Chapter 39:Every Day Is a Shura Field

Sure enough, she is very interested in this topic

The life in Su's house was very comfortable, so comfortable that Ye Xincheng was frightened.

Although she had a good time when she was in the Lu family, she was really insignificant compared to now.

She even puts on a dress, and someone wants to come over and button it up.

"No, I'll do it myself. I heard that someone is coming to have a blind date with Big Brother today?"

Ye Xin moved back, avoiding Feng Yuan's hands stretched out, and diverting her attention.

Sure enough, she is very interested in this topic.

"Yes, night is coming. It's the end of the year. Your dad and your elder brother are free, so I want to take this opportunity to settle things down."

Ye Xin frowned and said suspiciously, "Is there no girlfriend?"

"He, he knows dealing with work all day long, and he speaks coldly, which girl would like it."

Speaking of her son, Feng Yuan was full of disgust.

"Does the eldest brother agree to a blind date?" Ye Xin was curious, wondering how she felt that the eldest brother she had in her impression was different from what Feng Yuan said.

Although it has only been in contact for less than a week, Su Qichen's concern for himself can be seen with his eyes.

He speaks very warmly, and his attitude is also very good.

"I don't agree, is it possible to be a bachelor?" In front of Ye Xin, Feng Yuan still restrained her dislike of her son for a while, and then her eyes fell on the already protruding belly.

"His sister has children. He is still a bachelor. It's too unreasonable."

Haha, it turns out that her belly is also one of the reasons for Su Qichen's blind date.

"After I finish eating later, I will take you out and buy some clothes and jewelry. You don't want anything, but you can't just wear it casually if you want to see guests tonight."

Listening to Feng Yuan's words, Ye Xin smiled dryly.

Although she has never been out for shopping, Feng Yuan personally bought a lot of clothes for her, all of them are top international brands. Is this called casual wear?

"I think it's pretty good now, really." She looked sincere.

"Ears, neck, and wrists are missing something. Go and eat, but you can't starve the little baby in your stomach."


"Mom, Xinxin, have breakfast downstairs."

It was Su Wang's voice.

"Let's go."

At the dining table, Ye Xin enjoyed Feng Yuan's meticulous care, which made her very uncomfortable.

Fortunately, the two men in the Su family are both indifferent. Although they have a good attitude towards her, they don't want to come forward and ask for warmth in person.

The most talked about is to let her eat more and just say what she lacks.

Putting down her chopsticks, Feng Yuan grabbed Ye Xin's hand: "Xin Xin and I will go out to buy something..."

"Use my card." The voices of the two men sounded at the same time.

Su Liguang looked at his son dissatisfied: "My daughter, of course use my card."

Su Qichen refused to give up: "My sister, of course spends my money."

"Okay, you all stand aside, I gave birth to my daughter, and I spend it." Feng Yuan looked arrogant.

"Mom, I'll accompany you, and I can give some advice." Su Wang looked expectant.

"Let's go."

Soon, the father and son were left in the restaurant who looked at each other and hated each other.

"It's useless. Even my wife wants me to help find her. Your sister has children."

The disgusted Su Qichen:...

A few days ago, who said in front of him that he had the most credit for getting his sister back?

After listening to an introduction in the car, Ye Xin had a direct impression of where he was going.

Big brands gather, support customization, Fengcheng's most high-end shopping mall, of course, the price is also very good.

"We got off at the door and stopped going to the underground parking lot. The air was not so good."

The other two people had no opinion at all.

"Xinxin, if you feel unwell, you must tell me."

After getting off the car, Feng Yuan asked not to worry about her.

Ye Xin smiled and nodded.

"Xinxin, let's go in," Su Wang took Ye Xin's arm: "walk carefully."

At this moment, Lu Baobei, who is in a irritable mood, is racing, and she is dignified by the Lu family's eldest lady, who actually wants to go on a blind date!

This matter spread out, I am afraid that it will make the usual little sisters laugh out loud.

Even if the target of the blind date is Su Qichen, what about a man who only knows about work is totally uninteresting.

The grumbling person turned his head to look outside the car, but inadvertently saw a familiar figure, and his eyes suddenly changed.


The excited man almost reached out to the cart door.

The eldest brother said, as long as she finds her sister-in-law, she doesn't have to go on a blind date.

Fortunately, the steering wheel in front of her reminded her.

Pulling over to the car, she drove the car for the first time and looked at where she found Ye Xin.

It's just that no one can be seen anymore.

Is she dazzled?

Lu Baobao was a little confused for a while, but as long as there was a glimmer of hope, she shouldn't give up.

I quickly dialed out and called Lu Licheng. After the call was connected, he couldn't wait to say: "Brother, I saw my sister-in-law, it is true. I will send you the location now and come here."

Before Lu Licheng could speak, she hung up the phone and shared the location directly.

Now she has reached her desperate situation, if she can find someone before the blind date, then she can continue to remain free.

So, no matter whether she read it wrong or not, she assumed that the person she saw just now was Ye Xin.

After receiving the news, Lu Licheng completely cut his thoughts on cooperation, and immediately got up to say goodbye to Su Liguang.

"Sorry, there are some urgent matters to deal with, and I will come to apologize in the evening."

Su Liguang still liked the young man in front of him very much. He did not lose his son's ability and courage. He was calm and self-sufficient. If his daughter didn't bulge, he really wanted to match the two of them.

But now, he can't let the president of Lu's Group be the successor, it's too much.

"Then see you tonight."

Half an hour later, Lu Licheng was already standing in front of the gate of the commercial building with a cold expression: "Are you sure she went in?"

Lu Baobab nodded repeatedly and raised his right hand to swear: "I just took the picture of my sister-in-law and asked the staff at the counter near the entrance. Someone has actually seen it."

Her heart thumped and thumped. For half an hour, she really hadn't been idle.

Fortunately, God is on her side.

It really is Ye Xin!

"Assistant Qin, you took someone in to find, did she walk in from this entrance? Or did she drive the car?" The second half of the sentence was to Baby Lu.

"Walk in, I'm pretty sure."

"Watch at the exit, she will definitely leave, you follow me in to find someone."

Just looking around, after two hours, he hadn't even seen Ye Xin's shadow.

At this moment, Ye Xin was in a jewelry store, looking at the jewelry displayed in the window, his eyes were instantly attracted by a necklace.

In the white gold chain, there was a round pure white east pearl in the middle. Inexplicably, she felt that this necklace Feng Yuan would look very beautiful on it.

"Like this one? Put it on."

Feng Yuan simply and neatly.

Ye Xin shook her head quickly: "No, I think this necklace will look great if you wear it."

"Xinxin helped me see it? Take it out quickly." At the first moment when the teller took it out, she pulled the tag off, her expression happy: "I wear it myself."

"Xinxin, your eyes are so good. Mom wears it really well. Then I'll pay the bill. It's a gift from our sisters."

"No, you have this mindset, I am already very happy, and keep your money." Feng Yuan beamed with a smile.

Ye Xin turned her head, smiling at Su Wang who was ashamed.

Hopefully, she thinks too much.

I went out today, but fortunately I took my card with me.

"I gave you a gift. How can I make the person in my hand pay? I can afford this necklace." But she still feels distressed and forgive her for not adapting to the consumption habits of the top rich.

Before that, she always felt that she was a poor man.

The only huge sum of money is the money to sell the house.

"Xinxin, you help mom choose, I'm already very happy..."

In Feng Yuan's persuasion, Ye Xin had already handed her card to the cashier.

"Pay the bill."

Feng Yuan got even more excited after receiving a gift from her daughter, and she didn't feel distressed when she bought things.

If Ye Xin said that she was hungry, she would continue to buy it.

Ye Xin was really surprised by her big hand.

"I'm hungry and want to go back to eat." If I dine here, I am afraid that I will continue to buy and buy.

"Okay, then come again next time."

Feng Yuan's intentions were still not exhausted, and she took Ye Xin directly down the VIP elevator.

"Hold it up and walk less when you are hungry. Let's go straight to the parking lot and take a car."

Ye Xin got off the elevator, and Lu Licheng had already received the news over there.

"Boss, my wife's bank card, has a consumption record, just ten minutes ago." Qin Tezhu's words gave a boost to those who were about to be disappointed who were looking for no results.

"Which store?"

Ye Xin got into the car and couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief. Suddenly, Feng Yuan became nervous.

"Xinxin, is it uncomfortable? Or go to the hospital now."

"No, it's just a little tired."

Feng Yuan really cared about herself too much, which made Ye Xin slightly uneasy.

After all, this body belongs to her daughter, but she has nothing to do with her.

I just don't know if the original owner has discovered the secret of his life experience in the original book.

"Then after going back to eat, you can rest well, Su Wang, you will help me set up the house this afternoon, your dad sells it, and I still don't know the identity of the other party."

Su Wang smiled obediently: "Okay."

After returning to Su’s house, Ye Xin walked in the yard after eating. Instead of going back to the room for the first time, she sat in front of the sofa, looked at the pile of trophies in front of him, and asked Feng Yuan’s opinion. .

"Do I have to prepare for the evening?"

"You just have to eat well, nothing else has anything to do with you."

Ye Xin yawned, a little sleepy.

Feng Yuan stood up immediately: "I'm tired, I'll take you back to the room to rest. Your belly is getting bigger and bigger, I have to get someone to install an elevator quickly, it's too dangerous to climb up and down."

Ye Xin:...

She lives on the third floor!

"Would you like to live on the first floor?" Su Wang suggested from the side.

Feng Yuan refused without even thinking about it.

"Don't toss, install an elevator thing."

Ye Xin didn't comment on this, because it was completely useless to say it.

"You take a good rest, you should be able to arrive when you wake up."

Ye Xin was so sleepy during this period, she was not full of sleep, and could never get up.

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