Chapter 30:Broad World

Rogue training and smuggling merchants

Henry did not go back to the Elf Song Inn directly after leaving Ramesses’s Mage Tower. After leaving for so many days, he wanted to check Robert’s training progress first. I went to the thieves’ guild and found that there was no trace of Alatus. At this time, a thief walked over and said to him, “Are you looking for a head? He has been training a rookie in the basement recently. I have to say that the little guy is really real. Poor, every day I was tortured and screamed." Henry smiled and said to the thief after hearing it, "Thank you, this is the best news I have heard." After speaking, he went straight to the basement.

Robert has no idea how long he has stayed here, and the dim light can't tell whether it is day or night. Since the master sent him to the guild, he has been eating in the basement and living in the basement. That * goatee is his teacher. From the first day he entered here, he said to him: "Boy! From today on, whether you are eating, sleeping, training, or thinking about girls, you must always be vigilant, I will attack you at any time." At the beginning, he I didn't take this sentence seriously, thinking that I had never encountered any dangerous situation when I was fleeing. As a result, ten minutes later, Alatus gave him an unforgettable memory. While training his balance on the single-plank bridge, a steel spike with the thickness of a finger suddenly pierced his anus. Alatus was very careful not to hurt any muscles, and directly sent the special substance smeared on the steel spikes into his large intestine. It is a spice produced in a desert oasis, which can produce a strong and stimulating taste and is very popular among the nobles. He fell directly from the log, and his entire back was pierced by a short spike on the ground. The feeling at that time really wanted to die right away, the * goatee even slightly waved the small steel thorn at him. In the days that followed, the knowledge of the thieves was instilled in their heads. According to Alatus, the most important thing as a thief is to remember them physically. Then there are hell-like training, avoiding flying knives, walking a tightrope, unlocking, stealing things from him without being discovered by the teacher, silent footsteps, hiding in shadows, and unplaning. He was now able to walk through the densest trap room in the basement unharmed, and gently steal the purse that Aratus was hanging from his waist without being found. The most important thing is that he is now extremely alert, any moving object larger than the size of a mosquito will be accurately found within 15 meters of him.

Alatus looked at his disciple with excitement, hiding in the darkest corner of the room, eating slowly without making a sound. Robert was the most talented guy he had ever seen. From staggering to avoid traps at the beginning, to now passing through effortlessly. From the first time the vomiting of a corpse was dissected, to the separation of various organs without changing their colors. All of this was done under his training, and he had a hunch that he might train a great thief. While he was feeling emotional, the basement door suddenly opened, and a person walked down the stairs. Robert immediately stared at the light behind the door. What he hopes most now is to go back to the ground and bask in the long-lost sun and take a look at how his sister is doing.

Henry walked in and saw Robert in tight black leather armor, with a dagger and a dagger around his waist. The black hood hides his eyes and looks mysterious and deadly. He smiled and nodded to Alatus and said, "Hello Mr. Alatus, it seems that you have trained my people well."

The leader of the thief saw that Henry shook his head and said: "I regret it now. You don't know how potential he is. I have no doubt that he will become a great thief in the future. Now he is almost only trained. Actually, you can take him away."

"Thank you very much for your training. I will make some magic leather armor in a few days and hope you are interested." Henry said.

Alatus was taken aback: "Magic Leather Armor! Of course, I am very, very interested. If I can, I hope I can buy them all."

Henry smiled and said to him: "My hunting results are pretty good. I have to pour a lot of pterodactyl skins. I will probably make five pieces, one of which will be left to Robert. You can buy the others. In addition, I hope Now go to your special material warehouse and buy some necessary raw materials by the way."

"Of course there is no problem. Our channels are open to you at any time. I will introduce Liz to you later. She is our best valuables smuggler." The thief leader was very excited when he heard that there were four items available.

Henry beckoned to Robert and said, "Robert, follow me." The teenager in the corner immediately stood up, stepped on the shadow with a special step, and quickly came to Henry's side and stood silently.

"Now I'll take you to see Liz, come with me." Saying Aratus, he walked out of the basement. Henry turned around to follow, and Robert the Thief followed silently at the end. Entering the guild hall, the thief leader came to a wall and knocked gently with his hands four times. A secret door opened and a beautiful woman with black hair walked out and said to him: "Head! You brought the client here?" Alat Si nodded and said, "Yes, Liz, but you have to put away those fakes. The mage behind me is a big gold mine, I don't want to offend him." After that, he took everyone away. Go in.

After entering the room, Liz smiled at Henry and said: "Hello! Handsome Mr. Goldmine. Welcome to my warehouse. Please choose whatever you like." After she said she opened several boxes on the ground and placed them neatly. Some rare ores, plants and other things that are not normally seen on the market. Henry squatted down and began to discern each material carefully.

Alatus said to the people in the room: "I have brought people there, and you talk about the others slowly. Liz! Remember to give commission to the guild." Then he turned around and left.

"Damn it is commission again, these vampires who deserve to go to hell." The black-haired beauty lowered her head and cursed.

After careful selection, Henry found the materials he needed. Six hundred pounds of mythril ore, a small piece of fine gold, the fangs of a giant black spider, a shadow leopard skin, and a large piece of iron wood. In the end, he chose a base that said it was the dragon's healthy muscles, but according to his experience, it should be a monster with the dragon blood. After the selection, he said to Liz: "Okay, let's just calculate the number of gold coins."

The black-haired beauty looked at the selected items and said, "Forty-three thousand gold coins. If you pay with magic items or scrolls, you can get a 20% discount."

Henry nodded and said, "Miss, you can really do business. But I don't have magic items to sell for the time being. Please clear out a place. I will pour out the gold coins." As he said, he took out a dimension bag.

"Oh! My God! You won't just pour out so many gold coins, don't you have gold tickets and gems?" Liz asked in surprise, covering his mouth with his hand.

"Of course, don't you know that wizards like to hide gold coins in their own vaults or carry them with them." He smiled and said to the woman.

Liz wrinkled his nose and said: "You are the first mage I directly contacted, and the rest are dealt with by the guild middleman. You know that most mages rarely go out and they are busy with their own experiments. That's right for you. Are dimensional bags sold?"

Henry thought for a while, he now has three dimension bags, two of which are made by the trophy necromancer. He is dead now, so no one should know the demiplane connecting these two space pockets. The other is that I always make it myself. He decided to sell the last one. After the decision, he said to Liz: "You, as a smuggler, don't even have a space bag, which surprised me. What do you usually rely on to avoid the guards?"

Liz smiled charmingly at him and said, "You see, you see, as long as I hook my fingers and let those ** guards take advantage of them, they will let me pass. I'll buy it with twenty thousand gold coins. Put down your dimensional bag, and you can enjoy a special service for the night." As she leaned over and rubbed his arm gently with her chest, Henry frowned immediately. He always hated slutty women.

Suddenly a dagger was placed on her neck, and Liz immediately raised his hands and said, "Hey! Don't be nervous, buddy. I'm not malicious."

After getting a signal from the master, Robert inserted the dagger and turned back to the shadow as the boss. "Your entourage is so scary." She touched her neck and said to Henry. UU reading www. Henry nodded and said: "He just came out of the basement and was a little nervous after being practiced by Alatus for a long time. I agree to trade a dimensional bag with you and use it to offset 20,000 gold coins." He emptied the contents of the dimension bag that the teacher gave him, leaving only 23,000 gold coins and handed it to the smuggler.

After checking carefully, Liz nodded and said: "It's just right! Happy transaction. I can greet me in advance if I need anything in the future. I can do everything with this."

"Happy transaction, then I will leave first." After speaking, he turned and left with Robert.

Liz shouted behind his back: "Hi, do you really need my special service? It is guaranteed to be a technique you have never experienced before."

Without turning his head, he shook his hand and walked out of the Thieves Union. Walking on the road, he said to Robert: "How's your experience in the thieves' union, how is the training of Alatus?"

Robert suddenly stiffened when he heard the body, and then bit his scalp and said, "Uh, it's generally fine." Then he subconsciously touched his butt.

Henry obviously noticed this movement, and wondered what was going on, could it be that Alatus was a ** guy? Feeling the strange eyes of the master, Robert hurriedly explained his tragic experience. After listening, he smiled and thought that this fellow Aratus was really nasty. But for the sake of his training so attentively, it doesn't matter. Along the way, the two of them talked about the various items of thieves training, and came to the door of the Elf Song Hotel without knowing it.


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