Chapter 47:Become a Big Brother’s Favorite After Marriage

I laugh at you

Seeing Qiao Ansheng's concentration, Qin Yanchen curled his lips, and his thin, magnetic voice continued to overflow from his lips.

"Secondly, once the acquisition starts, we must stabilize the company's internal situation as quickly as possible and retain key talents."

When talking about this, Qin Yanchen suddenly spoke and looked up in the direction of the sofa meaningfully: "After all, if a company only has an empty shell, does it have any meaning to continue doing it?"

Not far away, when Qiao Ansheng heard the words, the tip of the pen snapped, and a thoughtful touch gradually gathered between the raised brows.


The way the company manages is the most important point to save a company!

The Qiao family has been deteriorating over the years. The root cause is that there are big management problems within the Qiao family.

The loopholes in funds are not formed in a short period of time, but are piled up by years of losses...

Therefore, just using money to fill this funding loophole cannot solve the predicament that Qiao is facing today!

Perhaps what Joe needs is a thorough reshuffle and reconstruction!

Qiao Ansheng was a little fascinated by his thoughts, and didn't even notice that the original cold voice didn't know when it started, and it no longer made a sound.

Leaning on the firm and soft leather chair, Qin Yanchen's lips twitched slightly, and his always indifferent face, at this moment, was extremely rare with a bit of patience.

The apprentice led the door, and the practice was personal, and all he could do was to stop.

As for the remaining road, Qiao Ansheng needs to walk slowly.

"Finance, tax... affair..."

An hour later, with the whole upper body lying on the coffee table in front of the sofa, Qiao Ansheng's eyes closed tightly, and the sound of shallow and deep breathing overflowed from her nose.

The muttering voice is soft and sweet, with a touch of warmth.

Qin Yanchen watched this scene, his eyes softened, closed the file in his hand, and walked towards the sofa at a steady and silent pace.

Reaching out and picking up Qiao Ansheng who was sleeping on the coffee table in an extremely uncomfortable posture, Qin Yanchen carefully moved the person onto the large and soft sofa.

Then he turned around and took the thin blanket he used to spend the night in the office from the locker, and gently covered the woman who was falling asleep.

The originally blazing lights in the office were also switched into a light halo suitable for falling asleep.

After all this was done, Qin Yanchen suddenly felt that this empty office that had always been used for office work in his mind was covered with a soft and fuzzy filter in his eyes at this moment...

It seems that as long as there is this woman, even the dead will become alive.

"woo woo woo woo…"


"woo woo woo woo…"

Qiao Ansheng turned over, and the phone that was hidden in her pocket slipped out.

Even if it hits the hard floor, it still doesn't mean to stop.

Leaning over and picking up the phone on the ground, Qin Yanchen gradually narrowed his eyes while holding the phone while looking at the name of the person jumping on the screen, pouring out from the pair of ink pupils coldly.

Reaching out and pressing the on button, Qi Yue's implicitly delighted voice came out of the microphone in an instant.

"Qiao Ansheng, you finally answered the phone! Where are you now? Are you going home? I haven't finished what I said at the meeting just now, I..."

It's just that he was interrupted again before he finished speaking.

"After dozens of phone calls, Qi Yue, aren't you tired?"


Listening to the cold male voice from the other end of the phone, Qi Yue paused while holding the hand of the phone. After a few seconds, he became excited immediately.

"Qin Yanchen? How could you answer Qiao Ansheng's call? How about her, you let her answer the call!"

Getting up from the bed, Qi Yue almost didn't roll directly to the floor.

It's Qin Yanchen...

It's his voice!

He couldn't have heard it wrong!

"She can't answer your call right now."

With Qi Yue's almost roaring voice, Qin Yanchen's low and cold voice finally sounded again.

Hearing this, Qi Yue became even more anxious to get angry: "What do you mean?"

"She's already asleep."

Qi Yue: "..."


Is there something wrong with his ears?

What did Qin Yanchen say, Qiao Ansheng fell asleep?

The phone is in Qin Yanchen's hand, doesn't it mean that Qiao Ansheng is sleeping next to Qin Yanchen?

What a joke!

A few seconds later.

"Qin Yanchen, you bastard, what did you do to An Sheng, you guys broke up long ago!"

"Tell me the address, tell me where you are, I'll go and take An Sheng home now!"

"If you don't tell me, I'll call the police right away!"

After Qi Yue's short-term confession, it was an outbreak of hysteria.

"Call the police?"

Compared with Qi Yue's anger and madness, Qin Yanchen was calm.

Hearing the even breathing sound coming from the sofa, he even walked a little farther to talk on the phone: "Heh... By then, the whole Nan'an city will know my relationship with Qiao Ansheng. I don't mind, it's just you. …"

"Sure it's okay?"

Looking at the night-shrouded city scene outside the French windows, Qin Yanchen raised his brows slightly, and the Ruoruuowu smile on his lips bloomed under the night, cold and sharp.

"By then, you will be really expected by me, and there will be no chance again."

"Qin Yanchen, you are mean!"

Qi Yue's anxious voice sounded at the other end of the city.

But Qin Yanchen didn't seem to care about it. Hearing the noisy scolding, he thought that he might wake up the sleeping person on the sofa, so he had to hang up the phone when he gestured, "Are you finished? Then I can Just hang up..."

"and many more!"

Hearing this, Qi Yue hurriedly stopped.

"Qin Yanchen, don't try to lie to me, I know, you still like Qiao Ansheng in your heart, right?"

After being forced to calm down, Qi Yue's head finally became clearer.

Silence spread between the two people.

"I like Qiao Ansheng for four years. From the first time I saw her, I knew that in this life, I belonged to her."

"Since you like it, it's better to have a fair and fair competition with me!"

Although there was no response, Qi Yue still spoke.

Men should use the solution between men.

"How do you dare to accept my challenge?"

Qi Yue took the initiative and took the lead in posting a war post to the man on the other end of the phone.

What about the Qin family?

Like this matter, it has never been determined by these external factors.


After a long time, a chuckle came from the microphone.

Qin Yanchen twitched the corners of his lips, but a pair of ink pupils filled with memories. In Qi Yue's body, he actually seemed to see himself back then!

The stubborn refused to let go, even if he gave up everything, he had to keep that woman's self.

"why are you laughing!"

Qi Yue didn't know why.

"I laugh at you, I can't help myself."

When he spoke again, Qin Yanchen's voice had already returned to coldness.

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