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Song Weiyi awakened to find that he was dressed as the vicious female partner in the novel he read before his sudden death, and possessed the heroine’s parents and fiance in his original form.

He has been carefully cultivated since childhood and is recognized as a genius for cultivation of immortals in Linhai City.

The female protagonist has been living out since she was a child, and she has been bullied and humiliated. After being taken home by her biological father, she was found to be half-spiritual rubbish.

Under the original body’s intentional or unintentional guidance, the heroine suffered the cold eyes and torture of the people of the tribe, and was finally pushed off the cliff of demon blood and fell into the magic way by the original owner.

Later, the heroine Song Zhixia became the world’s largest demon, and she made the original body into a sauce to feed her spirit pet.

Song Weizhi, who just passed through: Be sure to treat the hostess well, I don’t want to be a fried sauce!

So the female protagonist who just returned to the Song family was detected as a half-spiritual root. Song Weizhi: The female protagonist can be lovely and loving, and her strength is not important;

The hostess was rejected by her relatives, Song Weizhi: It doesn’t matter, I am also your relative;

The hostess was bullied by people from other families, Song Weizhi: She is my person, I see who dares to move her;

Later, the hostess leaned in Song Weizhi’s arms and blushed and said: Sister, I want you~

Song Weizhi (shocked JPG): What about the good niece? Forget it, your life is yours!

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