Chapter 5211:Divine Cultivation System

Star history

"I... I don't know, you said everything, I can't remember."

Qin Shaofeng shook his head, the lonely look on his face suddenly disappeared, and he turned to ask: "Is Xiandao Mountain fun, why doesn't he let us play around?"

"Father is also for your own good. I heard that someone has been secretly attacking us in Yunwu Mountain since 2,000 years. Mother's death and our accident seem to be controlled by a big hand. Father doesn't want to see us in danger. " Zuo Qianhen replied.

"Oh, let's go, let's go play."


Zuo Qianhen took the initiative to arrange it.


When Qin Shaofeng followed her to the warship, he saw that there were more than a dozen people on the warship, mainly young people.

Four young people, six girls.

In addition, there are three old men.

Obviously, this is all the lineup that Yunwu City will go to Xiandao Mountain this time.

"Be careful of that old guy with a volume of books in his hand, he should have reached the eternal realm at a certain period of time." Yan Su's voice sounded from his mind.

"Why a certain time period?"

Qin Shaofeng asked in doubt.

"There are not enough places in the eternal realm. He should reach that realm with someone, and then be forcibly squeezed out, or he will be knocked down to cultivate. I hope it is the former, and the latter will help you to do things. It's hard."

Qin Shaofeng nodded subconsciously.

No matter what level of cultivation the other party is now, as long as they have reached the eternal realm, it is definitely not a simple existence.

And Zuo Wuhen knew that he was very likely to do something, and he still agreed to leave him and Zuo Qianhen, which has proved too many things.

"Young City Lord."

"Qiu Zhan has seen the Young City Lord."

"Brother Zuo Leng, I heard that you had an accident some time ago, are you alright?"

Qin Shaofeng had just set foot on the warship, and the ten young people came together.

Some time ago, Qin Shaofeng had seen them.

But that was in public, and there was no chance for these people to speak.

This trip has obviously become a gathering of young people, and they will naturally not miss this opportunity to befriend the future city owner of Cloud Mist City.

Qin Shaofeng did not remember the names of the ten people, but they could recognize them at a glance. There were three people from each of the three major families outside Yunwu City, one man and two women. The youth was obviously for the top of the family. metaphor.

As for the last young man, Qin Shaofeng remembered that he was the son of a very noble person in Yunwu City.

He couldn't remember the specifics.

At that time, I just met in a hurry, but I saw too many people at once. Even if I have a good memory, it is difficult to recognize them at a glance when I see each other suddenly after half a month.

Of course, the main reason was that he didn't care too much.

After all, Yunwu City is just a passerby to him, and even the object of his revenge, why would he care about so many juniors?

If he really wants to start, he will also move the elders of these young people, those who have truly reached the sage, or even the existence of half- step eternal realm.

"Don't be in a hurry to introduce yourself, my brother can't remember it all at once, and you also have your own tasks this time. When the time comes, whoever can help Sister Xiao to earn face back, just come and make good friends with my brother." Zuo Qian Hen took the initiative to step forward to drive the crowd away.

As Du Xiao boarded the warship, the warship quickly took off.

Slowly moved towards the outside of Yunwu City.

"Help me find opportunities, I want them to think that I was really hiding outside of Yunwu City, and then quietly followed this warship away." Qin Shaofeng ordered in his heart.

the other side.

The old man with the book that Yan Su had told him to be careful with had already taken the initiative to walk over and said, "Young city lord, the city lord asked the old man to give a lecture to the young city lord."

"what class?"

Qin Shaofeng looked over suspiciously.

He was full of jealousy towards this one.

"Everything, if the young city master calms down, then we will start with the origin and development of the entire starry sky," said the old man.

"Okay, okay, I like listening to stories the most. The stories that Qianqian tells are not good."

Qin Shaofeng immediately made a cheerful expression, which attracted the ten young people with expressions of crying and laughing.

I had long heard that Zuo Leng came back and immediately became the young city lord, and because of the chaos of his former soul, he invited Du Xiao to help him purify his soul.

But no one thought that he would become so naive.

"Okay, then I'll start talking."

The old man brought him a chair with his own hands and pressed him on the chair before he began to speak.

"The starry sky world has existed for more than 300 billion years, and at least the ability of our human civilization cannot be thoroughly investigated for the specific year."

"In the past 300 billion years, there have been at least two super civilizations in the starry sky world. Every time a super civilization appears, it will be accompanied by a powerhouse that surpasses the eternal realm. This is why we human powerhouses keep going back to history."

"And we humans began to appear more than 2.3 million years ago. At that time, humans were still in the era of drinking blood."

"Later, human beings discovered the inheritance of a certain civilization, and the world of martial arts began to flourish. One and eight million years ago, the Moon Worship Dynasty appeared."

"The Moon Worship Dynasty has a history of 970,000 years. It is also the longest-standing Dynasty in the entire human history. It is said that it is also a Dynasty that has acquired the most ancient civilizations and has the most complicated martial arts. If you can meet Worship in the future The relics of the Moon Dynasty, even if they are not worth the slightest bit, should be remembered well, it is best to go in and take a look, and remember everything you see in your mind.”

When Qin Shaofeng heard him say this, he couldn't help but began to yearn for the Moon Worship Dynasty.

But also somewhat unwilling.

When he was in the Ruthless Dynasty, he had heard that there were some remnants of the Moon Worship Dynasty in the God Realm, but he did not go to see it.

Seriously, as the old man said, didn't he miss a big opportunity?

"In the late period of the Moon Worship Dynasty, with the emergence of an inheritance that did not belong to our starry world, a revolution of the gods was launched."

A young man suddenly asked, "Lao Luo, why is it not an inheritance from our starry world?"

"When we traced history, we found that the Divine Rune appeared in the late stage of a civilization more than eight billion years ago, and suddenly occupied the entire civilization for less than a million years, without encountering any enemies or disasters. That civilization disappeared, but the Divine Rune was passed down."

Qin Shaofeng was shocked.

In less than a million years, nothing has happened, but the entire civilization disappeared suddenly, which is too scary, right?

What kind of existence is King Wen?

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