Chapter 29:Broad World

Duel between mages

Henry was amazed to see the protection spells cast by the three archmages. Everyone from ordinary weapon protection to magic weapon protection, from magic shield to spell immunity, there is no gap in the layers. While Lorther confronted the two archmages, he began to chant spells to bless himself with protective spells. The necromancer saw Henry but ignored him. In front of him, two archmages of the same level as him were waiting for him to make a mistake. Now as soon as he attacked Henry, the two masters behind would immediately cast various powerful spells to remove the protection from him. Henry blessed himself with stone skin art, death barrier, freedom art, protection against negative damage, storm shield, resistance to cold and flame, protection from evil, and ineffective enchantment of secondary spells in this strange form. Losser was a bit stunned at Henry's calmness and calmness.

After setting up the protective spell, Henry did something that surprised him even more. He actually started to attack. A lightning spell hit the necromancer and the protective magic flashed on his body was cancelled out by the aura, and then a dispelling magic stripped off Lorther's "wall shield (a seven-level spell protects the wizard from most physical attacks)." The Necromancer found that he could no longer be passively beaten, otherwise the boy in front of him would strip off his protection layer by layer. He quickly cast a mirror image technique, and eight Lothers appeared around at the same time, and then they began to chant a spell loudly. When Tyrantil and Habassah saw them, they immediately began to chant spells, and within a short while, the spells of the three archmages were completed at the same time. What Tyrantil released was a real gaze, which could eliminate all the illusions around him. The eight necromancers immediately showed the original shape and only one remained, and Habasser then a ruby ​​reversal light to offset Lother's spell reversal. Lother released a ninth-level wishing spell. He shouted: "I hope all their protection spells disappear." Following a wave of magic, all the protection spells on Henry and the other two masters disappeared. The necromancer's wish was successful.

"Damn it! All the golems are attacking!" Tyran Tier cursed and mobilized all the golems to step forward and interfere. The Necromancer still had some protection, so he ignored the golem beating the magic position around him but chose to continue casting the spell. Henry quickly set an anti-death enchantment for his teacher, and immediately followed Lorther's spell to complete. He pointed to Tyrantyr, "Organ harvesting (a random organ harvested by a 8th-level spell)." Henry Zhi saw his teacher's face turned pale, and then he was blocked by the anti-death barrier (a short-term resistance to death attack). Down. It seems that the heart is taken this time. The spells chanted by Habatser were also cast. Spell activation (eighth-level spell casts three spells below level six at a time), deciphering (special protection for the fifth-level spell target) X3, Lorther's protection spell finally Stripped naked.

Lother saw that the situation was not good and immediately began to chant spells and prepare to use the portal to run away. Henry directly used a dimensional anchor scroll to close the space. After the Necromancer cast the spell, he found that he could not leave at all. He turned his head and said to Henry: "We don't seem to have any unsolvable hatred, right? Tell me what do you want?"

Henry looked at him and shook his head and refused: "I just want you to go to hell, Mr. Losser, where are your warlock servants already waiting for you."

"Do you want to kill me? Why? Did that ** Tieflin do anything to offend you?" the Necromancer asked.

Henry replied blankly: "He killed my friend, holding her head in front of me to show off his collection. I killed him in the most cruel way and solved all the wings. Dragons and their knights."

Lother yelled angrily: "I knew it! I knew it! That * little devil * will make a big deal sooner or later! Gentlemen, I apologize for what my servants did. I can compensate, gold coins, magic scrolls , Books, materials, gems, I can give you whatever you want."

Tai Lan Tier smiled and shook his head and said, "You mages in red robe, you will never understand what friendship, affection and love are. You will always only have rights, conspiracies, tricks and tricks."

"Don't talk nonsense with him, let's solve him now!" Habasser looked at the red robe mage with disgust and said.

Lother distorted his entire face because of his anger. He shouted: "Okay! If you want my life, then come! I want you to see the final anger of the Red- robed Mage!" Then he stood up. He took out a scroll and released it. A harsh cry came over, and "Howl of the Banshee" Henry vomited a big mouthful of blood and lay on the ground. The necklace on Bahasa's neck suddenly shattered, and then he vomited a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground. Tyrantil was rescued by the death-prevention enchantment again. He saw the other two fell to the ground and directly activated the death finger on the staff. The necromancer's ears, nose, and mouth began to shed a lot of blood and knelt on the ground. He was hit by this spell and didn't die but was severely injured. This is Henry struggling to get up, drew out the scimitar and said to Losser: "Mr. Losser, I should send you to see your servant now." After that, he cut off his head with a knife.

Tylan Tier saw that the enemy was dead and turned around and hurried to see his old friend. He saw that although Habasser was unconscious, his life was not in danger. Henry cast himself a cure for a serious injury and walked to his instructor and said: "Let me come, teacher, I also have a magical technique for treating fatal injuries." Tyrante nodded and got up and walked away. After casting the spell, Habatser slowly opened his eyes. He looked at Lotherd’s body, then at his necklace and said, “Hey! It seems that my amulet saved my life. This is what I used to be. A souvenir left during an adventure. Now it saved me once and left me."

Tylan Tier smiled and said, "Okay, old man, now is not the time for memories and sadness. Now that you talk about adventure, according to the rules, we should now start looking at the loot."

Habasser laughed when he heard this and said, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Go to the corpse and see our trophies."

After a lot of searching, the two things they found were gathered together, and the archmage decided to start distributing the spoils on the spot. The first is the necromancer's robe worn by the necromancer. The additional stance ability above protects against a certain degree of physical attack. The wearer stays in the field to protect against negative damage and free movement, and it can resist the cold. After discussion, the two archmages felt that this thing was not suitable for them so they threw it directly to Henry. The second piece is a red robe wizard's ring, which can increase the casting speed and protect the fire well. This one was assigned to Habasse. The third thing is that the Necromancer's magic book is made of white dragon skin as a whole, in addition to recording a large number of spells, it can resist the cold. You must know that all the wizards in this world except Henry need to have spell books. After breaking the upper lock, the two masters felt that the mage recorded above was not suitable for them, and completely destroyed the upper magic lock and threw it to Henry for his own research. Finally, there are about 300,000 gold coins in the dimensional bag, 5,000 gems of various colors, a large number of rare minerals, some spell-casting materials and alchemy materials. Divide these things into four points, and Tyrante, who hadn't asked for anything just now, took two, and Henry and Habassah divided the other two equally. The two masters naturally dismissed the last empty dimensional bag and made Henry cheaper.

After distributing the trophies, Tyrantir said to his students: "Now, I am going back to Gaolibao. You can follow my old friend to study for a while. He has a good knowledge of alchemy materials." After he activated the portal, he left with three golems. Suddenly Henry remembered that Ares was still in the High Fort. He turned to the Archmage Habassah and said, "Master, my animal companion is still in the teacher's castle. Can you help me bring it back?" The old man listened. After that, he laughed and said: "Don't worry about the child, the power of the mage tower can easily teleport it after returning to my home. Now let's leave." The archmage also opened the portal with the golem and Henry left together.

On the third floor of the witchcraft grocery store, a portal suddenly opened. Henry and the Archmage walked out. The portal quickly closed after the golem came out. The Archmage came to the console, and simply contacted Gaolibao with magic techniques to activate another portal. A thief made a brown bear out of his head. After seeing Henry, he quickly walked out~www.mtlnovel .com~ ran to Henry and rubbed his leg gently. The Archmage Habassah closed the portal and turned to him and said, "You must be exhausted from today's battle, so take a good rest. From tomorrow I will officially teach you about materials. At the same time, my private library. It's also like you open it, right in the secret door on the left of the second floor."

Henry leaned slightly and said, "Master of compliance, but I want to get back the dragon blood first. You know that I have an agreement with Ramesses."

"Well, then you do your thing first. You can bring the little warlock girl with me in class tomorrow, and I can use a ceremony to help her activate her bloodline." The archmage said to Henry.

"I'll thank you like you on her behalf, then I'll leave first." After speaking, he left the witchcraft grocery store.

Ten minutes later, Henry came to the mage tower of Ramesses, explained his intentions to the gate, and then came to the top floor. Ramesses was doing a jelly monster transformation experiment. He saw Henry come up and put down the experimental materials and asked: "How about? Has the pterosaur body I want brought back?" Henry took out a dimensional bag and poured it out directly. With a huge corpse, the whole room felt a lot crowded in an instant. Ramesses immediately rushed over to examine the corpse carefully, and said, "What a perfect experimental material! There is no wound on the whole body, and the fracture of the tibia is the cause of death. This is dragon blood." He threw it over. A red test tube. Henry simply identified and found that it was genuine and said to Ramesses: "Then a happy transaction, goodbye Mr. Ramesses."


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