Chapter 51:Become a Big Brother’s Favorite After Marriage

Gifted daughter-in-law

"Okay, in ten minutes, I will connect you via video."

After getting an affirmative answer, Qin Yanchen, who was in a meeting at the conference center, cut off the phone and immediately sent staff around him to negotiate with the organizer.

ten minutes later.

After finding a suitable location as the background board, Qiao Ansheng took a deep breath and accepted the video connection.

Looking at the crowd of black and crushing heads in the conference center through the screen, Qiao Ansheng instantly twitched his lips and raised a decent smile: "Hello everyone, I am Qiao Ansheng from the Qin Group's Secretary Department. Here, I will tell you first. Sorry, due to some force majeure factors, Qin’s bid commentary today will be carried out by me on behalf of Qin."

"I hope everyone forgive me!"

As soon as Qiao Ansheng's voice fell, there was a burst of discussion in the conference center.

"What's the situation?"

"Why did the Qin Group send such an unknown female secretary to do such an important report, and still connect via video? Isn't this too disrespectful to us?"

"It is said that Qin's newly appointed President Qin has great business acumen and outstanding ability. From now on, I am afraid that he is also a man who does not know that confidante is a disaster. After all, he is too young to be in such a high position! "

The implication is that Qiao Ansheng is a vase.


In this piece of sorrow, it is inevitable that the competitor companies deliberately instigated and denounced.

Listening to the constant voices of doubts in his ears, Qin Yanchen raised his eyes and fixed his gaze on the calm face projected on the curtain, always unmoved by foreign objects.

Under this kind of negative atmosphere, under tremendous pressure, Qiao Ansheng had already started her commentary, and her clear and powerful voice instantly spread to every part of the conference center.

"The Qin Group has always been committed to the construction and protection of the ecological environment. It has not only established a special foundation, but has also invested heavily in the ecological environment projects carried out by the government, and has given constructive opinions. Zoned as..."

All commercial advancements start from point to surface.

Although Qiao Ansheng did not participate in the bidding, when she discussed the acquisition with Qin Yanchen last night, she learned a lot of business knowledge and negotiation skills.

So today, she used this commonality in the interpretation of this bidding.

"It can be seen that the Qin Group is undoubtedly the most compatible with the construction concept of this ecological park, whether in terms of ability, experience, or other comprehensive estimates!"

"Just like Bole and Maxima, if they don't choose each other, it will be a loss for both parties!"


At this time, the whispers floating above the conference center became smaller and less arrogant.

Qin Yanchen sat down and watched the scene, his eyes finally filled with a faint smile.

It seems that he has chosen a talented type for himself...a wife!

After the explanation was over, the organizers began to conduct intense internal discussions.

In order to prevent follow-up, additional explanations are needed, so the video projected on the screen was not hung up immediately, and Qiao Ansheng’s clear and beautiful face still appeared on the white screen.


Finally the explanation is over.

After Qiao Ansheng breathed a sigh of relief, she frowned slightly. In fact, during the speech just now, her ankles and knees were sore and unbearable that she could only pinch her palms to divert her attention.

Fortunately, everything went smoothly.


Although there was a problem with the Qin Group this time, all the explanations were carried out by Qiao Ansheng on the other end of the video, but this did not hinder their choice of the Qin Group.

Seeing that this matter was about to be finalized, Qin Yanchen, who had been sitting still in his seat, suddenly stood up from his seat and said, "Send the bidding results directly to the company mailbox", and then he was in full view. He turned and left the table!

Competitor: What is the situation, this is too capricious, right? Seeing that the contract in hand is gone?


Ignoring the call coming from behind, Qin Yanchen looked down on the phone while walking.

damn it!

Why didn't he see Qiao Ansheng's expression on his face earlier?

She said that it was too late to send the documents, so why didn't he think about whether something happened to her, that's why he couldn't come in time?

Thinking of the frown of the woman on the screen just now, as if she was enduring some kind of pain, Qin Yanchen's pace of walking outside accelerated even more!

After getting in the car, Qin Yanchen drove at the spot where the little red dot was constantly flashing on the phone screen.

This was the night after they separated at the hotel. He had someone remotely hack into Qiao Ansheng's mobile phone, implanted a real-time monitoring program in it, and directly connected with his mobile phone.

As long as he operates here, he can immediately locate the other party's specific location in real time!

After installing this program for so long, today, it was the first time he opened this monitoring program to find her current location.

Four years ago, Qiao Ansheng suddenly left his life.

Meeting again four years later, that kind of panic and fear of losing again still linger in his heart, making him extremely anxious!

As if only in this way, he could comfort himself, no matter where she was in the world, as long as he wanted to find her, he could find it immediately, and his anxiety about gains and losses was truly relieved.

After driving out of the car for a while, Qin Yanchen directly dialed Gu Si's phone. At this time, Gu Si was taking off his white robe in the office and putting on his daily casual clothes. He was going to the bar after get off work for a while to comfort him. An increasingly lonely heart.

"Help me find someone, I have sent the address to your WeChat!"

"By the way, take a medical kit with you. It should be useful in a while."

Just as Gu Si's expression was floating, a head of cold water splashed on his forehead, and his whole body was agitated in the cold.


"and many more!"

"Where do you tell me to go, who to find, and what to do with the medical kit? Who is injured?"

Gu Si was confused.

"Go to Qiao Ansheng. Something happened to her in the suburbs alone. You can help me to take a look."

On the other end of the phone, Qin Yanchen frowned, and an indispensable worry gathered.

How could a person suddenly go to the suburbs by himself?


Upon hearing this, Gu Si's voice of doubt immediately rose eight degrees.

"Qin Yanchen, did you make a mistake, you let me take care of your woman?"

"What's the matter with me? You have hands and feet, why don't you go by yourself? I won't go!"

To the microphone, Gu Si firmly refused.

He came to him for all kinds of messy things. When Gu Si was a doctor at the 18th-line small clinic, he was on call, and he was able to solve all kinds of incurable diseases?

What a joke!

His time is also precious, okay?


There was a moment of silence on the other side of the phone.

Immediately, a cool male voice came from the microphone: "Next year, Qin will add 10% of the investment to your Cirui Hospital. This visit fee is not bad enough to make you visit the director of Gu. ?"


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