Chapter 37:Every Day Is a Shura Field

He wants to be beautiful

"The express train bound for Xizhou is checking in. Please take the time to check in and enter the station. The train stops at platform five."

In the waiting hall, Ye Xin was wearing a mask and a peaked cap pressed very low. Standing in a long line, there was a pool of stagnant water under her eyes.

It has been three days since things came to light.

Three days ago, Lu Lixun escorted her to the gate for the first time and stuffed her into the taxi.

Sitting in the car, the last scene Ye Xin saw was that Assistant Qin led someone to stop Lu Lixun, who was in the cold. She didn't know what happened afterwards.

But he is Lu Licheng's younger brother after all, so he shouldn't be affected by it!

Now, she could still remember the sharp questions.

"Mrs. Lu, why did you choose to cheat?"

"Mrs. Lu, may I ask you and your brother-in-law, when did you start?"

"Mrs. Lu, do you have any shame?"

A word kept ringing in her ears, Ling Chi's ** heart.

Not to mention Lu Baobab's shocked and sluggish look, but unfortunately, she didn't have time to say sorry.

During the past three days, she had a very bad time. After pretending to join the tour group, she got off the bus halfway, worried that the news would spread and be recognized by people around her.

And when something like this happened, she didn't dare to go online to watch the news, her mobile phone was disconnected, and she didn't know how far the matter had progressed!

She gave herself three days to wait for Lu Lixun to contact her.

The phone has been set up, except for Lu Lixun's number, no other calls can be made.

However, to her disappointment, the phone never rang from beginning to end.

Now it seems that he really felt exciting, so he chose to be with the original owner.

The person who got into the horns for a while forgot how Lu Lixun protected her in front of the reporter!

"Your ticket, take it." The voice of the ticket inspector recalled Ye Xin's reason.

She took the train ticket that was missing a small opening, took a deep breath, and walked towards the platform.

The information on this train ticket did not belong to her, but was passed to her by a woman who temporarily decided to cancel the trip.

Refunding a ticket requires a handling fee and also has to wait in line. Ye Xin doesn't want others to find out where he is going through the ticket system. The two people hit it off and trade at the original price.

After getting in the car, she sat by the window, looking at the flow of people walking around outside the car, her eyes blank.

She is not in Yecheng now, but a train station in a small county near Yecheng. There are not many people getting on the train here, and the stopping time is very short.

The train moved slowly and moved up quickly.

That is?

Ye Xin saw a figure from behind and flashed by. Looking at her profile, she looked a lot like Lu Licheng. The reason why he didn't guess it was Lu Lixun because they dress in different styles.

Soon, she shook her head and denied, how could it be possible, she must be dazzled.

Now, Lu Licheng must hate himself to death.

Let him lose face, I am afraid that he will be laughed at, and even the stock price of Lu's Group will be affected.

Look down and pull out his phone from the bag and unlock it.

Still no phone call.

There is no expectation.

It's just a pity that I didn't get the divorce certificate.

Although the current development, the divorce certificate can not run away.

Ye Xin directly called the service number of the telecommunications company, stopped the phone card, then formatted the phone and turned it off, took out the phone card and broke it, and put it on the iron plate on the table.

This phone was still matched by Uncle Cheng after her marriage. Since she is determined to leave, then throw everything away.

"You don't want this phone?"

The aunt opposite she asked curiously.

Ye Xin nodded and pushed towards her.

"It's okay, take it if you want."

"Then I will put it away. Before I get off the car, you can regret it." Auntie took the phone with a look of excitement and stuffed it into her bag.

Ye Xin disapproved, turned his head to look outside the car, everywhere was green, making people feel good when looking at it.

I hope she can start a new life in a strange place.

As for Lu Licheng, who was left behind by her, he was still running around in the train station at this moment, but there was no trace of the person he wanted to find.

"Boss, during the surveillance, the wife did appear here, but we can't tell now whether she got on the train or left the station?" Qin Tezhu worked hard to calm his breathing slightly, and ran to Lu Licheng. Around.

"Check, you must find someone." Lu Licheng's eyes were hazy, and his pupils shrank uncontrollably.

"He still doesn't want to speak?"

When Qin Tezhu heard this question, his spirits became tense: "Boss, he didn't want to say anything, he just urged me to go through the divorce procedures."

"He wants to be beautiful."

Lu Licheng squeezed these words out of his teeth one meal at a time, and then asked: "Has the complete monitoring of the celebration banquet been obtained?"

"The other party is very careful. The pictures in the surveillance are all upper body. However, an employee who was present took a photo and posted it on Moments. He didn't know that the photo had already been obtained and he could hold a press conference at any time."

When it came to Lu Lixun, Special Assistant Qin was even more surprised. It was too unexpected. At first, they were investigating who sent the photo, and they found a shocking melon.

"Suddenly I found out that I was really stupid." Lu Licheng's face was cold, and he laughed at himself.

After that incident, their brother has never seen each other. He thought that Ah Xun was fine, and even started to develop into hackers.

But it wasn't until these few days that he discovered that it was his own sub- personality that was developing towards hackers, and Ah Xun, who was disabled after the accident, had been in a wheelchair.

So, he blamed himself and provoked the sub-personality to deal with himself?

This style of behavior is indeed very Lu Lixun.

With Lu Licheng's words, Special Assistant Qin didn't know how to comfort him, so he could only speak tactfully: "No one thought that the boss' family members were all lying to you."

"Go back and hold a press conference. Also, let people continue to look for them nearby, and the ticketing system will check if there is any personal information about Ye Xin."

At the moment, this is the safest way.

"Also, tell the psychiatrist, you can start."

The memories of the primary and secondary personality are not interlinked, and he cannot obtain the memory of the secondary personality, so he doesn't know how to activate the recoded locator of the secondary personality.

Therefore, what he wants now is the memory of sub-personality.

For other things, wait until someone is found.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that the sub-personality was so wary. It took a long time and a lot of hard work for the psychologist to open the memory wall of the two of them. After successfully activating the locator, Lu Licheng found a college student who was completely Unfamiliar, what he holds in his hand is the mobile phone he bought for Ye Xin.

Did she have a bad time? Even mobile phones are sold.

At this time, it was almost three months since Ye Xin disappeared.

At the same time, in an unremarkable private house, Ye Xin looked at the pregnancy test stick in her hand, her eyes fluttering.

She felt that she was a little settled, and her life brought a huge surprise!



Lu Licheng or Lu Lixun?

Sorry, she really didn't know.

Since coming to this place, she has deliberately avoided all kinds of news. The TV in the house has never been turned on. As for the mobile phone, let alone, she didn't mean to buy it. Anyway, the signal has been bad at this time.

Isn't it okay to grow flowers here, take care of your own vegetable garden, and be self-sufficient?

But now, seeing two red bars, she is not well.

If she knew it, she shouldn't have gone to town to buy a pregnancy test stick, or she could deceive herself and others.

Break it down, or keep it?

After a day of ideological struggle, Ye Xin decided to stay.

Living here alone, alone, too lonely, it should be nice to have a child with me.

More importantly, she couldn't bear a small life.

So, she will now start preparing things for children.

The place where she stayed was a rural village with a remote location. Most of the young people in the village went out to work, and those who stayed behind were old people and children.

Most of the time, Ye Xin went to the village primary school to help. During this time, she became familiar with the villagers. Therefore, it is very convenient for people to bring something.

In the blink of an eye, it was another two months. It was the fifteenth day of the twelfth lunar month, and the school had two days off. Ye Xin got up early, simply tidied up, put herself into a ball, and arrived at school half an hour earlier than usual.

Today, someone from a caring company came to visit these left-behind children. She had to hurry over to see if she could help.

The teachers in the village school knew that she was pregnant, so she only asked her to teach students to sing.

It didn't take long for a few cars to arrive.

The red banner of Su Xin Love Foundation is very eye-catching.

Seeing the happy smile on the child's face, Ye Xin was also very happy. She wanted to go and help move things, but with a big belly, no one dared to ask her to help.

Fortunately, the other party was doing pragmatic things and didn't pay attention to pomp, leaving behind the donated materials and drove away directly.

So the next thing is very simple, is to distribute the donated clothes and stationery books.

Although things are simple, it is tiring to keep repeating them.

After finishing his work, he returned to the rented house, and Ye Xin lay down on the bed after washing.

She didn't know that someone from the foundation took a photo, and her face was very clear.

It's because her eyebrows are very similar to someone who the person who took the picture knows.

President's Office of Su Group.

"President Su, this is a photo of this foundation assistance activity, do you want to go through it?"

The people behind the desk just looked at the files in front of them, without raising their heads, their voices were cold: "Send directly to my mother's mailbox, she is the chairman of the foundation."

"Okay." The secretary quickly forwarded all the packed photos to Feng Yuan's mailbox, and then began to report official affairs.

Half an hour later, Su Qichen's phone was broken.

"Son, I found Xinxin, I found my daughter!"

Su Qichen frowned, stretched out his hand to pinch the center of his eyebrows, his emotions did not fluctuate.

"Mom, I hear you say this every few months, but the results of every investigation are false."

Feng Yuan was emotional: "You must have not seen the photos of the foundation. Go and see, that girl is exactly the same as when I was young."

"I'll call you back after reading."

He was very suspicious of any deliberate scam, but after seeing the person in the photo, Su Qichen's pupils shrank sharply.

Like, it's really alike.

And those eyes are very clear, not like the kind of deep-minded person.

"Arrange a helicopter, I'm going to Xizhou."

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