Chapter 661:Choose to be a scumbag in Conan

Chapter 661:

The face value of the whole person has risen steadily. If she was dressed up in home clothes for 83 points just now, she has now reached the level of 91 points.

He directly killed the idol who was born in the women's team like Kaoru Bidra.

Especially the skin is quite good.

But think about it carefully. Being a housewife doesn’t have too much pressure and trouble, and you can go to bed early and get up early. The quality of sleep is guaranteed, and it’s strange that you can have bad skin.

"Sorry to keep you waiting."

Mrs. Yoshida sat down in front of Lin Yi apologetically.

"It's been a while... but seeing Mrs. Yoshida's carefully dressed up look, I think it won't hurt to wait a little longer."

Lin Yi smiled slightly, and then started blowing rainbow farts again.

"No, just dressed up casually..."

Mrs. Yoshida said humbly, please don't want it.

"It's so good to dress up casually. If there is a special makeup artist to dress you up...that's it?"

Lin Yi rainbow fart finished talking one after another.

Mrs. Yoshida was exaggerated, too happy.

After chatting for more than ten minutes, Lin Yi made the atmosphere almost full.

He suddenly asked, "Mrs. Yoshida, have you quarreled with your husband?"

Mrs. Yoshida, who was originally very happy, gradually disappeared from the smile on her face. She nodded first, and then asked with some doubts: "How did you know? Could it be...I was so obvious?"

Lin Yi said, "No, Mrs. Yoshida, your performance is very natural. I can't see what's wrong. I am a detective's assistant. I am used to observing the surroundings and then drawing conclusions."

"The trash bins in the living room and kitchen are full... Now the time to take out the * in the morning has passed, which shows that Mrs. Yoshida got up late today. I couldn't keep up with the time for taking out the * in the morning."

"Secondly, there are a lot of paper towels in the trash can in the living room. This amount is not so much. Generally speaking, you can't use so many paper towels. Only when you wipe your tears will you use so many paper towels..."

"Next is the trash can in the kitchen. There are a lot of leftovers and leftovers... These leftovers are enough for another meal."

"Combining these points, I guess Mrs. Yoshida you quarreled with your husband yesterday."

"Hey... you deserve to be a Maori detective's assistant, it's really amazing."

Mrs. Yoshida sighed, and then smiled bitterly: "Last night, I had a quarrel with my husband because of Ayumi's affairs...sorry, I made you laugh."


Lin Yi pretended to think, he thought for a while, and said, "Can I take a pen and paper and use it?"

"Well, of course, you can wait a moment."

Mrs. Yoshida got up to find pens and papers, and quickly took these two things back and placed them in front of Lin Yi.

Lin Yi picked up a pen, wrote an address on the paper, and then said: "If you are in a bad mood, go outside for some activities and transfer your transfer Li.

"This is a yoga shop. I helped the instructor in this yoga studio solve some problems. Mrs. Yoshida, as long as you report my name, you can receive training for free."

When Mrs. Yoshida heard this, she immediately said, "Ah... so, thank you, Jun Lin."

"You're welcome... It's just a matter of raising your hand."

Lin Yi put down the pen, and then he said, "I have to go there this afternoon, but there are still some things to do before then. If I deny it, I can go with you."

"Mrs. Yoshida, if you feel embarrassed, you can go there after two o'clock. I should have been there by then."

"Well, thank you so much, I will be there this afternoon."

Mrs. Yoshida nodded and happily agreed.

"'s too early. I have something to deal with, so I'll leave first."

Lin Yi took the initiative to say goodbye, without the slightest nostalgia.

"Well, go slowly."

Mrs. Yoshida sent Lin Yi away.

Lin Yi didn't stay at Yoshida's house for too long, because it was not the real home game, the yoga room was.

In addition, at home, there are too many familiar things and too many memories of her, these factors will bring her a sense of security and warning of derailment.

Lead her out of the house and go to an unfamiliar place. Nothing will hinder her. This is the right choice.

Lin Yi came to the yoga room ahead of time, recounted the past with the female yoga instructor, and then followed her to practice a few new movements.

With his agility and enthusiasm, he successfully defeated the female yoga instructor.

The female yoga instructor refused to admit defeat, and she performed a few more difficult moves, but they were all resolved by Lin Yi one by one.

After a set of movements, Lin Yi didn't feel tired much, but the female yoga instructor was too tired.

Lin Yi directly enrolled her in the afternoon course and asked other students to find another time to come.

Mime private 548

At two o'clock in the afternoon, Mrs. Yoshida appeared as scheduled.

As soon as she entered the yoga classroom, she saw that Lin Yi was learning yoga with the coach.

With an acquaintance like Lin Yi, it would be much more convenient for many things, she thought to herself secretly.

"That... Excuse me," Mrs. Yoshida said aloud.

Lin Yi, who was "seriously studying" yoga, and the yoga instructor looked back at Mrs. Yoshida.

"Miss Yoshida, you are here."

Lin Yi immediately stopped training, and he waved to Mrs. Yoshida to come over.

Not only that, he also secretly changed his name to Mrs. Yoshida.

"Coach Lishan, this is my friend." Lin Yi said to the female yoga instructor: "She was in a bad mood, so I asked her to come to practice yoga."

"Hello, my name is Yoshida Juri."

"When we first met, I was the yoga instructor Lishan Yuezi."

After the two greeted them a little bit, the coach Satoyama said: "Let's put things down, let's start. Yoga is very simple! Even people without any foundation can easily learn it!"

"Really? That's great. Please wait a moment."

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