Chapter 660:Choose to be a scumbag in Conan

Chapter 660:

Extraordinary skill, bravery and fearless!

No matter how many times I remembered that picture, Miaozi Sanchi's emotions surged, and the hands holding the steering wheel tightened again.

Miyamoto Yumi didn't notice the abnormality of the Miike seedlings. She started to experiment with the Miike seedlings first, and said: "If I tell you, he is actually a shameless and shameless ** who specializes in dirty things, would you believe it? ?"

"Huh?" Miaozi Miike was taken aback, and the descriptive words Miyamoto Yumi used to Lin Yi were completely incompatible with her.

"You... are you talking about Lin Yi?"

Miike Miaozi began to wonder what she had missed when she was just thinking about it.


Miyamoto Yumi nodded, stared at Miike Naoko, and said, "Can you believe it?"


Miaozi Miike couldn't directly say or don't believe it, so she said tactfully: "What kind of shameless and shame did he do?"

"He forced me X." Miyamoto Yumi said immediately.

Miike Miaozi was taken aback for a moment, and she couldn't help but turned her head to look at Yumi Miyamoto, with a look of astonishment on her face.

Miyamoto Yumi watched the green light in front of her jump red, she said quickly: "Hurry up and step on the brakes!"

Miike Miaozi came back to his senses and hurriedly braked to stop the car quickly.

The two of them rushed forward uncontrollably, and let out a sigh of ouch.

"Miaozi... you look ahead." Yumi Miyamoto touched her company. Fortunately, she didn't hit her. She complained: "If we run the red light, we will be in trouble."

"Hug... sorry."

Miike Miaozi smiled bitterly: "It's not because of what you said, senpai, that caused me to eat..."

Regardless of the pain, Sanchi Miaozi continued to ask: "Senior, is this true what you just said? Lin Jun...really...struck you?"


Miyamoto Yumi said angrily: "I just said it casually, you really take it seriously? He wants to be hard, but he has to ask whether my hands agree? Do you think my judo is for nothing? …"

"That's it."

When Miaozi Michi heard that Senior was joking, she let out a long sigh of relief. She couldn't help but said, "I'll just say, how could Jun Lin be such a person?"

"Huh? How could Jun Lin be such a person?" Miyamoto Yumi immediately caught Miike Miaozi's words, and she immediately stared at her with puzzled eyes: "Why does this sentence sound like a little intimate?"


Miike Miaozi was in a state of guilty conscience. She was frightened by Yumi Miyamoto's words. She quickly explained, "Because, I don't think Lin Yi looks like someone who can do that kind of thing... This senior, your boss--"

At this point, Sanchi Miaozi quickly closed her mouth.

However, it was too late. Miyamoto Yumi already knew what Miike Naoko was about to say, and she hummed, "You mean I'm old, he doesn't like me, right?"

"I don't mean it..." Sanchi Miaozi smiled wryly, she secretly pumped her mouth in her heart, annoyed that she had accidentally said what she was saying?

"Your predecessor, my charm is so great. A pure little boy like Lin Yi, am I not able to catch it?" Miyamoto Yumi said humbly.

"Yes, yes... I think it's like this, too." Miaozi Sanchi quickly perfunctorily.

Miyamoto Yumi also heard Miike Naoko's perfunctory tone, but she can't just tell her what happened last night just to get a sigh of relief, right?


Miyamoto Yumi looked out the window and sighed, becoming more and more worried.

Through the trial of Sanchi Miaozi, it can be said that her confidence was frustrated.

The other party didn't believe that Lin Yi would do such a thing at all, let alone she had no evidence yet.

Even if Miwako has a good relationship with herself, she may not believe it after telling her.

However, for this, she also knew that it was impossible.

For example, Fang Meihezi suddenly ran over and said to herself that her ex- boyfriend was as good as her...I would definitely not believe it, but thought that Meihezi was joking with herself.


Just as Miyamoto Yumi was still having a headache about betting, Lin Yi had already bought some special cold medicines and snacks at this time, and went to Mihua Building 1208 again.

He pressed the doorbell of Yoshida's house again.

After a while, there was a sound of footsteps in the house: "Who?"

Lin Yi smiled: "Mrs. Yoshida, it's me. Let me take a look at Bumi."

Mime private 547

Yoshida's home.

Mrs. Yoshida invited Lin Yi to come in and sit down in the living room.

As soon as she poured tea to Lin Yi, she was full of surprises that could not hide her face: "Lin Jun, I will trouble you to come over. However, Bumei, she went to school today, and let you go for nothing."

"No, Bumei gets better so quickly, I'm not happy too."

Lin Yi handed the gift to Mrs. Yoshida: "This is a little care, please feel welcome."


Mrs. Yoshida accepted the gift, put it aside, and said, "Sit down first, and I will come out after changing my clothes."

After that, she hurriedly went back to the bedroom and dressed herself up.

Lin Yi was sipping tea and looked at the back of her entering the room, with a high degree of confidence in his heart.

While Mrs. Yoshida was away, Lin Yi began to subconsciously look around.

He looked at the trash can. The trash cans in the living room and the kitchen trash cans are full, and there are quite a few paper towels in this trash can in the living room.

Lin Yi went to the living room to take a look again. Nearly half of the trash cans were leftovers and leftovers.

He raised the corner of his mouth, and he had a general idea in his heart.

After returning to the living room, Lin Yi drank a cup of tea and waited patiently for the fish to come out.

More than ten minutes later, Mrs. Yoshida came out of the bedroom, changed her home clothes to casual clothes, and got a ponytail.

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