Chapter 662:Choose to be a scumbag in Conan

Chapter 662:

After Mrs. Yoshida heard it, she ran to put down her bag.

Lishan Yuezi said to Lin Yi, "This is your goal? You have a good vision."

"Of course." Lin Yi smiled happily: "My vision is always good."

The two talked briefly, and when Mrs. Yoshida came back, they stopped communicating.

"Well, let's learn from the simplest..."

Coach Satoyama was unambiguous at all and immediately entered the teaching mode.

This teaching is half an hour.

After half an hour, coach Satoyama's cell phone rang suddenly.

"Excuse me."

Coach Satoyama suspended the teaching apologetically and ran to answer the phone... But in fact it was not a phone call at all, but an alarm clock set in advance!

"Yes...Yes...I see."

After pretending to say a few words, Lishan Yuezi walked over again. She looked at Mrs. Yoshida apologetically, and said, "I'm sorry, Miss Yoshida... I have to deal with it in a hurry. If I teach, I will leave it to you. Lin Yi, do you think it’s okay? Don’t worry, he has mastered the basic movements of yoga and there is no problem."

"This...this way, then...there is no way."

When Mrs. Yoshida heard that the coach had something to leave, she asked Lin Yi to teach, but she didn't say anything. After all, she was in a class and didn't pay any money. Where did so many opinions come from?

"Lin Yi, Miss Yoshida will trouble you."

After Lishan Yuezi confessed, he went back to the locker room to pack up his things and left.

Lin Yi looked at Mrs. Yoshida, with a smile full of other deep meanings: "Miss Yoshida, let's... let's start."

"Yes, it is."

Mrs. Yoshida was embarrassed by Lin Yi's stare. Under the light of a hundred charms, she couldn't hold herself at all, and her little heart couldn't help but plop.

Lin Yi, who is ill-intentioned, naturally cannot become a qualified coach.

Teach it, wiping oil is the most basic.

"Your movements are wrong, raise your legs a little bit higher... I will help you."

"No, the legs are raised too high, so I should come down a little bit."

"Your hand, don't bend it, be straighter."

"The waist, straighten up a little bit..."

"Look, your waist is bent again... I will support you behind."

"Your expression is not right..."


Lin Yi shouted, looking for a reason to wipe her oil.

At the back, Mrs. Yoshida had already guessed Lin Yi's mind, but she didn't say anything wrong, she deliberately pretended to be stupid and said, "Is it so?" "It's still like this?" "It's too can help me."

At this time, she suddenly recalled her love that had passed away, the feeling of heart-stirring when she was young.

Lin Yi has already noticed that Mrs. Yoshida has now entered a mode where she is at her mercy.

He thought he would have to spend another two days of work, but he didn't expect that in just one afternoon, the other party would have fallen!

Alas, I still underestimated my own charm.

Of course, this is also because her current mood is at a low point for a reason.

Under the combination of the two, the other side directly gave birth to a different mind.

Now that the matter was settled, Lin Yi would naturally not be polite.

"Come on, next I will teach you the word horse..."

Lin Yi grabbed Mrs. Yoshida's back and said, "Just in case, I will support you behind your back, lest you accidentally slip your foot and strain your leg."

Lin Yi is now in foreplay.

Begin to charge the weapon, and start a tentative attack where Mrs. Yoshida has no handle.

After a few minutes of pulling one word, Lin Yi said: "Mrs. Yoshida, I don't think your legs are fully stretched yet..."

With that, Lin Yi let go of Mrs. Yoshida, took the yoga mat, laid it out, and said, "You lie down, I will stretch for you."

"This...this...this is no longer necessary, right?"

Mrs. Yoshida's small heart thumped and thumped, and she herself knew exactly what would happen if she lay down.

"Why not? It must be used."

Lin Yi grabbed Mrs. Yoshida’s hand directly, asked her to lie down obediently, and adjusted her body posture, and then said: “You don’t exercise often, so stretching will be a little difficult for you... If it hurts too much, just tell me directly, and I will control the intensity."

As he said, Lin Yi picked up one of Mrs. Yoshida's feet and kept it even on his shoulder. Lin Yi slowly pushed forward, pressing her leg against her shoulder.

" hurts a bit, stop now."

Mrs. Yoshida felt pain in her leg, so she hurriedly called to stop.

Lin Yi stopped immediately. If he pulls his head too far, it will cause a strain. He pointed to Mrs. Yoshida, who was less than ten centimeters apart, and praised: "Mrs. Yoshida, your body is very flexible... You can stretch to this point when you do exercise, it's really amazing."

"Yes...Is it? Thank you for the compliment."

Mrs. Yoshida looked at the people close to Lin Yi and couldn't bear it, so she hurriedly covered her face with her hands: "Woo...I am a little embarrassed to be praised like this by you."

"Nothing to be embarrassed..."

Lin Yi loosened her leg, picked up the other one, and said, "Come on, let's change the other leg... Just like before, if it hurts, you can just shout."


Mrs. Yoshida felt that she had been hit where she hadn't done, and she pressed her face tighter.

Mime private 549

The unforgettable yoga exercise is over.

Because Mrs. Yoshida was doing yoga for the first time, and her body was not too good, she was sweating.

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