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In order to fight with the heroine HE, the paranoid man mainly killed me.
Chu Wanying was born in an immortal sect. On the day of the wedding, the male protagonist Ning Zixu used his body to block the sword, so she fell asleep for thousands of years.

After she lost her memory and wandered around the world, when she woke up, she realized that her cheap husband had already been upgraded to the top of the immortal door.

The elder brother who loved her, respected her little apprentice, and the little demon cultivator who had been favored by her in the past are now promoted to full-level bosses, all powerful and powerful. Chu Wanying felt that she could lie down and win.

However, in reality, Chu Wanying quickly discovered that the big brothers were not the object of their pets.

It turned out that she was the female partner in a virgin essay, with a honey belly sword, and repeatedly hurting the heroine, and finally ended in a divine end.

Her husband is the male protagonist of the book, with a high authority, gloomy and paranoid, and he will do everything in order to be with the Virgin Mary.

And she is exactly the stumbling block on the road of male protagonist’s love.
In the end, the heroine feeds the demons with her body, and calms the demons of the fairy head by herself, in exchange for the peace of the world, which is truly benevolent and righteous.

Chu Wanying: I don’t want to die.

Content label: Epic fantasy through time and space

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One sentence introduction: The male lead kills me for the female lead

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