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How to suppress green tea bitch? Answer: Only whiter lotus than her.

Four years ago, after learning that Qin Yanchen, a high-cold student of the school, was the goddess admired by the step sister of the green tea bitch, Qiao Ansheng’s eyes were hazy with tears and his acting skills were full.

“Senior, I have a friend who has cancer, and my only wish before dying is to see us fall in love.”

Qin Yanchen: “…”

Can’t this girl’s acting skills be better?

Everyone: Damn it, how can the school grass be tainted like this?

The whole school was waiting for Qiao Ansheng to be dumped. As a result, after several months of passionate love, Qin Yanchen was dumped after being alone late at night.

Reason: tired and inappropriate.

Everyone: “!”

May I ask where it is inappropriate?

Four years later, the once juvenile suits and shoes are expensive and elegant.

Qiao Ansheng was notorious, and fell from the throne of the first lady in Nan’an.

For the big guys, Qiao Ansheng just wants to stay away.

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