and ate it with a bowl.

Xie Xiang saw the sweetness of his food and reached out to touch the wall of the bowl, only to find that the porridge was cold. She hurriedly wanted to grab it. "The porridge is cold. I'll go to the cafeteria to reheat it for you."

Gu Yan didn't follow the frame, holding it tightly in her hand and refusing to hand it over. The two of them squabbling over, accidentally knocked over the porridge, and the sticky, crystal-white rice dripped on the table.

"Look, I blame you!" Gu Yanframe's tone unexpectedly brought a little grievance.

Xie Xiang has never seen such a Gu Yan frame. In the past, he was casual, unrestrained, or sturdy, but he never suffered, let alone showing such aggrieved expressions.

Xie Xiang suddenly became a little at a loss, "Isn't it just a bowl of porridge? I'll buy you another bowl."

Without saying a word, Gu Yan picked up the spoon and poured the porridge sprinkled on the table into the bowl again.

Fortunately, it didn’t spread much. Since Gu Yanjian insisted on eating, Xie Xiang didn’t bother to care about him. She leaned on the table and looked content when watching him. Disappeared without a trace.

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