Chapter 5209:Divine Cultivation System


What Qin Shaofeng needs now is rapid improvement.

As for the sequelae that the martial artist will have, he doesn't need to worry about the same, and it's okay to ignore Du Xiao's right to speak.

Zuo Qianhen just nodded in agreement, the hope in his eyes was still so strong.

Du Xiao couldn't help but smile bitterly.

"That's it, that's it."

Du smiled and said: "I help you to improve your soul level, the consumption is not small, you can't do nothing, just the reward for me to help Zuo Leng's recovery, is your Yunwu City's Yunwu Movement Technique a chance to practice, you Yunwu City The eldest lady will be responsible for guiding me from now on."

"No problem, even my brother is about to start practicing."

Zuo Qianhen had no intention of rejecting it.

The Cloud Mist Movement Technique created by Zuo Wuhen, the lord of Cloud Mist City?

When Qin Shaofeng heard them talking about this, his heart moved.

His natal martial skills are indeed tyrannical and unusual.

But it was based on everything he knew at the beginning. Naturally, there are a lot of shortcomings in comprehensiveness, just like the weird movement method with the Tianxing Dynasty.

The ancestor of the Tianxing Dynasty, I don't know how many years he has survived.

Zuo Wuhen, the lord of Cloud Mist City, is still alive now. The Cloud Mist Movement Technique he created should also be very remarkable. If he can cultivate it, it will obviously improve his combat power a lot.

Thinking of him, he couldn't help but think of something else.

Like his body of death.

When Revolver left, he gave him the complete body of death to cultivate.

Since this time.

Either he was constantly fighting in various places, or he didn't really practice the body of death because of his life martial skills, or because of the reason he was disarmed.

It has begun to feel faintly, and the body of death seems to be nothing more than that.

But is this really the case?

He didn't know, but he had nothing to do anyway, and he seemed to be able to try training while no one was paying attention.

Anyway, there are enough things to cultivate, and it is not a bad thing for yourself.

Du Xiao was busy for a long time.

Zuo Qianhen took the initiative to pull them to start practicing.

Cloud Mist.

This is a kind of existence that is close to a secret law. Once it is applied, it is like a phoenix cloud, and its behavior is strange, as if it is really like the wind and clouds.

However, this kind of situation is still a combination of the martial arts cultivation of the person who displays it, the power amplifier and the integrated defense method.

Qin Shaofeng just got to know it once, and his heart is full of surprises.

But when he was cultivating, he still didn't dare to speed up his cultivation so much that the two women were still teaching him more often.

Years go by in a hurry.

In the blink of an eye, another month has passed.

When Qin Shaofeng was almost used to the life of the young city master in Yunwu City, he realized that Zuo Wuhen and Shen Dao seemed to be farther away from here. Although he also checked with his divine sense from time to time, they were already very few.

"My soul should have two or three more times before I can make the final breakthrough. Should I wait for my soul to break through, what should I do?" Qin Shaofeng thought silently.

Finally decided to give up.

Leaving aside other things for the time being, it is not so easy to get out of the defensive barrier outside the Cloud Palace.

Through the actions of Zuo Wuhen and others during this period.

He can also see that Zuo Wuhen must be frantically searching for him in the entire Yunwu City Continent now, and once he goes out, it will really become a self-inflicted trap.

Now that it is certain that Zuo Wuhen has paid very little attention to him.

this day.

Zuo Qianhen said that her cultivation was about to break through, and she needed to temporarily retreat for two days. When she just left, Qin Shaofeng locked herself in the room.

Now is almost an opportunity.

Just hope, the body of death doesn't disappoint me too much.

Qin Shaofeng thought so in his heart, but he didn't really have much hope. After all, Zuo Wuhen was not a warrior in the starry sky. He once died once in the Cangming world. The exercises he cultivated may not really be effective. .

He chose to cultivate at this moment, really trying to make it happen.

After all, his body of death was cultivated with that rare self.

At least after he entered the starry sky world, he rarely saw the appearance of the self, maybe it could have a miraculous effect.

Think about it.

A clone identical to him came out of his body.

One step out, no breath appeared.

"The realm of cultivation is the same as mine. Maybe after perfecting the body of death, there will be some miraculous effects." Qin Shaofeng thought in his heart, and handed the body of death what Zuo Samsara once gave.

The body of death swallowed it without thinking about it.

Immediately, the two of them ran the power of the source together.

"Refining, fusion!"

Qin Shaofeng snorted lowly and began to help the body of death begin to be completely perfected.

Time passed little by little.

It was two hours in the blink of an eye, and the sky had gradually dimmed.

At this time in the past, Zuo Qianhen would pull Du Xiao to find him for dinner.

Although Zuo Qianhen had already retreated, he was equally nervous.

And the body of death opposite him has truly entered the stage of complete fusion.

"The next improvement is up to you. If that's the case, then you should go to the ghost house first!" Qin Shaofeng was in such a dangerous place after all. After thinking about it, he made a decision.

With a wave of his hand, he was sent into the ghost house.

During this period of time, he had been in Yunwu City unrestrainedly. Every day, he was dressed in fine clothes and jade, and he took a bath in a large bath with a length and width of tens of meters. There were also two maids who served and bathed in person, and even more beautiful women in the evening.

Even if you can't do anything, you should try your best to avoid some kind of reaction that can't happen.

But it is suffering for everyone in the ghost house.

Yan Su can learn about the outside situation from time to time through the gap left by Qin Shaofeng, but she will not tell others.

Xian Xiaoying has long been used to it.

But the problem is that the four of Xian Wutong can't adapt at all!

This is nearly two months later, Qin Shaofeng not only did not intend to let them out, but he did not even send a message back.

They even suspected more than once that Qin Shaofeng might have died outside.

Ask Xian Xiaoying once.

After getting a big white eye from Xian Xiaoying, they finally understood that this was completely normal, and everyone couldn't help choking.

This kid can really do it!

Recently, they couldn't help but begin to understand why Qin Shaofeng had to prepare so much food in advance.

After nearly two months of consumption, so much food with abundant spiritual energy has bottomed out. It is difficult for them to imagine what the scene will be if it drags on for another two or three months.

"Auntie, you guys have been too lazy recently. Since you have time, you need to practice more. At the very least, you have to raise your cultivation to the realm of sages." .

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