Chapter 35:Every Day Is a Shura Field

Otherwise, can you check it?

"It's not what you saw. Your second brother has a headache. Come to me to find painkillers."

Ye Xin quickly found an excuse to deal with Lu Baobab.

Lu Lixun's eyes shrank uncontrollably, why Lu Baobab was not surprised to see him!

"I... how did I get to the guest room yesterday?" He immediately raised his own question.

"Of course the servant brought it in. I can't move you." Lu Baobab was sure that the personality in front of him was not the eldest brother.

So, he was knocked unconscious, and then he was found by the servant who moved in?

Lu Lixun had a lot of doubts in his heart, and he couldn't understand why he had such a strong smell of alcohol on his body after waking up!

It was like pouring a bottle of wine on him.

"Baby, your second brother was knocked out yesterday. It must be because of this that he has a headache."

Ye Xin's breathing was a bit messy, and she was afraid that Baby Lu would have any guesses, so she was desperately diverting her attention!

Sure enough, Lu Baobab was anxious when he heard these words.

"Second brother, would you like to go to the hospital for an examination first?"

Lu Lixun refused and smiled warmly: "I felt very painful just now. It's better now. I'll go back to the room and take a shower to get drunk."

"Then you go back to your room, I'll have someone prepare a suit for you."

Lu Baobao's words reminded Ye Xin that she was secretly delighted and pointed at the wardrobe.

"I have prepared a set of your elder brother's clothes over there. They are all new. You can wear them."

Lu Licheng's clothes are all custom-made, and she also told Uncle Cheng that she must get brand new ones, because she was worried that Lu Lixun would not want to wear them.

New, he should be okay!

"Then wear this, second brother, let's go out, just tell me what's the matter." Lu Baobao led the bag and pushed Lu Lixun away.

Ye Xin watched them until the door was closed, his stiff back softened, and he lay down on the bed.

The moment Lu Baobab appeared, she was really scared to death, thinking she had discovered something, so she rushed in.

Fortunately, her luck was okay.

Now, quickly get up to wash, and then she will work hard to fudge Baby Lu to stand on her side.

She must go through the divorce formalities today.

In the guest room, Lu Lixun looked at the bag placed on the coffee table, his brows and eyes were full of haze.

Strange, where's his phone?

Could it be that he was sapped and robbed?

Not only the mobile phone, but also the watch.

The mobile phone was specially designed by him, and there are many important documents in it, I hope not to be discovered by others.

No, he has to find a way to destroy all the data remotely.

After taking a shower, Lu Lixun changed into the clothes in the bag and looked disgusted.

Only those who are staid and inflexible like their masters will always like shirts and suits, not the clothes they wear, but the restraints.

After packing himself up, he walked out of the guest room and walked towards Ye Xin's room.

Just in time, Ye Xin walked out, preparing to close the door.

"Xinxin, where's your computer? I'll use it."

Ye Xin's body was tight when she heard the words. She turned her head and looked around to confirm that they were the two of them in the corridor. She stamped her feet with anger, and her voice was extremely low. She told Lu Lixun: "Sister-in-law, sister-in-law, you are now I should be called my sister-in-law."

Really, regardless of occasion, how much he is looking forward to revealing things.

"Okay, call my sister-in-law, let me use the computer." The information in the mobile phone is very important. He doesn't want to be hacked by others. Although he has confidence in his own level, he is not afraid of 10,000, just in case. Destroy it quickly.

"There is no computer in the guest room?" Ye Xin frowned, it shouldn't be.

"Not enough configuration." Lu Lixun's answer was concise.

Ye Xin's computer was prepared by Lu Licheng, and the configuration is definitely much higher than that of the guest room computer.

"Then I'll go in and bring it to you." Ye Xin turned to enter the room and took out the notebook. Just in time, Baby Lu appeared at this time.

"Second brother, breakfast is ready. If you have anything to deal with, let's talk about it after eating."

"That's right." Ye Xin didn't mean to hand out the computer, and Shun Lu Bao said: "Eat breakfast first, what's the matter, finish it and deal with it."

Lu Lixun wanted to refuse, but Lu Baobao had already stepped forward, took his arm, and took the person to the top of the stairs.

Ye Xin simply put the computer in the corridor and followed up, fearing that Lu Lixun would have something untimely.

Anyway, put it here, no outsiders will pass by.

Lu Lixun ate meals very fast, and when Ye Xin and Lu Baobao were only half eating, he put down the dishes and chopsticks.

"I'm done eating, go upstairs first." Before going downstairs, he glanced back and knew that Ye Xin had placed the computer bag in the corridor.

"Second brother, don't you eat any more?" Lu Baobab asked caringly.

"No." As soon as the voice fell, he was no longer visible in the restaurant.

Ye Xin's heartbeat started to speed up, and she looked up at Baby Lu from time to time, and when she was frowning and about to get angry, she spoke first.

"Do you really want me to leave the Lu family and leave your eldest brother?"

Baby Lu rolled his eyes: "Of course, one day you leave, I must celebrate and tell the world that my eldest brother will be single again."

Ye Xin was even more excited, and further tested: "Then you definitely want me to divorce your eldest brother, right?"

Lu Baobab put down his chopsticks, with a cold face, and said angrily: "Go ahead, what do you mean?"

"That's it," Ye Xin put down his chopsticks, sat down with a serious face, and looked serious: "I thought about it carefully. The gap between me and your elder brother is too big. I am not in the same world at all. Now I can barely maintain the marriage. He is in pain, I am in pain, and everyone is in pain."

After speaking, she paused, watching the surprise in Lu Baobao's eyes, and continued to add Chaigawa.

"So, I think it’s good for everyone to separate me from your brother, but you know your elder brother’s temperament, if I didn’t make any big mistakes," Uncle cheating, it should be counted, but she didn’t. Courage said: "He won't agree, so, or today we will find a way to take your second brother to the Civil Affairs Bureau, the two of them look the same, as long as you and I don't say anything wrong, no one will know his identity."

"Ye Xin, can you come up with such a bad idea?" Lu Baobao went to admonish Ye Xin for the first time, his eyes widened, but after thinking about it, this passage made sense.

With the eldest brother's temperament, he would definitely not take the initiative to ask for a divorce.

So, let the second brother go to the divorce instead of him?

When the eldest brother knows, he will be very angry!

"Don't worry, as long as you get the divorce certificate, I will disappear immediately and will not be found by your elder brother."

Ye Xin raised his hand and swore with a serious face.

Lu Baobao was very excited, so it sounds like a good solution.

"Okay, then I'll talk to my second brother later..."

"Don't," Ye Xin quickly interrupted her proposal, her voice lowered: "If you say it now, what if your second brother doesn't agree?"

Lu Baobao was taken aback, too, if the second brother refused, an excellent opportunity would be missed.

"What am I not agreeing to?" As soon as Lu Lixun came in, he heard Ye Xin's voice and asked. She paled with fright, and quickly denied: "No, nothing!"

"Are you done with your business?" The guilty person hurriedly changed the subject.

Lu Lixun shook his head, frowning and wondering: "Weird, the computer bag is missing. I asked the servant, no one knows."

"Huh?" Ye Xin stunned, turned to look at Lu Baobab.

"Look at what I did, but I didn't take it." Lu Baobao gave Ye Xin an angry white, then turned to look at Lu Lixun: "Second brother, you are in a hurry? I can't find it. Let's go out and buy now. ."

"Yeah, maybe I don't know who took it and put it away. I have time to find it, so it's better to just buy one." Ye Xin agreed.

Lu Lixun was full of doubts, but missed the eye contact between the two of them. He hesitated a little and agreed.

"Then go now."

Ye Xin was overjoyed, and hurriedly said, "I'll go back to the room and get my bag."

All of her documents are in it, so she feels comfortable, hoping to successfully change her marriage certificate to a divorce certificate, and then leave.

In her heart, she silently said sorry to the divorced Lu Lixun, and Ye Xin turned around and left with strides.

There is no chance to come to this place in the future.

"You tell the driver, go to the Civil Affairs Bureau first?" When Lu Lixun's face, Ye Xin pulled Lu Baobab directly into the corner and asked in a low voice.

Lu Baobao was satisfied with Ye Xin's attitude, so anxious to divorce, it seemed that he really wanted to leave.

"What about my elder brother's black card?" Uneasy, she asked again.

"The black card, together with the Chen family's compensation, I put them all in the envelope on the dressing table. Don't worry, I didn't take away a penny from the Lu family. Oh, besides my clothes, I also have this bag."

Ye Xin looked open and even suggested: "Otherwise, you can check it?"

Lu Baobab's face was a little pale, and his attention was instantly pulled back from the Lu Family's compensation, and he asked dissatisfiedly: "Am I such a stingy person? Go, go where you want to go first."

"You two, what are you whispering?" Lu Lixun looked at the two people one after the other with a smile, and didn't like this feeling of ignorance very much.

"Soon, you will know."

Ye Xin spoke before Baby Lu, holding her wrist: "Go, get in the car."

Lu Lixun raised his eyebrows and looked at the back of the two of them, suddenly feeling out of control.

What happened after he was knocked unconscious?

After waking up, everything was strange, even if he wanted to use the computer, the computer could disappear.

At the same time, Assistant Qin who was in the Lu's building received a call.

"The computer bag has been put back to its original position. They have gone out and there is a locator in the car."

"Understood, report their whereabouts to me at any time."


However, after half an hour later, Assistant Qin was confused after receiving the news that the car had stopped at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Sister-in-law, sister-in-law, and uncle, what are these three people doing in the Civil Affairs Bureau?

If you don’t understand, just drive there by yourself.

"Watch people closely, and you must not get out of sight."

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