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As Sheng Heng’s diehard fan, what Lu Anan hates most is Sheng Heng’s opponent, Lu Yan.

In particular, Mr. Lu Yan showed off his younger sister, relying on the frantic search for the “good brother of the nation”!

Until one day, not only did she become Lu Yan’s daily dazzling younger sister, she was also forced to bind a “sibling relationship system that moved the heavens and moved her,” and she had to blow rainbow farts to her brother every day.

she was:……

  • Dingliu Shengheng and his opponent Lu Yan have been incompatible with each other, and everyone knows them.

It is said that even the sister and the cat in the house hate me.

As a result, one day, he heard–

“Brother, help me find Sheng Heng for an autograph, okay?”

“Brother, you are not handsome today, my idol is the most handsome.”

“Brother, don’t bother me. I want to vote for Shengheng. Your number of fans is about to surpass him.”

Sheng Heng: …..? ? ?

Later, Sheng Heng and Sister Lu were on the hot search for their love video.

Lu Yan was so angry to find someone to settle accounts: Shenggou, that’s my sister!

Sheng Heng looked at him calmly: I know…Brother.

Lu Yan:? ? ?

Fuck, don’t think you become my brother-in-law and I will show mercy to you! !

Chasing articles! ! The male protagonist Sheng Heng, the female protagonist An An, and the older brother Lu Yan is just soy sauce~

Note: There are emotional lines and family lines, and the sand sculptures are sweet and cute.

There is a draft competition, refer to a domestic variety show setting, but the protagonist has no prototype! Everything is overhead in the background.

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