Chapter 25:Arsenal Military Academy

Clarification meeting

Have you been watched out of?

I had known that I would rather go to the bathhouse to try my luck. Thinking that Gu Yanjian actually saw herself, she felt uncomfortable all over her body, and she was faintly aggrieved and unbearable. She didn't know whether she was angry with herself or Gu Yanjian.

When Gu Yanji came back, she didn't dare to be stunned after seeing Xie Xiang's appearance, and sat obediently on the bed waiting for the trial.

He graciously picked up water for Xie Xiang and handed it to her, "You, take a drink first."

She poured the glass of water before taking a bath. It is cold now. Xie Xiang held the glass and stared at it, as if he could see a flower from it.

"Is it cold, I will pour you hot water? Girls can't drink cold water."

Xie Xiang put the water glass on the table and turned his head, "When did you know?"

This sentence is really endless and endless, but Gu Yanframe not only understood it, but also gave the answer immediately. He seemed to finally breathe a sigh of relief, sat down, comfortably leaned on the quilt, and glanced at Xie Xiang, "In the lounge on the second floor of the Banshan Mansion, it's alright, is it necessary to have such an expression? It's like what I did to you."

Gu Yanframe looked at Xie Xiang angrily and continued, "You have to be more proper. You are a girl, and a woman disguised as a man and came to the military academy. But we have seen it before. How can I know what you are trying to do? I haven't exposed you in this situation. Should you thank me?"

After being beaten upside down, Xie Xiang pointed to his nose with an unbelievable expression on his face: "I, I have a plan against you?"

"Don’t be embarrassed. Over the years, there have been so many women who have tried to get close to me. I am used to it, but it’s really rare to be as active as you. Although you have been treating me during this period of time. It's not cold or hot, but it's understandable. Women like to use this method if they want to refuse." Gu Yanframe looked at her playfully, her smiling eyes refused to let go of every change in the expression on her face. .

Xie Xiang laughed furiously, stood up and started wandering around the room, picked up a book, and put it back in his hands, then picked up the mop and gestured to Gu Yan's frame, then put it back, and turned to the bathroom. Go.

Here Gu Yanframe is still chattering quite interestingly: "In fact, you don't have to take such a risk. You can tell me what you want. Of course, I won't necessarily agree to you. You still have to be cautious about marriage. One point...Xie Liangchen! What are you doing?"

Xie Xiang dragged an iron floor hanger taller than a person and waved it towards Gu Yanframe. Gu Yanframe dexterously avoided, opened the door and ran out: "Help! Xie Liangchen killed someone!"

The students in the dormitory have long been accustomed to the fight between the two, and none of them came out to help, leaving Gu Yanjian to fend for themselves.

Gu Yan framed in a panic, ran to the top of the stairs and rolled down. Xie Xiang grabbed him, did not hold, and rolled down together. The two hugged him and rolled on the ground, in an ambiguous posture, in a panic. , Xie Xiang hurriedly glanced at a pair of delicate high-heeled leather shoes, and when he looked up, he saw Qu Manting's horrified face.

"You, you guys! Ah!"

The girls’ screams suddenly appeared in the male dormitory building. This was a miracle. The students looked out and saw that Gu Yanjian and Xie Xiang hugged intimately, and there was Qu Manting with a look of weeping beside him. Xie Xiang closed his eyes, not wanting to see the ambiguous glances cast by the students.

This time, even if she was covered in mouth, she couldn't tell.

Qu Manting came to see Gu Yanframe this time, but she wanted something serious.

A while ago, the hospital bombing was a buzzword in the entire Shunyuan City, and everyone knew it. Although Shen Tingbai took timely measures to shift the target of the newspaper, the rumors have not disappeared. The murderer behind the scenes has never shown his true body, the enemy is in the dark, he is in the light, and there is the possibility of a comeback at any time.

However, the black pot of trafficking in compatriots must be completely shaken in order to have no worries.

Therefore, Qu Manting wanted to hold a clarification meeting to completely clear Shen Tingbai's suspicions. Not only that, but she also wanted to expose Japan's wolf ambition to everyone. However, the Japanese are not weak to be deceived. As soon as Qu Manting made a move, the Japanese immediately implemented a response plan.

The Jince Huafu Hotel, which was scheduled to hold the clarification meeting, was already in a mess. The tables and chairs in the house were knocked over, the pastries and tableware were also damaged, and even the chefs and waiters were seriously injured and hospitalized. What's more is that the vehicles transporting ingredients were hit, the costumes and props used for the performance were burned, and even Palimo was brutally murdered. The Japanese took a salary from the bottom of this trick, which is really powerful.

The invitation has been sent, and now I can just bite the bullet and clarify the meeting. The chef has been found, and the vegetables and fish have been bought from the hawkers. The dancer called Tan Xiaojun to take the students from Xinhua Girls’ School to help, only left. For the waiters... The entire campus of the Fire Army Academy is full of free coolies, so this job has fallen on them honorably.

Qu Manting personally invited him, and it was about Shen Junshan's brother. Of course Xie Xiang and the others couldn't refuse. When Xie Xiang and Gu Yanjian walked into the hotel with a group of students, Xiao Jun also came with the female students. Then, chefs and vegetable vendors arrived with kitchenware and food one after another.

The trio of people gathered, and within a dozen minutes, the chaotic hall had returned to an orderly appearance.

The wooden carved door opened, a number of cars parked in front of the door, and the elites and celebrities from all walks of life in Shunyuan were all dressed up, and there was an endless stream of people, singing and dancing in the hall.

Xie Xiang took Tan Xiaojun and ran to the corner secretly. After carefully looking around, he briefly described what happened today.

"What? He knows you are a woman?"

He covered Tan Xiaojun's mouth, Xie Xiang looked around like a thief, and released his hand until he was sure that no one could hear them talking.

"Auntie, can you keep your voice down?"

Tan Xiaojun rubbed his throat and coughed: "Anyway, you are about to have a vacation, or you won't come back when you return to Beiping this time."

Xie Xiang's eyes rounded, "How can I do it! I can't drop out of Agni Military Academy."

Tan Xiaojun was nervous, "But you have been discovered, how can you stay there?"

Xie Xiang didn't explain anything else, believing: "Only he knows, and I believe he will not reveal me."

Tan Xiaojun hates iron for not making steel, and poked Xie Xiang on the head: "You believe in him so much. Gu Yanjian is a famous flower girl. Although he has a good family background, he can grow old, but if you are so ignorant and worthless. He followed him, and there will be times when you cry in the future."

"What are you talking about? Don't talk nonsense!" Xie Xiang listened, his face was stained red, and he gritted his teeth to pinch her face.

There was someone calling the waiter in the kitchen, so Xie Xiang had to stand up and walk inside. After thinking about it, he turned around and looked at Tan Xiaojun's advice: "I'm telling you, don't think about it!"

Tan Xiaojun sighed, no wonder Xie Xiang was weird today, it turned out that it was spring.

When we arrived in the kitchen, the chef handed Xie Xiang a large bag of garbage.

"Send it to the trash can in the back alley. I'm sorry to trouble you."

Xie Xiang nodded, carried the garbage to the back alley, put the bag, the sharp car whistle sounded in front of him, Xie Xiang raised his head, his eyes couldn't be opened completely by the two headlights. The car swayed towards her, and was about to hit her. Another small car galloped up from the alley and stopped in front of Xie Xiang, blocking the out of control car.

The two cars collided, causing a burst of sparks.

Shen Junshan struggling to get out of the car, he staggered and almost fell, Xie Xiang immediately stepped forward to support him.

"Are you hurt?"

Shen Junshan shook his head and signaled Xie Xiang to look at the situation in the other car. Xie Xiang ran to open the door. The driver immediately fell out and was shot in the forehead. He was already dead.

There was a faint cry for help from the back seat, and Zhang Yuzhi's son Zhang Haoran sat in the back with a face covered in blood. Xie Xiang was taken aback, and hurriedly helped him out, frowning tightly. No one would have thought that the person behind the scenes would be so unscrupulous that even Zhang Yuzhi's only bloodline would not let go.

"Come with me!" Xie Xiang took Zhang Haoran from the back kitchen and turned into the venue. They were already a little late. Captain He of the Police Department walked off, Qu Manting glanced around the room, and finally stopped. On them, she nodded to Xie Xiang, and Xie Xiang hurriedly took Zhang Haoran onto the stage.

Zhang Haoran, dressed in filial attire, stood still on the stage, with blood constantly oozing out under the gauze wrapped around his head, and his body was covered with scars as if people were telling him about his thrilling experience.

"Good evening everyone, I am Zhang Haoran, Zhang Yuzhi’s son. My father has just passed away. I came from the mourning hall. I hereby use my father’s spirit of heaven to assure you that everything I say next is true. If there is any fiction, my father will not be at peace under Jiuquan!"

This short opening sentence caused an uproar in the audience. There are rumors that Zhang Yuzhi was silenced for refusing to listen to Bai. How could this Zhang Haoran testify for killing his father and enemy! Could it be that Shen Ting Bai is really innocent?

"A few days ago, when my father had dinner, he said that he met Mr. Shen Tingbai, the president of the Shunyuan Chamber of Commerce that day..."

Zhang Haoran talked about the whole story slowly, and faced many reporters' censures, he looked calm, with open eyes and a loud voice: "I came here today and said this to comfort my father. In the spirit of heaven. I am magnanimous in every sentence, and every word is upright.

Suddenly, there was thunderous applause, and there was no need to listen more. For this confrontation, Bai Sheng had already decided. The autopsy of the police station and Zhang Haoran's testimony were ironclad.

Qu Manting took the microphone and said solemnly: "Wherever justice goes, any monsters will be invisible!"

The clarification meeting ended successfully, and the dance was ready to begin.

Xie Xiang breathed a sigh of relief, retreated to the periphery of the guest area, found Shen Junshan, and bandaged his injured arm. Shen Junshan's expression was indifferent, as if the wound on his arm was irrelevant, Xie Xiang bit his lip and bandaged it earnestly, his expression focused, and his lips were a little pale.

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