Chapter 27:Broad World


It has been half a year since Henry traveled into this world, and even so, he has not fully integrated in. He has always had a little sense of superiority, just watching the development of the whole situation from the perspective of a bystander, and has limited participation. Perhaps it was a natural cold personality. The family relationship between his mother and sister did not touch him. In his mind, it was just a responsibility and nothing more. He doesn't yearn for love himself. He feels that it is just a hormone secreted by humans for reproduction, and makes most people have zero IQ when they are in estrus. This is just a kind of biological instincts and physiological needs, and there is no so-called sea dryness and longevity. Men always pursue beautiful women to improve the genes of their offspring, and they are unremittingly seeking to make more women pregnant with their children. Most women are quietly waiting for men with power or money to come and conquer them. It is acceptable to have a strong body if the first two are not available. Because most of the men who have these have good genes and can bring them a comfortable and comfortable life.

Today, the cruel reality makes Henry's brain a little bit of superiority disappear without a trace. He has so much knowledge that he has learned mathematics, physics, chemistry, machinery, hydropower, wind power, thermal power and nuclear power generation on the earth. As long as he is given a large enough piece of land and manpower, he can even establish an electrical age. city ​​of. He can even build a simple computer central processing unit by himself. He is also proficient in magic in this world, which is more open- minded than most legendary wizards in this world. But these can't save Fado, and even resurrection is impossible. Her head has been eroded by magical energy and she is being held by others.

Henry has always been sane and low-key and calm. Now he has made a crazy decision. Kill them all! Use blood and pain to pay tribute to the dead Fado and his own rebirth. He stood in the corner of the shadows and began to chant spells, because the effect of the invisibility spell had not disappeared and no one found him. "Furious Charm" A knight who was about to take off was controlled. Then Henry issued an order, and the knight drove the pterosaur violently towards Tieflin, who was admiring the head of Fado. The spikes on the pterodactyl's tail pierced his abdomen fiercely, and a magical halo flashed across Tieflin's body. The skin on the whole body was covered with stones. An accidental spell (a sixth-level spell can be set in advance to set the conditions for the spell, which is more than a severe injury or an attack) triggered by a stone skin spell. Henry was not surprised. He commanded the knight to control the pterodactyl and threw Tifflin on the ground without giving him a chance to cast spells. I used a dispel magic casually, and this spell offset the stone skin technique. At the same time, Henry and Ares' invisibility skills were also eliminated, and the effects of violent charm were also dispelled. Henry immediately directed Ares to rush up and bit the bones of Tifflin's hands and dragged him aside. Then he used the fireball spell to shoot three fireballs in a row. The air waves and flames killed more than half of the knights and pterosaurs. Others discovered that the situation was not good and quickly began to lift off, and hovered in the sky looking for opportunities to attack.

It can be seen that Tieflin should be a more important person, and these knights did not dare to abandon him and go back alone. He walked over and lifted Tifrin with his hands severed. The owner of his neck stopped him from making a sound and shouted at the knight in the sky: "If you still want him to be alive, please come down to me right now."

The knights have no choice but to land one by one, at the moment they land. Henry began to chant spells, and the knights immediately flew again after realizing that they were about to be attacked. Before the "Monster Rooted" the knights had time to raise the height, the pterosaurs under them were held still by this spell and fell from a height of tens of meters. Most of the pterosaurs and knights broke their necks at the moment they landed, and only a few of them were alive but in a coma. "Seeing that the enemy could not pose a threat, Henry took a deep breath. Suddenly Tieflin, who was lying on the ground, stood up abruptly and slammed into Henry with a hard horn. With a bang, he felt that the ribs in his chest were broken. After being baptized with poison, this pain was nothing. After he fell to the ground, he quickly rolled over and wanted to distance himself from Tivlin while shouting loudly to Ares for it to help.

Tifflin rushed towards Henry after hitting it, raising the tail under his robe and sweeping it towards Henry's throat. Henry only felt a flash of cold light and leaned back violently, his neck was already dripping with blood. At this moment Ares rushed over and slapped Tifflin to the ground again and bit his tail for a while, then spit it out while biting half of his tail. Henry took out a machete and chopped off Tifflin's feet and began to cast himself a magical technique to treat moderate injuries. He walked next to Ares and touched the bear's ears and said, "Thank you, buddy, I might die without you today." After speaking, he squatted down and picked up half of his tail and looked at it carefully. The bottom of the tail was at the bottom. It is a triangular bone, and it feels cold to the touch with a layer of special metal on the outside. The outside is polished very sharp, and you can cut your fingers with a light touch. Henry put away half of his tail and prepared to interrogate the prisoner.

"Who is your master? What's his name? What are you doing in the forest? Why are you attacking the druid camp?" He quickly asked a series of questions.

"Haha, do you want to know my great master? Bah! Kill me, my master will take revenge for me." After saying that, Tieflin looked at death as home.

"Really? Let's try. I heard that you like to cut off other people's heads as collectibles? Now let's play a series of mini games, and talk about the others after playing." Henry finished speaking and sent out. There was a sneer.

"Is that little one yours? Hahaha, then I have to tell you that she was so miserable when she died. She was suffocated by me while she was alive, and then cut off her head. You see how vivid her expression is." Flynn continued to stimulate him.

Henry looked at him coldly. He took out a dagger from the dimension bag and began to make wooden needles. After making about ten, he soaked a little bit of the poison he had used, and then began to poke them one by one. Tiffling between fingers and nails.

"Ah! You demon. Kill me! Kill me! Master, my master come and save me." Tieflin rolled on the ground, his nose and tears streaming down, Henry even smelled ** and urine. taste.

"How do you feel? Don't worry, this is just an appetizer. I will serve you the main course now." He ignored the half-devil who was lying on the ground struggling and took out his shovel and began to dig the pit. After half an hour the pit was dug, and Henry threw Tifflin head up into the pit and began to bury the soil. Until the whole body was buried, only one head was left outside.

Tifulin said weakly, "Why do you want to bury me alive now?"

"Buried alive? No, no, no, how could I use such unartistic methods to deal with you. See how beautiful you made the Fado head, I have to repay you." After saying that, Henry began to step on hard. Solid soil. After a few minutes, he used a dagger to gently make a small hole in Tifflin's skull, and blood spurted several meters high with a puff of blood. Tieflin was startled by his own blood.

"Devil! What the ** does this demon in human skin do! Okay! You swear! As long as you let me go, I will tell you everything!" The half-devil began to scream hysterically.

Henry came closer and said: "I, Henry, hereby swear in the name of magic to let you out as long as you tell the truth, and will never chase you. Now you can speak."

Tieflin saw Henry take an oath and determined that there were no loopholes and said: "My master is Lorther, a red-robed mage. He is studying how to integrate pterosaurs and humans in a cave in the northern forest. A new species of Pterodactyl was spawned. In his experiments, he found that the druid can integrate with the pterosaurs very well, so let us attack here. As for the master’s assistant, a warlock, I will answer now. Let me come out when the question is over."

Henry nodded and took out a large bottle of mercury from the dimension bag and poured it into Tifflin’s wound. Tieflin yelled in pain: "What are you doing! You said you want to let me out! You can't violate your oath. UU reading or your mage level will never go further. !"

After filling the entire bottle of mercury, he shook his hand and said, "Of course I will let you out, but the method is a bit different from normal, let's wait and see."

After a while, Tifflin began to twitch violently, and he yelled and struggled. Suddenly the skin on his head really cracked, and a ** muscled man inside jumped out of the soil. Lying on the ground and rolling desperately. Heng used mercury to peel off his entire skin. Seeing the twitching guy on the ground, Henry said coldly without a trace of sympathy: "Look at Mr. Warlock, I abide by the agreement. But it seems that you will not live long. Remember to leave a place for your master when you return to hell. I will send him to see you soon."

After killed the warlock, he searched for the dead knights and pterosaurs to make up for the ones who were not dead, and put some armor and weapons of the pterosaur's corpse into the dimension bag. While cleaning the battlefield, he found the dimensional bag of the warlock. After inspecting the inside, he found about 50,000 gold coins. A small pile of gems was about 500 yuan, and a pair of magic gloves was identified and found to be the name of the pair of gloves. It is called the Star of Secret Magic, adds 1 to the spell slots of level 1 to level 4 and can use Stoneskin spell three times a day. It was a good trophy, Henry quickly took it out and put it in his hands.

found Fado's body and put her head on and piled some firewood to burn the body. This is the choice of most druids, the dust returns to the dust, the soil returns to the earth, everything is born in nature and perishes in nature.


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