Chapter 1:Become a Big Brother’s Favorite After Marriage

Four years ago, he held her in his palm

Jinhao Hotel, Nan'an City.

The cold night was long and dark, until three o'clock in the morning, the soundtrack of the suite finally returned to calm.

Accompanied by a "pop" sound, the bright light immediately dissipated the surrounding darkness.

The glare was dazzling, Qiao Ansheng subconsciously stretched out his hand to block it, and the endless humiliation was crushed in his heart.

She finally...

Did you get through it?

"Qiao Ansheng, four years later, you really surprised me."

The man almost gritted his teeth, and the freezing cold shocked Qiao Ansheng's body. Following the prestige, a familiar figure came into view.

"Qin Yanchen?"

The man was standing by the bed with a long body, his slender fingers tied to the buttons of his shirt on his chest, his facial features were perfect and exquisite, and he was so handsome, but the disgust at the bottom of his eyes was obvious.

Compared with her now decaying appearance, the man in suit and leather shoes is extremely expensive, and he can't see any mess at all.

Qiao Ansheng: "..."

It's him!

Fortunately, it was him, Qiao Ansheng was relieved, but his body tightened even more in the next instant.

Qin Yanchen, a recent man in Nan'an.

The only heir to the top wealthy Qin family in Nan'an City, he was sent to study abroad after recognizing his ancestor and returning to his clan four years ago.

In the past four years, he started from scratch and created countless business myths.

Four years later, everyone was waiting for Qin Yanchen to inherit the family business after returning to China. Unexpectedly, the man transformed himself into a top wealthy.

And the so-called top wealthy Qin family in Nan'an City is no longer in his eyes.

"why you?"

Qiao Ansheng endured the soreness of his whole body and struggled to sit up.

Qiao Ansheng never thought that after four years of absence, they would meet in such an unbearable way.

The three words Qin Yanchen...

For four years, she has not dared to touch it!

"I also want to ask, why are you?"

Qin Yanchen looked down and straightened his cuffs, his expression cold, not like what he should have in this long-awaited reunion scene.

"This is the room I booked. Why are you here?"

The man's long figure approached the bed without warning, forcing Qiao Ansheng to raise his eyes to face it.

Thin lips, tall nose, sharp face...

It seems to be no different from four years ago.

But in those gloomy cold eyes, she could no longer find the warmth and pampering of the past.

Qiao Ansheng tried his best to control his emotions, then pulled his lips, and forced a smile: "That might...I slept wrong?"

Qin Yanchen squinted his gloomy eyes, wishing to tear open the beautiful skin of the woman in front of him to see if the heart growing in it was really made of stone.


Anger was boiling in his chest, Qin Yanchen stared at the beautiful woman in front of him, gritted his teeth and said: "Heh, but your taste really disgusts me as always."

"Unappetizing? Ha... Qin Shao didn't say that four years ago." Qiao Ansheng pretended to be relaxed, but Qin Yanchen's expression became even more grim.

Four years ago, he held her in his palm as a treasure!

She dare to mention four years ago?

Qin Yanchen clenched her hands tightly. Four years ago, Qiao Ansheng gave herself a hug for the first time after being drunk. After waking up, she was not a little bit shy of a girl, but indifferently said: Qin Yanchen...

This sentence became a nightmare that haunted his ears for four years!

Obviously at this moment, the body is rigid and unable to move, but Qiao Ansheng still smiles delicately on his face, with a charming and attractive look.

She knew that Qin Yanchen hated her!

Hate her back then...

With the waves of his eyes, Qiao Ansheng's delicate and flirty eyes had a touch of complexity hidden.

"Isn't it unforgettable for my old love, Qin Shao?" Qiao Ansheng boldly pressed his face to the man's ear.

With the deja vu movements and familiar smell, Qin Yanchen's face was strained, and his indifferent eyes eventually cracked a tiny hole.

But then, under the next words of the woman in front of him, it was re- stitched into a cold pool of bones.

"However, there is one thing I have to admit. Compared to four years ago, you have grown a lot..."

The man's angry roar sounded in Qiao Ansheng's ear.

"Qiao Ansheng!"

Qiao Ansheng twitched his lips, and in the next instant, he saw the man taking a check from his pocket and hitting him.

"Give me this check!"

Qiao Ansheng: "..."

The cheque turned yellow, although it was wrinkled, it was still well preserved. The familiar banks and branches and numbers made Qiao Ansheng pale.

This is the year...

Qiao Ansheng clenched the check in his hand and shrugged, "One million? This is the market price I gave Qin Shao four years ago. At Qin Shao's current worth, this million is too small."

After a pause, before the man could say anything, Qiao Ansheng continued with a compromising expression: "Forget it, for Qin Shao's sake last night, it's just like we are even."

Four years ago, I slept with him and dropped this check.

Unexpectedly, four years later, he also dropped the check today.

Qiao Ansheng's face was pale, but he still straightened his waist and changed his clothes in front of the man without evasiveness. Before going out, he didn't forget his tricks.

"Shao Qin, don't be so angry and hurt your liver. I have really missed you for the past four years..."

The only response to himself was the bang of the man's door.

Looking at the closed door, Qiao Ansheng's face was pale, she had not had time to change her shoes and coat.

The winter in Nan'an City this year was earlier than in previous years.

Walking on the street wearing the slippers provided by the hotel free of charge, the coolness of coldness started from the soles of the feet and gradually spread to the whole body.

But Qiao Ansheng still held the one million check tightly in his hands.

Looking at the empty streets in the middle of the night, Qiao wished that clear and pale face became clearer in Qiao Ansheng's mind.

"Sister, don't cry, mother is gone, and A Yuan will stay with you for the rest of your life!"

If A-Yuan can successfully obtain the opportunity of bone marrow transplantation, then the surgical expenses and various treatment expenses in the later period will be a large and high expenditure.

It's worth it to exchange the opportunity of a bone marrow transplant overnight and one million!

Qiao Ansheng thought so, but the corners of her eyes showed turbulent acidity uncontrollably, sniffed her nose, and forced the tears in her eyes back.

It was just after five o'clock when Qiao Ansheng returned to Qiao's house.

I simply took a hot bath and changed to warm clothes before feeling the chill subsided.

After the death of her mother, Qiao Mingdong married Chen Peixiang home, and even brought back the two illegitimate children, Qiao Gongcheng and Qiao Mengxi, who were older than him. In this way, her and A Yuan’s original room was lost. Occupied!

The room she now lives in is nothing more than the old utility room on the second floor, but it was vacated and cleared out for her to live in.

Looking at the group photo placed on the desk, Qiao Ansheng's eyes were painful.

I have more important things to do.

When Qiao Ansheng opened the door of the bedroom that once belonged to her, Qiao Mengxi was lying on the soft big bed, dreaming her sweet dreams.

There are many bottles and cans on the table, and many of them are not even packed. Qiao Ansheng only glanced at it and knew that these were all expensive skin care products purchased from abroad.

In recent years, Chen Peixiang has really spent money on her daughter, but the things carved in the bones can't be easily changed!

If you want to train Qiao Mengxi into a real lady...

I'm afraid it's impossible in this life.


The quilt was torn apart suddenly, and the coolness in the air poured in.

Qiao Mengxi woke up from her sleep, turned on the bedside lamp and saw that the person was Qiao Ansheng. She expected what she had experienced last night, and she immediately felt a sense of pride in her heart.

"Qiao Ansheng, who allowed you to break into my room at will, didn't you see me sleeping?"

"Qin Yanchen, did you arrange it for me?"

Qiao Ansheng asked directly, she was not stupid. Qiao Mengxi had assigned the room number last night. If it weren't for her idea, how could Qin Yanchen appear in that room?

In order to get the information of A Yuan's bone marrow fit, she agreed to Qiao Mengxi's request and went to the hotel to sleep with her for one night!

But what she never expected was that the man she slept with... was Qin Yanchen.


Hearing this, Qiao Mengxi's face changed slightly, and then directly raised her voice and mocked: "Is it important? Anyway, you don't always go to sleep with a man, so who do you sleep with? What's the difference?"

She has lived in the shadow of Qiao Ansheng since she was a child.

When she lives in an ordinary apartment, eats ordinary food, wears ordinary clothes, and goes to an ordinary school, Qiao Ansheng can live in such a large exquisite and luxurious house, wearing a beautiful little skirt, and being served by a servant. , Studying in aristocratic private schools, there is a car to and from school!

Later, she finally got her head and waited for the opportunity to stand up!

But then, Qin Yanchen, whom she had admired for a long time, was snatched by Qiao Ansheng again, so easily.

She watched them holding hands, hugging, kissing.

Her hatred almost dripped blood!

Now, Qin Yanchen is back.

She wants Qiao Ansheng to be nailed to the pole of shame forever and become the object of contempt by Qin Yanchen!

"Qiao Ansheng, someone who can sell even his own, how do you deserve to stand by Qin Yanchen's side!"

Qiao Mengxi's heart is more comfortable than ever before.

It's as if she, who has been defeating the war, finally once won a smooth victory without any effort!

In the magnificent room, Qiao Ansheng's palm was loose and tight, tight and loose.

"What you want me to do, I have already done it, give me information about the bone marrow fit!"

Qiao Ansheng didn't want to do unnecessary entanglement with Qiao Mengxi. The top priority now is to find a bone marrow donor who can fit A Yuan.

One more day's delay, A Yuan will be more dangerous!

She has lost her mother and can no longer lose her only brother!

"Yes, I promised you that I will give you information about the bone marrow fitter!"


Qiao Mengxi said, her tone of voice, a sly smile gradually climbed to the corners of her mouth: "What to do? What a pity, I heard that just last night, when you were fooling around with a man in bed, the other party had already The bone marrow was donated to another patient in urgent need of bone marrow transplantation!"

"You are a step late."

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