Chapter 34:Every Day Is a Shura Field

What is she afraid of, what is coming

Lu Licheng actually let himself receive Lu Lixun?

No, Ye Xin refused in her heart.

"This is not so good, Axun rarely returns to China, you are the eldest brother..."

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by his cold voice.

"Don't you know I haven't seen him?"

Ye Xin was stunned at Lu Licheng's cold eyes.

Although she has heard rumors that the two brothers have been avoiding seeing each other.

It's just that they are twin brothers, are they really going to make trouble like this?

"Axun is rare to come back once, what are you doing as a big brother..." I have to see it once.

"Axun, are you familiar with him?" Lu Licheng's sudden words made Ye Xin stunned.

"Of course not familiar," she quickly shook her head, defending herself: "After all, it is a family. It is too strange to call out the name directly."

Lu Licheng's expression did not change, and he stood up and said, "I have something else. You should be able to see him tomorrow morning when you wake up."

Although his heart was flustered, Ye Xin didn't dare to show anything.

"Or, let the baby receive it." Seeing Lu Licheng lift his leg and leave, Ye Xin could only retreat: "Or, I will receive it together with the baby. I am worried that if I am alone, someone will gossip. ."

Lu Licheng paused and looked at the person beside him with a cold attitude: "If the baby has time, I will let her accompany you."

By the way, he can also test whether the baby knows about the sub-personality.

Ye Xin breathed a sigh of relief silently when he heard what he said.

With Lu Baobao accompanied, Lu Lixun shouldn't behave outrageously!


Is it just that Lu Licheng came here just to talk about this?

He can solve it with one phone call.

A faint suspicion appeared in Ye Xin's heart.

"Are you coming back tonight?" She looked at the people who left without attachment, and always felt that something was wrong, but she couldn't think of what was wrong when she tried to break her head, so she could only deal with the scene in front of her first.

"Don't go back." Lu Licheng held back the thought of turning his head and got into the car directly.

But after the car door was closed, he turned his head and looked at the awkward and flustered people standing beside the car, feeling depressed.

Is she the one who calculated herself, or was she the one who was calculated?

Soon, he will know the answer.

"Are the clothes ready?"

Qin Tezhu immediately replied: "Well, the same brand, there is no difference."

"Also, turn on the jammer in Ye Xin's phone." He has reason to suspect that the locator is sub-personality.


"Give me his cell phone."

Next, he was going to see Ouyang as a sub-personality, and this time he wanted to see if he could dig out something from his mouth.

In front of the sea view villa, Ye Xin stood where she was, until she couldn't see Lu Licheng's car, she turned around and entered the house suspiciously.

Originally, I wanted to call Lu Lixun to remind him.

However, his contacts are much better than his own. He must know the news of Lu Licheng's return to China.

At critical moments, she still shouldn't do it too much.

As everyone knows, by doing so, she has escaped an exposed crisis.

Going back to the room, digging out two marriage certificates from the bag, Ye Xin sighed silently.

Depressed, just a little bit, almost a little bit can change, and then, she can get away with it.


Haha, under Lu Licheng's nose, she didn't even have the guts to escape.

I hope that he will leave soon if he hasn't dealt with the foreign affairs, and give her a buffer time.

By the way, how could she forget it, actually Lu Baobab hopes her divorce very much.

Is it possible to start from here and let her arrange to send Lu Lixun to the Civil Affairs Bureau?

Lu Baobao, who was rushing to deal with all kinds of things in the company, suddenly received a call from Ye Xin, with a bad tone: "What's the matter, hurry up and say, I'm very busy."

Although she is also from the Lu family, she is not the eldest brother after all. Some people can't be suppressed at all, and she is very irritable at the moment.

At this time, when I called her, it was obvious that Ye Xin had hit the gun.

"Your second brother will be there tomorrow..."

"What? Second brother will be here tomorrow?" Lu Baobab was startled, uneasy: "Are you sure?"

"Yes, you..." the eldest brother told me.

Before this sentence was finished, she was interrupted by Lu Baobao: "Okay, I know, I will go back as soon as possible after I finish busy today."

After speaking, she hung up, and by the way, she also dialed an international long distance call.

"Mom, Ye Xin told me just now that the second brother will be in the country tomorrow? Isn't he afraid that his eldest brother will find out?"

"It's all alone, what's so strange, but you, take good care of Ye Xin, don't let her have too much contact with your second brother, your second brother has a simple mind, and can't find her wife who has a bad background."

Baby Lu paused, and after a few seconds he was dissatisfied: "Mom, you are too unfair to Big Brother."

"Fair? Am I not good to him? If it weren't for my arrangement, he wouldn't even be able to marry a wife. Okay, tomorrow if you confirm that the personality that appears is A Xun, you can accompany him well. As for Ye Xin, treat him as a stranger. People, they are going to be kicked out of the Lu family anyway."

Listening to the beep in the phone, Baby Lu smashed the phone out with anger.

Why, she should have such an eccentric mother.

The eldest brother has already given in a lot, why she still refuses to give up, and even herself has become her helper.

It would be great if Dad could take care of her, it's a pity...

Ye Xin breathed a sigh of relief when her cell phone was hung up. It was great that with Lu Baobab, her heart would be more at ease.

She prayed now that everything will go well tomorrow.

Does she have to prepare a car first and leave after finishing the formalities tomorrow?

Anyway, she has nothing to miss.

As for Ye Chengdong, he was divorced, so he wouldn't stay at Lu's house.

Moreover, she would pay 500,000 yuan to sell the house, enough for him to live.

He wanted more, no.

For a time, she had a lot of thoughts in her mind, and originally wanted to book a taxi on the software.

Thinking about being idle and idle, she simply went out and strolled by herself.

It's just that it's boring to go shopping alone, so she casually took the small advertisement handed over by people around her, glanced at it casually, and then suddenly smiled.

Yeah, why didn't she think of this.

Directly use software to call a car, it is very likely to be traced by them.

But if she calls a car and joins a tour group, there is little chance of being discovered, right?

Happy for yourself to have a smart head.

She hurriedly turned her head back, confirmed the time and place with the staff, and deliberately went to collect cash to pay the deposit, and then left with a smile on her face.

Next, she should buy something to eat on the road.

Excited, I will be far away from Lu's house soon.

Happy people, even interested, ran to the movie voucher to watch a movie.

When he got this news, Lu Licheng raised his brows. This was not like a behavior that a thoughtful person could do.

Is he suspicious?

"Boss, I can't find it, the monitoring is abnormal, and I can't extract any useful images."

"The more this is, the more suspicious." Lu Licheng tapped on the table lightly, his voice was cold: "Ouyang still doesn't say anything?"

Qin Tezhu shook his head.

Ouyang was too vigilant, and he noticed the abnormality before he could tell anything useful.

After all, he is a top psychiatrist, and his professional skills should not be underestimated.

"I go abroad once every half a month. So far, it has been one and a half years, and it will be one year before I get married."

For such a long time, the people he trusted were fooling themselves with one by one lies.

All the trust I gave before was fed to the dog.

"Go check baby's communication records this year. I want the most detailed ones." Lu Licheng stood at the window and continued to say the next order: "Find someone to spread the news. When they meet tomorrow, I will complete an item abroad. Sign a very important contract, be careful, don’t let people find out that it’s yours."

Qin Tezhu was confused and couldn't understand, but all he had to do was to execute the order.

"I will arrange it now."

"Send someone to stare at them."

The movie ended and it was dark.

Anyway, returning to the Seaview Villa, she might be alone, so Ye Xin decided to eat outside.

Every day is an exquisite meal, and she misses the snacks in the food court very much.

Stinky tofu, skewers, roasted potato, milk tea...

Eating from the street to the end of the street, her stomach was so round that she could hardly walk. Baby Lu's phone number arrived.

"Ye Xin, what time is it, you are not coming back."

The second elder brother who was so drunk was sent here, and she was not yet home.

Ye Xin looked at the time: "It's only eight o'clock!"

"It's only eight o'clock, the second brother is here, you come back quickly."

Lu Lixun is here!

Ye Xin's head suddenly became sober. Going back, she must go back now.

Just rushed to the sea view villa, the living room was empty and there was no one at all.

Go upstairs and knock on Lu Baobab's door.

"Where is your second brother?"

"Could it be possible that he has to wait for you to come back to sleep?" Lu Baobab stared at Ye Xin, and said angrily.

"No, no," Ye Xin hurriedly waved his hand: "Of course I didn't mean that."

"He is drunk and has fallen asleep long ago."

That's why Ye Xin breathed a sigh of relief silently: "Then I won't disturb you, you should rest early."

It seems that tonight, she can spend it safely.

Early the next morning, Ye Xin saw the person sitting by the bed as soon as he opened his eyes, and suddenly his sleepiness disappeared.

She sat up quickly, her voice suppressed extremely low: "You are crazy, come to my room at this time, do you want others to discover it?"

Lu Lixun looked at Ye Xin pitifully, and said aggrieved: "I was attacked and knocked out, you don't comfort me!"

Ye Xin:...

It turned out not only to drink, but also to be beaten. It's so pitiful.

"Does my head still hurt?" She looked at the door with some worry, fearing that if the door was not closed properly, Lu Lixun would be spotted by people passing by outside.

It's just what she's afraid of, what's coming.

Lu Lixun still wanted to sell badly, the door of the room was pushed in at once, and the people who came in—

"What are you doing? Second brother, why are you here!"

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