Chapter 663:Choose to be a scumbag in Conan

Chapter 663:

Fortunately, when she came, she brought spare clothes.

When Mrs. Yoshida went home, although she was exhausted by practicing yoga, she was in a very good mood.

Only when Mr. Yoshida saw that Mrs. Yoshida was in a good mood, he was in a bad mood, because at noon, he ate bread and milk instead of lunch, so that his colleagues in the company laughed fiercely. Make him very embarrassed.

So he chose to pour this shame on Mrs. Yoshida.

Unexpectedly, it was another big quarrel.


After Yumi Miyamoto opened the door and went home, she stopped when she entered the living room.

Because Lin Yi was sitting on the sofa.

Miyamoto Yumi frowned: "Why haven't you left?"


After listening, Lin Yi smiled and said, "Because I'm still waiting for your answer..."

"Wait from morning to can really be free."

Yumi Miyamoto snorted, with a bad tone, but outsiders don't know what he thinks inside.

Lin Yi got up from the sofa and walked to Miyamoto Yumi, watching her holding the ingredients, naturally taking the ingredients from her hand.

"I am a person, nothing, just a lot of time..."

Lin Yi just wanted to take the ingredients from Miyamoto Yumi's hand, but she avoided it. Lin Yi was not discouraged. He stretched out his hand and grabbed it. Then he caught it, and he grabbed it easily.

"What do you want to do?"

Miyamoto Yumi asked with a stern face and asked in a bad tone.

Lin Yi threw the ingredients on the sofa, then turned around and thumped her up, saying, "I waited for Mikako Sato's call and waited all day, but I couldn't wait for a message."

"That means... she didn't believe you, our bet... you lost."

Seeing Lin Yi's approaching face, Miyamoto Yumi retreated subconsciously. She turned her face away and said, "I didn't tell Mikako... She didn't believe me... Our gambling agreement hasn't started yet, where am I? Come lose?"

"You didn't tell Mikako Sato, it's your business..."

Lin Yi picked Miyamoto Yumi's face and said softly, "I don't care..."

"What do you want to do?"

Miyamoto Yumi stared at Lin Yi and said in a bad tone.

"What do I want to do? Don't you know?" Lin Yi said with a smile.

"Go away!"

Miyamoto Yumi reached out and tried to push Lin Yi away. But Lin Yi was like a copper wall and an iron wall, and she couldn't shake it at all.

She was the same as yesterday. After struggling for a while, she knew that she had consumed all her strength, and then she became Lin Yi's prisoner of war unwillingly.

As the winner, Lin Yi naturally gave Miyamoto Yumi a physical punishment, punishing her to stand against the wall and not be able to move anyway.

As for Lin Yi, on a whim, he wanted to play magic throwing knives.

It is the kind of trick that magicians often play. Let the assistant stand on the target and blindfold his eyes, while the magician is blindfolded and throws a flying knife at the target. The darts can always avoid just the right amount. Opening the assistant, Kancan fell beside her.

It is a pity that Lin Yi currently lacks props, no blindfold to cover his eyes, and no throwing knife that can be removed from his hand, only a close- fitting knife.

However, he will be there, using this close-fitting knife to practice on Miyamoto Yumi's body.

Unfortunately, his skill is not good, and his head is not very good. He can only repeat the same position in X, causing Miyamoto Yumi's painful screams. In the end, he couldn't stand it and fainted.

Lin Yi was a persistent person. She wanted to practice magic flying knives, and no one could stop her, so he continued to throw the flying knives regardless of whether Miyamoto Yumi passed out or not.

After throwing it for an hour, he felt a little bored, and only then did he intend to make Miyamoto Yumi a living target.

Before Yumi Miyamoto had time to catch a breath, Lin Yi planned to practice the next magic show again and become alive.

Can turn two people into one.

The difficulty of this magic show is not high. Lin Yi finds an air-conditioned blanket and covers the two of them, and they immediately become one person. Lin Yi feels that the difficulty of this magic show is not for two people. Become a person.

But you have to find someone who can practice magic with you.

After an hour of life change, Lin Yi felt a little tired of this magic show again.

He plans to practice other magic performance projects.

However, as a practice, Yumi Miyamoto couldn't stand it anymore. She hurriedly said, "Wait...wait...stop for a moment."

"What's the matter?" Lin Yi asked.

"I...I'm so hungry, can I take a break?"

Miyamoto Yumi pleaded: "I have been busy for a day today and dealt with several traffic accidents in the afternoon... I was starved to death. Let me have something to eat."

Lin Yi thought for a while, nodded and said: "Okay, let you eat first, restore your strength, and let you rest by the way."

When Miyamoto Yumi heard it, she immediately let go of her heart. She wanted to try to stand up, but she was too tired and hungry. Just standing up was a problem.

Lin Yi frowned when she saw it. If Miyamoto Yumi was in this state to cook, she didn't know how long it would take her.

So he said: "You sit and rest, I will give you food below."

"Oh oh."

Miyamoto Yumi nodded, she didn't want to move at all now, he was willing to cook for himself, that was the best.

Seeing Lin Yi just walking to the kitchen, Miyamoto Yumi couldn't help but said, " go without clothes?"

Lin Yi waved his hand and said, "I have seen what clothes I want."

After half an hour, Lin Yi brought a bowl of ramen over.

Yumi Miyamoto was relieved, she quickly sat up, picked up the noodles and ate, she didn't even bother to say thank you to Lin Yi.

Because it was him who caused herself to be like this, she didn't need to say.

After eating this bowl of ramen, Yumi Miyamoto paused and looked at Lin Yi with amazement. She wanted to say "Okay", but when she thought of what this guy did to herself, she couldn't tell at all!

It's just that, he didn't say it, Lin Yi also knew that, after all, his cooking skills were at the level of God of Cooking!

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