Chapter 24:Arsenal Military Academy

Seen out?

In the quiet late night, there was a sudden loud explosion in the distance, and then, half of the sky was stained with blood by the raging fire. Both Xie Xiang and Gu Yanjian got up from the bed and looked through the window. The fire was fierce, combined with the sound of the explosion, and they were afraid that someone would have done it deliberately.

Where will it be? Xie Xiang couldn't think of it. The national crisis was at the forefront and people's minds changed. Everyone dared to step on them. Even in his own country, there are still many worms that eat inside and out.

Just getting up early in the morning, overwhelming public opinion swept over. No matter which newspaper, there is only one content printed on the front page-"Is it a patriotic businessman who saves the country by industry, or a murderer who sells his compatriots?" "At the bottom of the newspaper, there were photos of Shen Tingbai, but the son Pianpian was stigmatized as such.

It turned out that the temporary hospital housing rescued workers was bombed last night, killing all 43 workers and six medical staff. And Wu Bin, the trafficker leader who was originally detained in prison, was also rescued. He died strangely in front of the Minduo Newspaper. He still held a handwritten repentance letter in his hand, which clearly records that Shen Tingbai trafficked labor and All kinds of evidence of murder. Mr. Zhang Yuzhi, the editor-in-chief of the Minduo News, personally wrote an accusation against Shen Tingbai's heinous crimes, with utter utterances.

Now, the Shen family's prestige in Shunyuan is completely gone, and the patriotic industrialist Shen Tingbai has become a murderer in people's mouth.

Since this matter was initiated by the Minduo newspaper, it should be ended by the Minduo newspaper. If Zhang Yuzhi is willing to rectify the name of Shen Tingbai in Shunyuan, his status and status will definitely alleviate the crisis of the Shunyuan Chamber of Commerce. Since this chess piece Shen Tingbai can think of, how can the real murderer behind the scene fail to think of it?

The front page of the second day was that Shen Tingbai met with Zhang Yuzhi, the editor of the Minduo newspaper, at the teahouse, and Zhang Yuzhi died in his home that night.

No one knows what the two of them said that day, but the outside world is speculating that Zhang Yuzhi must have refused to testify for Shen Tingbai to be silenced.

For a time, people in the city were panicked and rumors were everywhere.

Even in this situation, people who want to watch a good show are still indispensable. In front of the Shunyuan Chamber of Commerce, a group of people piled up in Wuyangyang, including family members who were wearing filial piety, and reporters pursuing news, and even the crowd of passersby who watched the excitement stood scattered.

A young woman in black came here in style. She was slender and noble, out of tune with passers-by, she immediately attracted a lot of attention.

The woman stood on her knees in front of the Chamber of Commerce and knocked her head three times. For a while, reporters flocked to her. The woman got up and wanted to leave, but was surrounded and unable to move. The black lace- rimmed hat was drooping, covering most of her face. The reporters scrambled to interview, the woman suddenly raised her head, her eyes burnt, and she said shockingly: "The murderer is not from the Shunyuan Chamber of Commerce, but is a Japanese. You found the wrong person!"

The reporter suddenly became restless, but the woman turned around and fled. In a hurry, a photo fell to the ground. The photo was a photo of Wu Bin and the woman in black. The two behaved intimately, with the words: Hui, Bin, written on the lower right foot. Taken on May 6, 1910. The reporters who picked up the photo opened their eyes wide, and only then did they know that the woman was actually Wu Bin's confidante.

So how much of what she just said is true or false?

Since ancient times, things often have seven points of truth, then they will be written as nine points. If only three points are credible, they will be written as seven points of truth under people’s imagination. Compared with native patriotic businessmen, they are ambitious. The Japanese came to do this behind-the-scenes, which is even more desirable.

The wind direction in Shunyuan changed again, and reporters rushed to gather in front of the police station to ask the police station to conduct a thorough investigation of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce.

Xie Xiang put down the newspaper in her hand and sighed. She naturally did not believe that Shen Tingbai would be a murderer who sold her compatriots, but she also did not believe that this woman was Wu Bin's lover. Everything was too coincidental, and this world There are not so many coincidences at all.

Everything is inevitable.

"Good time, I'm going to train!"

The voice of Huang Song came from outside the door, and Xie Xiang glanced at the time and rushed out the door. Her physical stamina lags behind among the trainees, so she has to train every Saturday and Sunday, and Huang Song always accompanies her. Xie Xiang is very touched by this friendship.

When they arrived at the training ground, the two of them immersed themselves in training, and occasionally Huang Song would correct her posture for her, giving her a stern look, as if she was another Lu Zhongxin.

After three hours of practice, Xie Xiang and Huang Song came back from the training ground together.

"Xiao Song, I really want to thank you, every time I accompany me to practice." Xie Xiang knows Huang Song's excellent grades, he didn't have to accompany her so hard.

"It's okay, I'm just idle anyway." Huang Song grinned, but couldn't help but yawn. He looked at Xie Xiang and asked, "I'm going back to sleep for a while, how about you?"

"I took a bath and slept for a while, all in a stinky sweat."

Li Wenzhong came to face him and greeted the two with a smile. Xie Xiang ignored him and went back to the dormitory and closed the door. Since the last time he saw him holding Gu Qiqi in the pool, Xie Xiang hated him, obviously. He is a kind of talent, but for some reason, his eyes are always full of gloomy birds, and the person watching is uncomfortable.

Taking off the dirty clothes, Xie Xiang gently applied the shampoo on the hair, rubbed the palms on the hair lightly, and soon layers of white foam formed. The fingers touched the switch and pressed hard, but there was no The water flows out.

What's the matter, the water is cut off at this time?

Of course standing there is no way. Xie Xiang had to put on his clothes again, hesitating again and again, and knocked on the door of Ponderosa Pine with a bubble.

"Good time? What's wrong with you?"

Huang Song's eyes were sleepy, and he knew that he was awakened. Xie Xiang looked at him embarrassedly.

"I was taking a shower, and the water stopped suddenly. Is my water pipe broken or all the water stopped?"

"You wait a moment, I'll go and see."

Huang Song turned around and went back to the house, and soon came out again.

"I have no water here, you go to the public bath, where the water is non-stop throughout the day."

"Public bath?"

"Yes, today is a holiday, it's noon again, there must be no one, no one will grab a bath with you, how nice."

Xie Xiang frowned and looked embarrassed. She has never been to a public bathroom since she called the school, but the foam on her head has fallen a little bit, coupled with the smelly sweat all over her body, if she never comes to the water. , Doesn't she have to endure this all night.

What if there is no water coming tomorrow?

After gritting his teeth, Xie Xiang thanked Huang Song and went back to the dormitory to pack up his things, intending to try his luck.

Before going there, she told herself several times. If someone left immediately, it would be nothing to stay here in the bubble and sleep for one night. As long as no one discovers her secret, everything can be tolerated.

Although the public bathroom of Agni Military Academy does not have the privacy of the dormitory, it is considered to be very confidential. The large space is made up of several compartments with stone bricks, and the front of each compartment is covered by a short curtain.

Xie Xiang walked in and looked around and found that there was no one. He was secretly happy. He immediately locked the bathroom door and happily ran into the cubicle to take a shower.

The hot water slowly flowed down, and it fell on the ground and splashed. The sound of heavy objects hitting the door lock was covered by the sound of the water flowing. Xie Xiang didn't realize it. He reached out for the soap in the middle partition, but he hadn't touched it for a long time. Touched. Looking up, Shen Junshan was standing next to him with his piece of soap in his hand.

With the sound of water in the bathroom and the steam filling, Shen Junshan looked at Xie Xiang through the layers of white mist, then looked at the soap in his hand, and immediately reacted and handed it back to Xie Xiang.

"Xie Liangchen? I'm sorry, I got it wrong."

Xie Xiang stared at him blankly, not knowing what to do. If he ran out now, he would definitely see it, if he didn't leave, he would find it by just looking at it here.

Being embarrassed and unable to do anything, Shen Junshan suddenly said, "It was not my elder brother who did the explosion."


Shen Junshan's tone was a little eager. Before Xie Xiang could react, he heard him continue: "Did you not read today's newspaper? Just forget it. Anyway, it's all chasing after the wind, but it is really not my elder brother's doing it. , On this point, I hope you believe me."

"I, I believe you." Xie Xiang said, holding his chest.

"How we say we are friends, I don't want you to misunderstand me like others."

Through the misty water vapor, Xie Xiang could see the seriousness in Shen Junshan's eyes, and it seemed that he really cared about it.

"I won't, I never thought about it that way." She quickly assured that she was herself and she didn't want Shen Junshan to misunderstand him, she could understand his feelings.

"That's good." Shen Junshan was relieved and smiled at Xie Xiang, the smile solidified on his face before he could expand.

The bathroom door was slammed open, and Gu Yanframe rushed in, standing abruptly in the compartment between the two, blocking Shen Junshan's vision, and staring at him panting.

"What are you doing?" Shen Junshan narrowed his eyes to look at him, a little annoyed by the stare, Xie Xiang was also more nervous, but unfortunately he couldn't move forward or retreat.

"It's too, too hot, take a shower, why? No?" Gu Yanjian made these four words to the extreme.

Shen Junshan sighed, "Are you wearing clothes to take a bath?"

Gu Yanframe ignored what he thought of him, went straight to Shen Junshan's cubicle, squeezed him aside, flushed at the tap, and then stood back to his original position: "Yes, cool!"

This operation is really confusing, but Gu Yan has done a lot of strange things, and it is not surprising that he is crazy now. Shen Junshan glanced at him unclearly, then rushed for a while, disgusted with him, and left immediately.

Xie Xiang and Gu Yan breathed a sigh of relief when he left.

"I'm leaving. You should wash it quickly. The public bathroom is so dirty. What kind of bath do you come here for?" Gu Yanjian raised her foot to go, but stepped on the soap bubble and suddenly slipped and fell on her back to the ground, behind the curtain Xie Xiang's white legs appeared in front of him like this.

"Ah!" Xie Xiang's heart beat fiercely, flew up, kicked ** Gu Yan's head, put on his clothes and ran out panicked.

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