Chapter 50:Become a Big Brother’s Favorite After Marriage

I confirm

Qiao Ansheng, who didn't know anything about it, went downstairs and directly got in a taxi parked not far from the company's entrance.

"Master, please hurry up, I'm in a hurry!"

As soon as he got on the bus, Qiao Ansheng urged the driver in the front row.

There is not much time left for her, so there can be no delay.

The car was like an arrow from the string, and soon galloped on the wide highway.

Time passed quickly. After half an hour, seeing the agreed time getting closer and closer, the scenery outside the window became more and more verdant and rich.


The lots close to the city center are all expensive. Except for the green belts mandated by the state, other places must be high-rise buildings and clusters of buildings.

How could it be completely covered by green plants?

"Parking, this is not the way to the city convention center!"

Qiao Ansheng immediately shouted when he found something was wrong.

But the driver in the front seat didn't even hear Qiao Ansheng's shout, and he still drove forward...

At this moment, even if Qiao Ansheng was a fool, he knew that the driver had a problem.

"Did you hear if I asked you to stop? If you don't stop, I called the police?"

While talking, he took out his mobile phone. As long as the driver in the front seat dared to do anything dangerous, Qiao Ansheng would immediately call the police for help with one key.

But the driver who was driving ahead didn't care.

"Miss, we are the drivers of online ride-hailing services, and we pay attention to integrity. I completely follow the route on the list. Even if you call the police, the police will only say that I am doing my duty. You should sit down. , Wait for me to send you to your destination!"

"Passengers get off the bus and destroy the ticket, but I will be deducted money."

Listening to the sound coming from the front, Qiao Ansheng's hand holding the file harder.

Looking at each other’s appearance, it’s not a wicked person, but rather...

Squinting his eyes slightly, Qiao Ansheng suddenly asked, "Where is your destination?"

"Fenglin Coastal Conference Center."

The man was taken aback when he heard the words, but he answered truthfully.

Fenglin Coastal Conference Center...

Pei Yu, how dare you use this kind of calculation?

Qiao Ansheng looked down at the address received on the phone and suddenly smiled coldly.

This car was called by Pei Yu in advance, and the final destination must have been said by Pei Yu and the driver.

But the address she received in the text message was the Municipal Conference Center.

The same is the conference center, but these two places are located at the opposite ends of the city. This time, I am afraid that if you give her two more hours, you may not be able to arrive!

Pei Yu wanted to play time difference with her.

Even if she realized that the driver was driving in the opposite direction, she had no time to rush back to the city convention center!

Thinking about this, Qiao Ansheng raised his eyes and looked forward.

Not far ahead, there happened to be a traffic light intersection. He tightened his documents and mobile phone. When the car had to stop because of the red light, Qiao Ansheng suddenly opened the rear door and jumped straight out of the car!

Although the driver had no obvious malice towards her, he kept preventing her from getting out of the car. This was clearly inspired by Pei Yu!

There is sparse traffic here and few people travelled.

The driver was also taken aback by Qiao Ansheng's behavior.

He took Pei Yu's money and agreed to send Qiao Ansheng to the Fenglin Coastal Convention Center for Pei Yu, but he did not expect that Qiao Ansheng would react so fiercely. After he did not agree to stop, he would choose to jump off the car?

Because of a guilty conscience, while no one was around at this time, the driver stepped on the accelerator and ran away, for fear that others would see him be held accountable for this scene!


After running to the gate of a factory, Qiao Ansheng sat down on the stone pier beside him.

When she ran off the car just now, she got off her feet and fell to the ground with her knees. She directly pierced all the flesh-colored leggings she was wearing.

Sissy redness oozes from the surface of the scratched skin, and Qiao Ansheng has to cover it with a tissue.

But the injured ankle was red and swollen at a speed visible to the naked eye!

There is no pharmacy nearby, no hospital, no treatment, and she has no time!

Two to fifty.

Qiao Ansheng looked at the time on the screen of the phone, pondered for a while, and finally gritted his teeth and dialed Qin Yanchen's phone. The call was soon connected.

"Hello, President Qin?"

Qiao Ansheng took the lead.

"Something went wrong on my side, I can't get a taxi now, it's too late to send you documents!"

"So I thought..."

Listening to the steady breathing of the man at the end of the phone, Qiao Ansheng's originally undulating heart seemed to calm down at once: "If you can, would it be convenient for you to explain through remote video?"

"I know this proposal is a bit abrupt, but apart from this method, I really can't think of other suitable methods."

"I have read the document once, and just explain it, I believe I can! Moreover, I know that this bidding is very important to the company. I don't want the company to be in this bidding meeting because of me. Lost on the game."

Calm thinking, analysis of pros and cons.

This is the only feasible way Qiao Ansheng can think of.

If this time really messed up the bidding meeting, and made the Qin Group die before it was successful, and became a joke in the circle, not only her, but Qin Yanchen, the newly appointed president, would inevitably be questioned!

Therefore, she can't just give up.

She was in the car before, to pass the time, so she read this information again!

The construction of the Global Harbor Ecological Park is a key construction project in Nan'an City in the next five years. If the Qin Group can bid successfully, then this will completely establish the unshakable position of the Qin Group in the ecological construction of Nan'an.

This bidding meeting is very important to Qin Group.


There was silence on the phone.

Just when Qiao Ansheng thought that Qin Yanchen would get angry at her, reject her proposal, or just hang up the phone, the low and cold voice finally sounded: "Are you sure, you can?"

No questions about the causes and consequences, and no extra words, as always stingy.

But at this moment, Qiao Ansheng's heart was inexplicably firm: "I'm sure!"

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