Every Day Is a Shura Field

Every Day Is a Shura Field


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Ye Xin wore a book, put it into a book “Everyday a Sweet Wife Is Spoiled” recommended by a friend, and became a predecessor of the wealthy and arrogant.

During the marriage, I got stuck with my husband’s twin brothers, because the husband was cruel and the younger brother was gentle and gentle. But the original owner had the courage, Ye Xin didn’t, and she only read one-third of this article, she didn’t see the copy at a glance, and she didn’t know the follow-up development at all.

Safety first, she decided to separate from her twin brother, but the little milk dog turned into a dog skin plaster, and even showed signs of blackening. Ye Xin was threatened to be sliced-I can’t afford it, I can’t afford it, she tried her best to deal with it. I feel that every day is Shura Field.

Finally one day, this deformed relationship was exposed, and public opinion was in an uproar. She was relieved and prepared to be swept out.

Parent-in-law: “The daughter-in-law is great, we are optimistic about you!” Difficult sister-in-law: “Sister-in-law, you are too powerful, I admire and admire it.” Ye Xin, who thinks she will be miserable: emmm, what’s the situation.

At night, the icy husband lay beside him, but when he woke up, he was shocked. Why did he look so gentle and spoiled, like a change of person!

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