Chapter 5210:Divine Cultivation System

Go to Xiandao Mountain

"System prompt: Congratulations to player Qin Shaofeng's soul promotion, the current eternal level."

Qin Shaofeng listened to the resounding sound of the system, and the whole person was so excited that it was indescribable.

Originally, after learning about the ability of the ancestors of Tianshen, he thought that he had found some way to improve quickly.

Looking at it now, his cultivation methods are not many, but he lacks discovery.

At least this Du Xiao's auxiliary role is like a cheating device for him.

If I could keep her by my side...

Qin Shaofeng just thought about it and stopped thinking about it.

Du Xiao's method is indeed very good.

But the problem is that every time she helps herself improve, the level of auxiliary soul-like heaven and earth treasures that she needs is too high.

I believe that even this cloud city's reserves should not be much.


He has been in Cloud City for more than two months.

Since he became a 'newborn', he has re-acquainted with the people in Yunwu City, at least the three foreign surname families in Yunwu City, and the core members of Yunwu City, he has already re-acquainted with them.

It is the three martial arts of Yunwu City, and he has also cultivated it in a decent way.

Cloud and Mist Body Technique, Cloud and Mist Palm, Cloud and Mist Sword Technique.

These three martial arts were all created by Zuo Wuhen himself. The power of the latter two was nothing to Qin Shaofeng, but it was better than nothing.

The real benefit is that the consumption of such martial skills is not as terrifying as his original martial skills.

He likes the cloud and mist body technique very much.

If it weren't for the fact that this place was not suitable for cultivating other martial arts, he really wanted to compare the cloud and mist movement technique with the movement technique and martial arts he had obtained from the sage of the Heavenly Star Dynasty.

"Brother, sister Xiao said she was leaving."

Qin Shaofeng was looking forward to the time when Yunwu City's treasures of heaven and earth could support him to cultivate his soul to what level, when Zuo Qianhen trotted all the way.

"Got to go?"

During this period of time, Qin Shaofeng has truly entered the IQ of teenage children.

When he opened his mouth, he was about to say something.

Zuo Qianhen continued: "Our Yunwu City's heaven and earth treasures have been almost consumed. She said that even if we continue to stay, there is no way to help us improve our soul level, and it seems that something has happened to Xiandao Mountain. She must not not going back."

"Xiandao Mountain?"

Qin Shaofeng scratched his head.

He couldn't help but start to hate, why didn't he pretend to recover faster.

He has many questions to ask, and many ways to think, but none of them are suitable for his current status.

"I seem to have forgotten to tell my brother."

Zuo Qianhen stuck out her tongue and said, "Sister Du Xiao is the number one of the younger generation in Xiandao Mountain, and she is gradually grasping the authority of Xiandao Mountain. She originally came here to stay for a few days, but she has been delayed for a long time. already."

"Xiandao Mountain? Is it fun? Let's go play too, shall we?"

After Qin Shaofeng listened to her story, he began to move in succession in his heart.

He really needs to keep an eye on the situation of the two eternal powerhouses.

The problem is that he has been silent for too long.

Leaving Yunwu City will indeed lose his attention to the two eternal powerhouses, but he can use a lot of methods.

The least bit.

The body of death, which has been truly perfected, has been reincarnated into the id.

And it is also the id of the body of death.

Its fighting power is almost on par with him, and the only thing lacking is the display of the pseudo-king pattern and the emperor sword.

But that's quite enough.

Just need a suitable opportunity, he will have a way to get another him in the area of ​​Yunwu City.

There is an existence almost exactly like him.

"Let's go to Cloud City to play too? That doesn't seem right?"

Zuo Qianhen hesitated and said: "Brother, you don't know, we in Yunwu City seem to have provoked a very troublesome person. If we can't find that person first, we will probably encounter that person on the way in the past. s attack."


Qin Shaofeng kept scratching his head with a half-understood look.

Zuo Qianhen was speechless for a while.

She also knew that Zuo Leng had the fastest growth rate now, and it would take a very long time to really return to normal.

After struggling for a while, she said, "So, let me ask my father, if my father agrees, can we go there?"

"it is good."

Qin Shaofeng was very well behaved.

"Don't ask, you can go."

Zuo Wuhen's figure appeared in the room, Zuo Qianhen quickly ran over and hugged Zuo Wuhen's arm.

Qin Shaofeng put on a puzzled expression, looking at Zuo Wuhen in front of him, as if it was hard to say something, but he didn't know how to say it.

After Zuo Wuhen watched Qin Shaofeng's soul completely purified, he no longer had any doubts about him.

Even if he didn't come up directly to call him father.

He didn't care either.

After all, after Qin Shaofeng's consciousness returned to the Qingming state, he and Qin Shaofeng only met once.

At least in his opinion, he was still a stranger in the eyes of his son Zuo Leng.

"Brother, what are you still doing standing there, this is father, why don't you come soon?" Zuo Qianhen was very anxious.

Qin Shaofeng walked over under her drag.

He has already learned about Zuo Leng and Zuo Qianhen's childhood, and he already has a way to deal with it.

It did come to Zuo Wuhen.

He didn't open his mouth, just stared at Zuo Wuhen for a long time, his mouth opened again and again, but finally closed again.

After a long while, Zuo Qianhen was already sweating profusely.

"I don't know why, I don't want to call, and I still feel uncomfortable." Qin Shaofeng spoke slowly.

Zuo Leng has rarely seen Zuo Wuhen since he was born.

He and Zuo Qianhen's cultivation and growth were almost all their own ideas. Although there were special teachers to guide them, they were still like orphans.

Later, the two were attacked, and Zuo Leng disappeared.

From then on, Zuo Wuhen really cheered up and reappeared in the vision of his daughter Zuo Qianhen, even more loving.

But for Zuo Leng, there should have been some hatred for Zuo Wuhen.

"Don't call, don't call, don't rush at this moment."

Zuo Wuhen looked at him, his eyes were full of guilt, he patted Qin Shaofeng on the shoulder, and said, "Our Yunwu City has been in trouble recently, if you want to go out for a walk, just go out for a walk, but it's not like Xiandao. After the mountain, you must never leave the range of Xiandao Mountain."


Qin Shaofeng slowly lowered his head.

Zuo Wuhen sighed deeply, and immediately put a space ring on Qin Shaofeng's finger.

After thinking for a while, he took out another jade pendant and hung it around his waist, and a pendant was hung around his neck, and then he turned and disappeared.

"Brother? Do you still hate your father?"

Seeing this, Zuo Qianhen couldn't stop asking, with a worried look in his eyes, and said, "Father has been very bitter all these years."

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