Chapter 1:Broad World


"I shouldn't have ventured out at all". Looking at the valley below his feet, Cagan mumbled. Then he walked over to a large rock and looked at the young man lying on it.

"Damn, how could I think of taking a rookie out to take an adventure, ah, let me die. How should I explain to his mother". The dwarf warrior patted the young man's face lightly, "Henry, wake up, I beg you. Moradin, my god, what should I do".

Seeing that his efforts became futile, Kagan silently stepped aside and began to pray, hoping that his ** would give him a solution. The young man lying on the rock twitched his eyelids, then slowly opened his eyes, screamed "Ah" and started to twitch, foaming at the mouth. The severe pain immediately made him unconscious again. When Henry woke up again, he was no longer the same Henry.

The wild at night is dangerous. There are wolves in the woods, and the roar of various unknown animals in the night owl. The tall woods give people a gloomy feeling, only the fire in front of them gives adventurers a small amount of warmth and a sense of security. Cagan found that Henry screamed and drew out a few hours ago, breathing has been significantly smoother, and accompanied by lethargy, the blood on the side of his head has begun to disperse. For the first time since he was scratched by the big stick of the ogre, he started to show signs of improvement. It must have been Moradin who heard my prayer, Kagan thought to himself.

The night was getting darker, and the young man named Henry slowly opened his eyes, looked at the fire with dull eyes, and then glanced at the dwarf who screamed loudly next to him. My heart has already started to shake the sky. It turned out that Henry's soul had long since turned into an idiot with the ogre's stick. Now it is an uncle from the 21st century who occupies this body. "Henry, I am by this name now." Then he wanted to raise his hand and touch his face. A sharp pain in his left hand made him give up this behavior. Damn, it must have been fractured, and I thought to myself when I looked at the forearms fixed on the left and right by two simple wooden boards. It's really unlucky, because his brain is hit hard, his memory is chaotic now. I only remember that I came from the earth, I was 30 years old but my original name, professional family, I can't recall it, but all kinds of knowledge have not been forgotten.

Then I thought about what happened to this body. This boy named Henry is 14 years old this year but is already a level 1 druid. He lives in Belgoost and is a neighbor to the dwarf warrior. One year ago, he was fancyed by a passing druid and taught him for a period of time. At the beginning of this year, he was naturally invited to become a level 1 druid and then he began to beg Kegan to take him out for adventure.

Then when passing by the Coastal Avenue, he met a rookie who had an ogre's first adventure and was taken aback by a big stick. Fortunately, it was not a direct hit, otherwise the whole head would be a rotten tomato. This is the Sword Bay of Faerun Continent, Henry immediately realized where he had been, yeah, how could he have forgotten it. My favorite game Baldur's Gate Murder God Barr's path to the gods. Thinking of this, I felt my stomach twitching, and there were so many liches walking around like a dog, so many players described it like this. Fortunately, his current position is near Baldur's Gate, not as dangerous as Amn's side. He raised his uninjured right hand and gently touched his face, but it was a pity that he couldn't see himself without water nearby.

suddenly found that he had a tattoo on his hand that looked familiar, and he looked closely at the front and back of a person. This is the icon of the Baldur’s Gate game. Henry subconsciously shouted in his heart to activate, and the tattoo on his hand gave out a burst of light

human male, 14 years old, absolutely neutral camp, occupation: Mage (included in the system) level 1, experience 0/2500, druid (physical class) level 1, 0/2000

Strength: 14 You are not a waste wood or a strong man

agility: 18 days of dexterity, you can go up the tree to catch the birds and fish in the water and easily take out the wallet from the pocket of others

Physique: 13 average

Intelligence: 21 You are smarter than almost everyone, and all kinds of knowledge on the earth help you at any time

Wisdom: 18 You are a born druid, you can feel the greatness of nature only by accepting simple teaching

Charm: 16 You are pretty handsome, most people like you

Spell Book Known Spells: Level 1, Hypnotism, Mage Armor, Imaging, Greasy, Chong, Burning, Magic Missile, Petrification Protection

Divine Art Known Level 1 Entanglement Art, Healing Minor Injury, Faith Armor, Blessing Art, Disaster Art, Divine Cudgel Art, Detect Evil, Sunburn Art, Magic Stone Art, Magical Fire.

Spell Slot Level 1: 1

Divine power level 1: 3

With the help of the system, you cast spells free of material (you make a lot of money, kid)

When Henry saw this, he remembered, isn't this attribute the male mage that existed in the game before he crossed. As for Druids, it should be a profession that comes with the body itself. Thinking of this, my heart suddenly calmed down a lot, at least I had the ability to protect myself, as for the other steps, I counted as one step. First prepare tomorrow's spells and divine arts. The magic of Faerun Continent is a kind of ritual, so most wizards have to prepare in advance and release them through the magic net by singing gestures and casting materials. Divine art is bestowed by God, so we must pray for God’s response and then give divine art. But Henry, this druid should be a primitive druid. Directly received natural call to obtain divine art is also natural feedback.

There is only one spell slot for 1st level spells, so hypnotism is memorized. The three magical spell slots have memorized three treatments for minor injuries in consideration of my fractured right hand. Then I began to pray to nature silently in my heart, and fell asleep without knowing it. At dawn, Cagan opened his eyes and yawned and started putting out the campfire to pack his bags. Henry also woke up at this time. "Kagan, where are we" Henry began to play dumb. The intelligence and knowledge of up to 21 points tells him that if you want to tell the truth, you are looking for death.

"Oh, my God, you woke up and thank God I don't know how to live if something happens." "I still have a terrible headache, and I can't remember many things."

"Of course, you have to know that you were smashed in the head by an ogre stick. God, you know how thick that stick is, even if it only hangs a little bit, I bet even the golem has to lie down."

"Kagan, what's the date today, oh I mean what year it is. You know my current concept of time is in chaos and I can't remember anything.\"

"Poor little Henry, May 12, DR 1356. I hope you remember your mother."

Great. Henry thought in his heart that DR1356 is still more than ten years before the game story begins. Apodale still played with Little Imoeng in Candle Castle. I still have a lot of time to walk around and improve my professional level.

"Henry, your arm is broken, I will help you connect the bones and fix the board. You can treat it with magical techniques yourself."

"Okay" Henry then began to cast spells and put three treatments on his left arm for minor injuries. I felt that my arm no longer hurts so much for an instant, and the bones were probably all connected, at least not affecting normal use. As for the use of weapons, forget it, it's not so easy to get rid of the bones.

"Kagan, my arm is almost good. Let's set off today and continue to the Arm of Friendly. We are resting there." "Okay, let's pack up and set off. I will carry your luggage for you first. Follow Our plan is to repair the Arms of Friendship and hunt down some diggers in the northern villages. You know that Tailong Fulong from the Thor Blacksmith's shop pays a lot of money. Each digging bug shell is 500 gold coins, I I heard that the nearby druids will also invite adventurers to kill a certain amount for rewards. This is simply a good thing to kill two birds with one stone."

After a simple wash, the two continued on the road. Along the Coastal Avenue all the way to the north, looking at the tall trees on the side of the road, the birds in the river and forest clearly, all kinds of small animals jumped up and down Henry felt that he was in a very happy mood. Probably it was because the druid was close to nature. Even when he encountered bears and predators like wolves, he did not attack him. Unfortunately, it is only a level 1 druid. The advanced druid can transform into various animal elements, and he is only fluent in animal language. Able to understand what the animals are saying.

Suddenly, Cagan turned around alertly. "Shhh, don't make a sound." Henry could only stare at a group of people wearing military-like helmets, exposing speckled gray skin, and sweeping pig-like pink eyes everywhere. The shiny armor can't hide the bloated figure of the wearer. A scent that was like overnight ** came in the wind, making him feel sick. Hobgoblins, there is no doubt that this is one of Faerun's most classic monsters.

"One, two, three...five in total" Kegan muttered softly. Then strode forward, holding the handle of the battle axe in both hands, "Except for the drow," he muttered to himself, "The hobgoblin I hate the most in this world!" An axe hit the head accurately in front of the hobgoblin. The hobgoblin's head rolled onto the grass, and his body fell weakly. "Damn it, this guy rushed forward without even saying hello to me, what should I do. UU reading arm injuries are not suitable for combat, and he runs out of three magic arts every day. There is no other way but to use it. The only spell." Henry began to chant in a low voice. Due to Kagan's sudden attack, the hobgoblins did not notice Henry standing behind the tree, and within a few seconds Henry successfully completed his spell. "Hypnotism", the remaining four hobgoblins felt sleepy for a while, and fell to the ground and couldn't sleep.

"Good job, I never knew you were a mage." As he said, Kaigan took his axe at the head of a hobgoblin and chopped it down. "I learned from a traveling mage at the Red Roll Hotel. You know I've always been smart." "Yes, yes, our little Henry is a genius. He was naughty and mischievous since he was a kid. I still remember when you climbed to the roof to block up when you were a kid. For the chimney in my house, you actually used lighted resin. It made me cough for a week."

"Well, Kegan, I just helped you a lot. Can you not reveal my shortcomings." "Haha" Kegan laughed and turned out the remaining hobgoblins. "Now let’s take a look at the spoils. 5 intact helmets are worth 5 gold coins. 2 pieces of chain armor are worth 50 gold coins. 3 pieces of leather armor. Oh, this ** smell is probably going to be washed 6 gold coins in a while. A few long swords, and a purse let me see how much money is in it. Damn, there are only 40 silver coins. Okay, we have a good harvest and about 70 gold coins."

"Let's camp here today. We will light the bonfire and clean these things, otherwise no one will be willing to buy them." Henry also felt tired after casting the spell and suggested. Kegan agreed completely, but had to change the place a little bit. No one can stand the smell of hobgoblins. After finding a place near the mouth of the river, the two began to wash their armor and weapons and caught a few fish for dinner.

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