Chapter 49:Become a Big Brother’s Favorite After Marriage

He is destined to be looked up to

After stepping out of the office, Qiao Ansheng's high-hanging heart really fell back.

She thought she would be scolded by Qin Yanchen, but she didn't expect that the man would just say a few words, and didn't really embarrass her. It was really the sun coming out from the west.

There is no one around, Qiao Ansheng speeds up, if someone sees her coming out of Qin Yanchen's office, I am afraid that the rumors about her will really spread throughout Nan'an City!


After the annual meeting last night, the company's business has become busier, and more and more departments need the assistance of the secretarial department.

After the lunch break, Qiao Ansheng stopped what he was doing.

Pei Yu, Qiyan and others, did not know when they had left to eat.

Under Pei Yu's action, except Yang Ruoyun, everyone seemed to be alienating her intentionally or unintentionally.

After seeing people's hearts for a long time, Qiao Ansheng didn't want to explain more. The only thing she thinks about now is to stay and work in the Qin family and find a way to help the Qiao family get out of the desperate place!

After making a cup of coffee in the pantry and taking a piece of bread, Qiao Ansheng picked up her mobile phone and played with her simple lunch.

As soon as I opened the phone, 99+ information prompts jumped to her notification column.

This is the group of employees within the company.

After flipping through the chat log and reading a conversation at random, Qiao Ansheng finally figured out what they were discussing...

It turned out to be news about Sheng Xue.

Qiao Ansheng switched to the webpage directly, and after entering a few keywords such as ‘Sheng Xue’ and ‘Qin Group Annual Meeting’ on the page, relevant news immediately jumped to the page.

"Blast! Qin's annual meeting police car raid late at night!"

"Miss Shengshi abused her power and maliciously wounded others, and was complained and protested by many resigned employees!"

"Shengshi shares plummeted continuously, with losses reaching billions!"

“According to a number of anonymous individuals, Sheng Xue’s academic qualifications were fraudulent, and the graduation certificate obtained by studying abroad was not issued by the well-known university. He even went to South Korea for a year of facial plastic surgery, and his private life was chaotic. The title of the celebrity lady who is in the bar and dance hall is just her habitual fig leaf."


According to the reporter's follow-up report, relevant lawyers indicated that, based on the current development trend, if the charges are conclusive, then Sheng Xue will be sentenced to at least three years in prison.

If more serious crimes are unearthed in the process of investigation and evidence collection, then Sheng Xue may face imprisonment of more than three years and less than ten years!

Among the top ten searched, news about the Qin Group accounted for almost half, and it was indistinguishable from Sheng Xue, who is being condemned by her full name.

The three words Qin Yanchen have also become a hot spot in the Nan'an business circle.

The young and rich only son of the wealthy and the high-achieving students of the world-renowned polytechnic university, with a unique handsome appearance and excellent working ability, is the existence that many people dream of.

Qiao Ansheng looked at the cold face that was posted on the news page, but knew that in the eyes of others, even if it was cold, that face would still shine.

Ten years in Hedong, ten years in Hexi.

The boy in the wrinkled white shirt at the time has now been added to his yellow robe, sitting in that noble and supreme position.

The president of the Qin Group is destined to be looked up to.

Grabbing a full range of thoughts, Qiao Ansheng slid the screen of the phone and flipped through a few pages of news. After confirming that there was no one related to her, she put down the phone and felt relieved.

As Qin Yanchen’s female partner last night, she was easily eye-catching. Later, she had some conflicts with Sheng Xue in public. She originally thought that after Sheng Xue had an accident, she would also be dug out to make the news...

Unexpectedly, in today's hot news, there was no mention of a word about her at all, which would prevent her from standing on the cusp of the storm.

And just when Qiao Ansheng felt fortunate, Chi Yang, who was supposed to take a break today, was still doing coolies. While filtering out news reports containing the word'Qiao Ansheng', he called and contacted major newspapers to suppress the news.

As long as the news from the Qin Group is going out to withdraw, it will never appear on the news hot search interface!


Two o'clock in the afternoon.

After finishing the work that Yang Ruoyun ordered, Qiao Ansheng got a gap, and he was ready to study the Yucheng acquisition.

But she just retrieved the information from the computer, and a document fell from the sky on her desk.

"An Sheng, I'm really too busy with the work at hand, can you send me a copy of information to President Qin?"

Qiao Ansheng raised his eyes and saw that Pei Yu was standing at her desk with his eyes bent and earnestly look on his face.

Seemingly harmless, Qiao Ansheng knew that it was definitely not that simple.

She just wanted to say no, but the other party's soft voice rushed in front of her again: "I have sent the address to your phone, thank you!"

"Ah, by the way, I have already applauded the car. It's downstairs. You may have to leave quickly, because in an hour, President Qin will use this document in the bidding meeting."

After speaking to himself, Pei Yu turned and left without giving Qiao Ansheng any chance to speak.


Looking at the documents thrown on his desk, Qiao Ansheng really wanted to explode.

Is this Pei Yu's brain broken? Where is she so confident that she will agree to help her send this document?

But remembering what Pei Yu said just now, Qin Yanchen urgently needed this document. After Qiao Ansheng shot Pei Yu's direction with a cold and sharp gaze, he stood up and walked out the door!

She has no time to talk to Pei Yu at all, so she has to send the documents to Qin Yanchen first.

Seeing Qiao Ansheng's figure disappearing at the door of the secretary's room as scheduled, Pei Yu, who had been bowing her head and pretending to be busy with work, gradually raised the corners of her lips, and a hint of schadenfreude spread from her eyes.

I made the limelight at the annual meeting last night, but what about today?

She wanted to see how Qiao Ansheng would bear the consequences of the delayed delivery of the documents this time!


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