Chapter 28:Broad World

New roads and help

sat in the room, looking at the dead body outside the door. Henry began to think about his future path. He didn't integrate into this world before, so he seemed polite every day. Most of the time, no one is guilty. It seems to be walking on a path of neutrality. In fact, it is trying to please everyone and does not have their own position. Today, he took the initiative to provoke a powerful enemy. Although he doesn't know what Lother's mage is, just seeing his experiments and assistants can easily cast seventh-level spells, he knows that he must be weak. But he is not worried at all now. It seems that he has vaguely understood his position.

Henry stood up and walked out of the wooden house and said softly to the forest behind him: "I solemnly swear here that from today onwards I will no longer rely on anyone's opinions, no matter whether he is good or evil. I only insist on my views and never compromise. , Never give up, even if people all over the world oppose, we must stick to it. The nature in my heart is the survival of the fittest and the survival of the fittest. Balance is just a joke in my eyes. The use of tools for the evolution of intelligent life is also a part of nature, metal Weapons and armor should not be excluded from nature, they are also natural resources." After speaking, a burst of light suddenly appeared in the forest and enveloped Henry. He obtained the recognition of this forest. From today onwards, a new sect of Druids was born.

Go back to the room and turn on the system:

Human, male, 14 years old, absolutely neutral, your ideas have been recognized by nature. You are now a new sect druid. (To obtain special abilities, the druid profession can use metal weapons including long swords, great swords, axes, metal bows and crossbows, etc. You can wear metal and magic armor. If you wear armor, you will not be able to cast arcane magic.)

Occupation: Mage 6th level 887813/60000, Druid 7th level 87812/60000 you have upgraded.

Although he gained the ability to wear metal armor, it was useless. If he was still a mage and put on the armor, he would not be able to cast wizard magic. After the upgrade silently.

Occupation: Mage 7th level 887813/9000, Druid 8th level 87812/9000

1st level spell slot, 4+4+1

2nd level spell slot, 3+3+1

3rd level spell slot, 2+1

4th level spell slot, 1+1

1st-level magic power position, 5

Level 2 magic power position, 5

3rd level magic power position, 4

Level 4 magic power position, 3

Finally there is another level 4 spell slot, and various powerful spells are beckoning him. Teleportation domain, stoneskin art, arbitrary door, Xinbu magic matrix, transformation art and enchant weapon. What he needs now is to go back to Baldur's Gate to contact Master Habassah Delin and his mentor, the Archmage Tyrant. In his current state, fighting against a red-robed mage is basically tantamount to death. They are well-known elite education on the mainland. The Hongpao who can get out of school alive are all proficient in all kinds of conspiracy, tricks and traps. When they were still apprentices, they tried to persecute their classmates and murder their mentors as commonplace and worked tirelessly every day.

After figured it out, Henry took out the gems given to him by the Great Master Habassah and activated the above teleportation technique, and then one person and one bear appeared on the third floor of the witchcraft grocery store. Seeing the empty third floor, he breathed a sigh of relief, and his spirit relaxed. When he brought Ares to the second floor, Habathur was preparing for a magic experiment. Seeing Henry walking down, he turned around and stopped what was in his hands. He smiled and said, "Aha! Henry, you are back. I used prophetic spells to do a fortune-telling for you yesterday. The above said that although you will be in danger, But there will also be opportunities. Is this big brown bear your new animal companion?"

"Yes, master, but I have more important things I want to report to you." Speaking of Henry, I told the master of my experience again.

Habassah frowned and asked: "So we might have to deal with a red-robed mage whose level is similar to ours? And you also killed a sorcerer who was able to use seventh-level spells to stop? You are too reckless child."

"Yes, master, I felt that a string in my head suddenly broke. Then I attacked naturally. I'm sorry I couldn't control myself. But I don't regret it." Henry said.

"No, no, no, I didn't mean to criticize you. You have a valid reason to do this to revenge your friends. I mean you should contact me or your teacher first. You know that although you kill the warlock tactics Quite exciting, but another very important premise is that the spirit of this warlock is not too normal. As you said, he likes to collect heads as decorations. This is a Tifflin warlock who has the upper hand of the devil blood. His reason Limitation gives you the opportunity. Otherwise, you won't have a chance." The archmage carefully analyzed the weakness of the enemy and told him not to be so reckless next time.

Henry nodded and said, "Thank you for your teachings, but I think it's better to contact my teacher now. This way, we can take down the base of the red- robed mage together."

Master Habasser smiled and said, "Well, come and grab my clothes." As he said, he began to chant spells. After a while the spell was ready to be completed, and the archmage took Henry directly to the gate of Gaolibao.

The gate of the castle opened directly, and Tyran Tier came out from inside and smiled and said, "Welcome to my house, old friend." As he said, the two old men gave a hug.

Habassah stroked his beard and said, "What I brought today is not good news. Ask your disciple. He went through the whole thing." Henry said the whole thing again.

After listening to Tyrantir, he smiled and said, "Good job, my disciple, although I agree that you are a bit reckless. But you can kill an enemy dozens of times stronger than you at this age. From the whole process You already have the qualities that a wise, calm, and crazy mage should possess. When the incident is over, I will personally teach you for a while and then you can graduate."

"Okay, old friend, don't praise your apprentice anymore. Otherwise, his tail will be up to the sky. Now let us discuss how to deal with this ** mage, you know that the red robe is not easy to deal with." Habasser said. .

Telantir thought for a while and said: "Come to my castle first, first cast prophetic spells and limited wishes to learn about Lother."

Soon Lother's information was found out: a nineteenth-level necromancer, human, aged between sixty and two hundred. Once in Searle, a large number of apprentices were used to conduct experiments and all of them died. Too many upper-levels were offended and forced to flee. He now lives in seclusion in the cave north of the cloak forest and continues his research. The spells that are often used in battle are: Banshee's Howl, Organ Harvesting, Soul Prison, Finger of Death, Magic Weapon Protection, Dissociation, Creation of Undead, Death, Spell Null Enchantment, True Eyes, Spell Null Knot Realm, Spell Shield, Cracking, Stoneskin, Any Door, Contagion, Skeleton Trap, Deafness, Intimidation.

Seeing that this densely packed spell is basically a classic template of a Necromancer that integrates offense and defense, and it can't be beaten ready to run. Henry suddenly felt his scalp numb, but fortunately he was not arrogant and hit the door himself. Otherwise, even the soul might not be able to escape. Looking up, the two archmages started discussing tactics and preparing spells. He stood aside and listened quietly, these are precious experiences that might be used one day in the future. After the discussion, the two archmages left to prepare their own spells, magic props, and scrolls. He also took the brown bear back to his room and ordered a lot of food directly into the food bowl. The recent battle Ares has helped him a lot. It's time to reward him. Later, Taring Freeman sent a message saying that his mentor had given him a good rest and that he would launch a raid on the cave at noon tomorrow. After getting the accurate time, he immediately went to the Butler Golem to purchase some magic scrolls and copy them into the system. Be prepared to rest after spells and gods.

At noon the next day, the two archmages gathered in the hall of Gaolibao with their respective golems. Tyrantir used the power of the mage tower to accurately teleport three people and six golems to the entrance of the cave located in the cloak forest. Habasse said to Henry: "You will follow behind in a while, pay attention to give yourself more protective spells. UU reading, don't rush to the front."

"I understand the master, please rest assured that I will protect myself." Henry promised.

Tylan Tier nodded at them and said: "Let's start the attack! Everything goes according to plan." After finishing speaking, the golems rushed into the cave. A large number of magic traps were activated, and all kinds of fireballs, acid liquids, and poisonous fog exploded in endlessly. But none of these had much effect on the golem. These huge guys stepped on the trap and entered the cave directly.

Habassah said to Tylan Tyre, "Come on, old friend, the decisive battle has begun. I haven't done anything for many years, but now I am very excited."

"Of course my friend, let's have a wonderful spell showdown." As he said, Tyrantil took out his staff and walked in together.

Henry watched the two archmages walk in and hurried to follow. When I entered the cave, I found that there were pterosaur eggs everywhere, and if I went deeper, I could see a dead body covered in scales. Many pterodactyl knights I saw last night were also used as experimental products, and the strong smell of antiseptic liquid filled the place. When I came to the deepest point, I saw that the two archmages were facing a mage with a deep concave and skinny complexion. This should be Lother. It seemed that most people would agree even if he was a lich. The two parties suddenly began to chant spells loudly and kept putting protective spells on themselves. All kinds of magical auras in the cave kept shining for a while, and they didn't stop until the two sides believed that they were temporarily safe.


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