Chapter 38:Every Day Is a Shura Field

She wants to breathe fragrantly


The person lying on the bed was sleeping soundly, but as the sound got closer, Ye Xin was still woken up.

Reaching out and groping to turn on the bedside lamp, she glanced at the time.

Two o'clock in the morning.

She wanted to breathe fragrance very much. At this point, she drove the helicopter in the sky and was kicked by the donkey.

Rolled his eyes, turned off the light, and went to sleep with the quilt covering his face.

It's just the sound of the propeller turning closer and closer, and even the house is shaking.

It's late at night, let's get sick.

Ye Xin's last drowsiness faded away, he lifted the quilt covering his face, and in the next second, he hurriedly covered it again.

So dazzling.

The helicopter was parked outside the house. Should she be thankful that the quality of the house is good and it didn't collapse!

Fortunately, the sound of the helicopter disappeared soon, but the lights were still dazzling, not as dazzling as before.

"Teacher Ye, come open the door, someone will look for you."

The village chief's loud voice rang.

Ye Xin rolled her eyes, opened the quilt depressed, and couldn't help but shiver, it was so cold.

Come find yourself at this point—

When she puts on her clothes, it won't be Lu Licheng or Lu Lixun!

No, it's impossible.

If it's one of them, I'm afraid I won't wait outside, it may be more likely to break in.

And it also alarmed the village chief, which is even more unlike.

So, who is the person here?

Ye Xin wore thick pajamas questioningly, bowed his head to open the door.

Before she could see the person standing at the door, she sneezed first.

Under the light, Su Qichen could see at a glance that this woman was really like Feng Yuan.

And unlike seeing those counterfeit goods in the past, he didn't feel disgusted at the first time, and even felt like he wanted to get close.

So, is it true this time?

People who have been looking for more than 20 years suddenly appeared.

When there was a huge surprise in his mind, he did not forget that he needed to verify it.

He raised his arm, and before Ye Xin could react, he successfully pulled out a piece of hair.

"Let the hospital expedite."

Someone immediately took the hair and left in a hurry.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Ye Xin's first reaction was to grab her own hair. Her movements were so wide that she frightened the village chief standing aside.

"Teacher Ye, you have children in your stomach, be careful. Don't worry, they are not bad guys. The Su Xin Foundation that donates materials during the day belongs to their group."

Su Xin Foundation?

Ye Xin looked at Su Qichen in surprise, and the more he looked at it, the more he felt, why did he feel that this man was a bit familiar?

"We, have you seen it before?" She searched through the memory of the original owner, but there was no clue.

But at this moment, all of Su Qichen's attention was on Ye Xin's stomach, and he was struggling to digest the news he heard.


Their Su family is going to have a next generation?

Forget about it, the DNA test hasn't started yet.

Ye Xin instinctively covered his stomach, his eyes were a little more alert: "What are you looking for?"

"Are you leaving with me now, or will you continue to live here?"

Ye Xin baffled: "Go home with you? Who are you!"

"I'm your brother." When Su Qichen said this, he was still a little excited. He really felt that this time he really found the right person.

"Are you my brother?" Ye Xin looked at the bunch of people standing at the door and the helicopter not far away. This kind of battle must have an unusual family background, and the Ye family has no such relatives.

"You must have admitted the wrong person. I'm sorry, I'm sleepy, the village chief, you should also go back and rest quickly, it's too cold outside."

After speaking, Ye Xin closed the door directly and ignored the people outside.

But after returning to the room, I felt very inappropriate.

There are indeed a lot of materials donated by the Su Xin Foundation. Although I don't know why the men outside have their heads twitched, they can be called a good person anyway.

At the door, Su Qichen frowned, turned to look at the assistant next to him, and hesitated: "Am I like a liar?"

The teacher was unfavorable, and he was kept outside when he only met.

The assistant immediately shook his head and said firmly: "Of course not."

"Then why doesn't she believe it?"

The assistant didn't know how to perfuse, but it happened that the door opened at this moment and helped him out.

Everyone at the door was there except the village chief, Ye Xin wanted to roll her eyes, but for the sake of her own image, she had to hold back.

"There is a little hot water in it, and the weather is too cold, so please leave as soon as possible."

Putting down the water bottle, she closed the door again, this time, she could go to sleep peacefully.

Outside the door, Su Qichen looked at the used thermos bottle with a faint smile in his eyes, showing off in his tone: "My sister is kind, don't hurry up and pour me a glass of water!"


President Su is afraid that he has forgotten what his attitude towards women who might be his sisters was in the past.

Incarnate into a thousand-year-old Xuanbing is light.

This time it's not good. He has vowed to admit it before he has done a DNA test?

After all, he hurried to find the cup.

People during pregnancy can sleep well. Although she was woken up before, she fell asleep shortly after lying on the bed. She opened her eyes again and was awakened by the sound of the propeller.

Opening her eyes, Ye Xin sighed depressed, but after listening to it for a while, she felt that something was wrong.

Strange, how did she feel that the voice was getting closer, and even the bed was shaking?

Not those people outside the door leaving, but someone coming again?

Rolling his eyes, Ye Xin sat up resignedly, put on his clothes, wiped his face, and prepared to go out to see the movement.

Outside the door, Feng Yuan rushed towards her son as soon as she got off the plane, with a look of excitement: "Man, where is my Xinxin? Is she doing well? Isn't it like me?"

"Mom's daughter, of course she is like mom, but..."

Su Qichen thought of Ye Xin's belly, and didn't know how to speak.

"Just what?" Feng Yuan anxiously waited for his next words, and a young girl who accompanied her also asked curiously: "Big brother, have you really found your sister?"

Su Qichen's eyes were cold, and she looked at Su Wang with a cold attitude: "She is my sister, not yours. You have to figure this out."

Someone snatches his sister before he recognizes it, absolutely not.

It just fell in Su Wang's ears, but it had another meaning. Because she was adopted, doesn't the eldest brother recognize him as a younger sister?

She looked hurt and lowered her head.

Unfortunately, no one has time to worry about her emotions now, because the closed door is open.

When Feng Yuan saw Ye Xin's first glance, her eyes were red, and she rushed over for the first time, trying to hug her daughter who had been lost for more than 20 years.

Su Qichen took a look and quickly followed.

Ye Xin, while protecting his stomach with both hands, stepped back with a look of horror, and shouted, "Don't come here, don't come..."

"Mom, slow down, Xinxin is pregnant!" Fortunately, it was too late.

Su Qichen successfully stopped Feng Yuan, somewhat afraid.

The ** force is not small, this collision will be bad if something goes wrong.

Suddenly, the eyes of those who heard this sentence focused on Ye Xin's stomach, which made her spirit more tense.


The voices of the frightened people trembled.

Four hours later, Ye Xin was sitting in the luxurious villa, her eyes floating a little.

"I think you should check again, maybe the identification is wrong." She still doesn't think that she is the daughter of the Su family for more than 20 years.

Feng Yuan looked at the strangers in her expression, and she was so distressed that she held Ye Xin's hand tightly, and said emotionally: "How is it possible? You look exactly like me when I was young, and there is also DNA identification. , How could something go wrong."

"But the appearance can be adjusted, and the identification can be forged!" Ye Xin's straightforward words made Feng Yuan blame herself even more.

She only thought that Ye Xin didn't want to recognize her mother, and her whole body was full of sorrow.

Seeing her like this, Ye Xin felt uncomfortable, but she had a father. Although Ye Chengdong was unreliable, he really brought up the original owner.

As far as his nature is concerned, if it is not his biological daughter, he will not care at all, and will directly let the original owner fend for himself.

"Why don't you look for it again?" Ye Xin asked tentatively.

Feng Yuan's eyes reddened and tears flowed out.

Ye Xin's mouth twitched, not knowing what to do.

Before, she was unwilling to follow them out of the rented house, but the woman in front of her kept crying, and she nodded when she felt relieved.

Now, can you stop her tears by admitting that she is her daughter?

"Mom, my sister just couldn't accept it for a while, so let her live in and get used to it for a while." Su Wang smiled gently and nodded gently to Ye Xin.

"Yes, right, live first. I used mine for the identification samples. Your father was abroad before and he will be home soon. Then we will do a point comparison. After the results come out, Xinxin, you can't deny it anymore."

"Come on, I'll take you to choose a room first..."

"Mom, why don't you let my sister live in my room, the room is very large, and the lighting is good." Su Wang suggested happily.

Feng Yuan nodded, thinking it was a good idea, but before she could make a decision, Su Qichen spoke.

"No, Xinxin lives next door to me. The modder will be there soon."

"Brother, that's your study..."

"Don't intervene in my business." Su Qichen stood up directly: "I have something to do with the company, I will take a step first and remember to prepare my dinner."

Ye Xin:...

There was no chance for her to interrupt.

That night, the villa was very lively.

As soon as Su Liguang got off the plane, he went directly to the hospital, staring at the people for urgency, and then went home after getting the appraisal.

The whole family was excited and happy, except for Ye Xin, with a dumbfounded expression.

The original owner is really the Su family?

What happened to Ye Chengdong!

Once there are doubts, some things seem to be explained.

Why did Ye Chengdong treat her badly? Why did he want to help his aunt's pair of children.

He even wanted to seek the property of the Lu family, without any concern about her identity.

"Xinxin, why do you look so unhappy?" Su Wang sat beside her and asked curiously.

"No, no," Ye Xin hurriedly shook her head, squeezing out a reluctant smile, and explained: "I just want to start things, and I have some feelings."

"Okay, eat quickly and go to rest after eating."

The whole family agreed, and none of them asked Ye Xin who was the father of the child in Ye Xin's stomach.

At the same time, Lu Zhai.

Lu Licheng looked at Lu Baobab, who was terrified, and his eyes were cold.

"Marriage, or leave directly, never return to China, choose one of the two."

Lu Baobab shook his head hard, and said pitifully, "Big Brother, I promise that this kind of thing will never happen again. I don't want to marry or go abroad."

Once she goes abroad, her mother will definitely force her to do things that she never wants to do.

"Get your sister-in-law back, everything is easy to discuss."

Lu Baobab suddenly froze.

The atmosphere was stagnant. I don't know how long it has passed. It feels like a century. Seeing Lu Licheng standing up and preparing to leave, she finally made a decision.


"Su Jia Su Qichen."

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