Chapter 26:Broad World

The forest shrouded in conspiracy

After saying goodbye to Fado, Henry walked north with Ares, and started camping after about two kilometers. Henry was not carrying much food anymore. Since he brought the brown bear, he has eaten more than he has eaten in three days. There are less than ten days of bread left, and less than 50 kilograms of bacon and bacon. Fortunately, there is enough salt. You can have nothing to eat and drink but you can't live without salt while traveling in the wild. After setting up the camp, Henry took Ares to the river to prepare for hunting. Henry quietly lay in ambush on the left side of the bush, and the brown bear lay in ambush on the other side. After a while, a group of deer drinking water came. Ares rushed out to frighten the deer and fled around. Henry raised the crossbow in his hand and squeezed the trigger. The crossbow arrow accurately hit the neck of an adult male deer. The blood flowed out, and Ares took the opportunity to rush up and threw down the prey but did not bite. After struggling for a few times, the deer tilted his head and admitted his fate after finding that it had been in vain. Henry carried the machete and went forward to cut the deer's trachea and ended its pain.

directly put the loot into the dimension bag and turned around and took Ares back to the camp. After setting the fire, he poured out the carcass of the deer and began to dispose of it. First cut off the head, and then use a knife to poke the skin. After simply washing the plucked skin with water, use a knife to scrape the remaining fat on the upper side. After scraping it clean, wash it again with clean water, find a branch and hang it next to the fire to dry slowly. The remaining venison was cut into several pieces and put into the dimension bag. Anyway, the temperature of the semi-plane connected to his dimensional bag is not too high for a few days and will not break. Today’s dinner is cooking deer offal. After washing the liver, stomach, heart, and intestines, cut it into small pieces and throw it into the pot, and put a small amount of ** and garlic. Cover the pot and let the fire slowly simmer the delicacy inside. Ares stared at the food in the pot with shining eyes and started spinning around the campfire. It was obvious that he was hungry. Henry smiled and pulled it by its ears and dragged it to his side and said, "Okay, okay, wait a minute, don't worry."

After half an hour, a strong fragrance wafted out of the pot. Ares couldn't help it anymore. He tried to get close to the pot several times and was pulled back by Henry. Piccolo Louise also leaked his head from Henry's pocket and stared at the giant bear's head. Since entering the forest Henry has not dared to let her out to breathe, the forest is too dangerous for her. It is necessary to know that after the death of the magician of the wizard, it will permanently damage part of the vitality of the body. After opening the pot, adding some salt and chopped green onion, he quickly filled himself with a large bowl. Pour the rest directly into the brown bear’s food bowl. Ares plunged in and started to eat, Louise picked out a small piece of liver in its food bowl and began to chew slowly. The brown bear doesn't care if such a small thing finds a bite in its basin.

After dinner, Henry grabbed a handful of salt and began to rub the heated leather that had been toasted. This can remove the peculiar smell inside. Shake vigorously after kneading, and then continue to hang it to dry. After watching her master, Louise flew back to her own pocket and got in, and patted her belly with satisfaction. Henry got into the tent and was about to rest. Suddenly there was a sharp scream from the distant sky, and he hurriedly put out the campfire, put away the tent and took Ares into the woods to hide. After a while, two huge adult pterosaurs fell from the sky, and two men in armor jumped off the dragon's back. After checking the campfire, one of them said: "The people here have just left, and the fire is still hot. It is possible that the group of shadow druids are investigating our situation."

"Well, it makes sense. It's very close to their camp. Maybe they found out that we were about to attack here, so they sent someone to guard. It must be reported to the owner immediately." Another person replied.

"Then we will return right away, the master's plan does not allow a slight error." After speaking, the two people climbed on the dragon's back and got up and flew into the distance.

Henry stayed where he was, he was afraid that the two would suddenly kill the carbine. After staying for an hour, I found that no one had come out with confidence. He thought: "Who are these things? It seems that they are about to start attacking the druid station here. What is certain is that their strength must be very strong. After all, there are more than fifty ordinary druids and one more. The great druids are all natural avengers. The concentrated power of these druids can almost take down a big town like Belgoost. Moreover, they mentioned the master in their conversation, and Henry decided not to go there for the time being. The North left and stayed here to see what they were going to do.

looked for a relatively hidden hillside around and found a dirt hole here. He moved the camp over, at least he couldn't see it outside the fire in the cave. After setting up the camp, let Ares hide in the entrance of the cave, observe the situation of the druid camp under the mountain and report to him at any time. Back in the cave, he opened the dimension bag and began to organize his belongings. Maybe there will be a big battle in a few moments, and he has no expectations for Archdruid Amared. His goal is to rescue Fado. After doing some statistics, I found that I was still quite effective. A fireball staff with forty-six rounds, a box of more than 100 scrolls, including most of the spells and magic arts he mastered, and a crossbow with two bags of eight. Ten arrows and scimitar streamer. He also wears a ring that doubles the first and second level spells on his fingers, which can guarantee enough spells at least ten minutes after the start of the war. Finally, there is a druid staff to provide him with permanent bark and defensive fire. After finishing the order, he closed his eyes and began to calmly wait for the enemy to come.

At about two o'clock in the night, Ares, who was lying at the entrance of the cave, suddenly opened his eyes, and he saw a group of pterodactyl knights have arrived at the druid's tree house. After they landed, they immediately launched an attack on the druids, and the killing spread to every corner with the fire. The brown bear turned around and was about to wake Henry, then stretched out a hand from behind and gently touched his head.

"No need for my partner, such a loud fight has already called me up, let's act now." After saying that Henry took out two scrolls to bless himself and the bear with an invisibility technique, and began to run towards the place with fire. past. A few kilometers away, the two of them ran there in ten minutes, and saw several corpses piled up here in the middle of Stonehenge. The headed man in black said to his men: "Quickly empty this place and bring some more prisoners back. The master needs living humans." After finishing he commanded the knight to drive a dozen pterosaurs and fly to the sky, holding the prisoners. .

Henry did not dare to stay more after discovering that there was no Fado in the captives and corpses, and quickly walked towards the residence of Arch Drew. If there is anyone here who can resist a little bit, it must be Amared. When he arrived at the tree house belonging to Archdruid Amared, he found that it was still resisting. Twenty knights and their pterosaurs blocked the surrounding water. The door of the tree house had been broken, and Amared was standing high on the stairs with many druids behind him. Henry got a little closer and heard him yelling: "Under the watch of the Shadow Archdruid, you dare to destroy the forest and kill the druids who live here! Since you are in a hurry to die, then die." Then he And the druid behind him began to cast spells. A knight wanted to rush up, but as soon as he walked into the foot of the tree house, he was entangled in a huge cane and sucked up all the blood on his body. Other knights took out their weapons and chopped down the vines in the house. The cane has not been cleaned up yet, and Amaled's spell is ready. One shot is the six-level magical serial lightning unique to the Avengers. A white light flashed from his fingertips, and a lightning flashed out of the nearest seven or eight knights. He was immediately struck by the electric shock. When the magic effect disappeared, black smoke appeared on their bodies, and the meat was cooked. Other druids also summoned evil wolves one after another, and some brown bears transformed into animals to fight with pterosaurs and the remaining knights.

"You rubbish, if you haven't killed all these stray pieces for so long, are you afraid of the master's punishment after returning?" The man in black who gave orders at Stonehenge just came over and took off his hood and shouted at the pterosaur knight. Henry discovered that he was not human at all when he took off his hat. A pair of curved horns grow on the slightly red skin on the head, similar to human facial features and hands. Henry bet that there must be a pair of hooves and a tail under the This is a Tifflin (a cross between the devil and other species). It is hard to judge the specific species.

"You ** red-skinned demon, let's see who kills who first." The archdruid yelled, feeling humiliated.

"Old dog, don't bark. Let me teach you how to respect others." Tifulin sneered and began to chant a spell. The archdruid quickly recognized the spell he was planning to cast, and shouted, "Quick! Stop him. What he wants to release is the mystery fire of hell." It was a pity that it was too late. When Tifflin's spell was completed, a magical fireball exploded from his hand, and the druid rushing to the stairs exploded among them. The unknown flame emits intense heat and creates a wall of fire, and all the druids, including Amared, are reduced to ashes in an instant. Tivlin laughed wildly and said to the ashes Arch Druid: "Ahahaha! What an old dog! Oh, sorry, I forgot that you can't talk anymore." After finishing speaking, he took out the inside of his robe. A head came out. Said to the knights around: "Look at what a beautiful head, her screams and fears before she died are still on her face. I think I will make a beautiful decoration and put it on the table after I go back. It will be very pleasing to the eyes. Yes." The surrounding knights were so scared that they quickly avoided his eyes.

Henry took a close look at the head in his hand, and his head buzzed. That was Fado's head, and the fear and pleading remained on her face. The entire head has been washed clean and treated with an antiseptic technique. He felt a broken string in his brain.


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