Chapter 48:Become a Big Brother’s Favorite After Marriage

Fight for her (seeking collection)

Again, Qi Yue couldn't become him after all.

The various things between him and Qiao Ansheng cannot be copied!


"Qi Yue, you are not qualified enough if you want to compete with me!"

After speaking, Qin Yanchen cut off the phone without hesitation.

When Qi Yue tried to call again, he was told that the other party had shut down.

"Qin Yanchen!"

Listening to the busy tone coming from the microphone, Qi Yue's resentment was nowhere to be relieved, and he was thunderous with anger.

On the other side, after Qin Yanchen put the phone on the coffee table, his eyes fell on the sofa, and he was in a daze when he looked at the sleeping face that was so close at hand.

How many days and nights, he had this sleeping face.

How many days and nights, he can only look for this sleeping face from his memories.

When I was young, I thought that being together would last a lifetime.

But how can you know that it will eventually be separated at both ends of the world?

"Qin Yanchen, I can't walk anymore, why don't you carry me!"

"hurry up……"

"Oh, let's go up the mountain!"

"One day, Qiao Ansheng will stand on this highest point and overlook the world. I will walk forward with my mother’s hopes. I will let A Yuan live a safe and worry-free life. I will stand side by side with Qin Yanchen. Together forever and ever!"

"Ah! Dashan, did you hear that?"


The girl's silver bell-like voice still echoed in her ears, and he clashed for her back for everything she wanted.

In the secluded office, Qin Yanchen's face was rarely filled with unspeakable pain.

In these years abroad, whenever he couldn't hold on, he would take out the one million check she threw to herself when she broke up.

The humiliating check warned him to become stronger.

How many times he couldn't open the turnover of venture capital, he was reluctant to exchange the check, and would rather grit his teeth because she sent the check.

Even if it was to humiliate him.

Later, his career gradually stabilized, and every time he achieved staged success, he wanted to share this joy with her!

He had promised to her that he would lay a piece of their territory for her and would let her witness the moment of his success. He did it.

He fulfilled his promise.

Tonight, she finally stood by his side, stood shoulder to shoulder with him, and accepted everyone's congratulations.

But now she still cherishes her original wish, wanting this magnificent territory that he has worked hard for her?

Thinking of this, Qin Yanchen's eyes, like thick ink, were full of loneliness and complexity.


The next morning, the light of dawn gradually penetrated through the huge French windows, and Qiao Ansheng was awakened by a phone call.

It's buzzing, the sound is thicker, and it doesn't look like the ringing of a mobile phone, but rather like the sound of an office landline phone...

Thinking like this in his head, Qiao Ansheng's previously closed eyes are also lifting up with great effort, trying to get out of the sleepy sleepiness.

But it's okay not to open her eyes, she almost didn't scare her soul away when she opened her eyes!

Seeing this enlarged version of the handsome face close at hand, Qiao Ansheng's pupils widened in an instant, and then swallowed with difficulty.

Under what circumstances, why would she sleep with Qin Yanchen in the office?


Also squeezed on the same sofa in such an ambiguous posture!

As the drowsiness disappeared, Qiao Ansheng was so stiff and motionless, and the memory of last night also gradually jumped into his mind.

Damn, she fell asleep as she took notes last night.

Pilled in the man’s hard arms, Qiao Ansheng bit the corner of his lips and quietly retracted his hand on the man’s waist inch by inch...

She probably was too tired last night and slept too hard, so she would hug the man next to her as a pillow.

Otherwise, if she killed her, it would be impossible for the bear gall to take the initiative to provoke this man!

Qiao Ansheng carefully moved his body to get out of the arms of the man, and at the same time listened to the man next to him intently, trying to disappear into this office as soon as possible without waking up the other person.

When she completely pulled her hand away from the man and sat up from the sofa with her upper body stiff, she turned her head to meet a pair of cold eyes that didn't know when to open her eyes.


With a stomach full of fear and fear, Qiao Ansheng ran off the sofa in the next second, with a look of panic and panic on his face.

"Yes... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sleep here to cause you trouble, I will get up right now!"

In any case, bow your head and admit your mistakes and apologize.


Quiet, like a stone sinking into the sea, Qiao Ansheng didn't get any response.

Stepping on the ground barefoot, Qiao Ansheng curled up his toes, his eyes drooping slightly, and he didn't even dare to look up at the look on the man's face at the moment.

But she has said everything that should be said, what else can she do?

Explain more clearly?

Qiao Ansheng plucked up the courage to speak again: "I really don't know how I fell asleep last night, and why I slept here, but as long as I have a little awareness, I will never disturb you here."

"I can swear!"


Seeing the evasive look of the woman in front of him, and listening to the words that he wished to separate himself from him, Qin Yanchen put a force on his waist and suddenly sat up from the sofa.

The morning light hit his side face, but it didn't help to soften the look at all.

With an ice cube face frozen, Qin Yanchen's thin lips pressed tightly, and his eyes were chilly!

The warmth of embracing all night is like an illusion that belongs only to him.

Squeezing the irritability that surged from the bottom of his heart, Qin Yanchen raised his leg and got off the sofa, and walked straight towards the desk: "So you know how troublesome you are and... how embarrassing you are."

Qiao Ansheng: "..."

Troublesome, she can understand, but ashamed...

What does it mean again?

Turning around in a restrained manner following the man's pace, Qiao Ansheng didn't even dare to ask.

I am afraid that this matter will become more difficult to end as soon as she speaks.

"I kindly explain to you about the work, you are good, and finally I fell asleep on the table, why can't I wake up? The only place where I can sleep in this office is the sofa, so I can only reluctantly and you Impromptu for one night..."

As if to answer Qiao Ansheng's questions, the man's low-hearted narration soon sounded in the office.

But just as she listened attentively, a low, ridiculous laughter suddenly struck from the front: "But who knows that some people are so noisy even when they fall asleep!"

"Speaking in sleep, grinding teeth, snoring... Also, I got my saliva on this shirt."

Qin Yanchen talked for a while, still with a sneer on his face with a clear disgust: "It's really letting people look at it in a different way."


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