Chapter 1:First Divorce Forced To Become a Full-time Artist

A bowl of scallion egg noodles

Chapter 1 A bowl of green onion egg noodles

Hezhou, Jingyuan Study.

Art and art lovers gather here in twos and threes, order two cups of coffee or a pot of tea, and then discuss literary creation, or discuss calligraphy, painting and folk art.

In the corner of the study.

A man and a woman sitting opposite each other.

The man has a small head, handsome appearance, and a kind of sunshine.

Women wear the most popular blue and white porcelain cheongsam, a burgundy felt hat, and a black mask that covers most of their face.

"Our feelings have come to an end. Getting together and getting together is the last blessing."

The woman’s voice is very sweet. She looked at the man and said, “Want to hear why I want a divorce?”

The man was as quiet as water, without answering.

The woman sighed: "When I first met you, you were the president of the University Literature Club. You were already a member of the Hezhou Writers Association at the age of twenty. You were radiant at that time. But since we got married, you seem to be gone. Any pursuits and dreams."

"You know, our identities and gaps are getting bigger and bigger now, we can no longer live together. So, this is the reason."

The man is smiling, as if what the woman said has nothing to do with him.

"Forget it, I've talked a little too much."

"I proposed the divorce. I am willing to compensate you. As long as it is within my acceptable range, I agree to all of it."

The man picked up the purple sand cup with tea on the mahogany table, took a sip, only felt that the tea was a bit bitter and astringent.

The man still did not speak.

The woman sneered and shook her head: "Don't you speak? Do you want to drag it?"

"Lee Ang, there is no point in dragging you like this. Let's go, I will pay you 10 million as compensation, but I need you to promise me one thing."

"About our marriage, you can't tell anyone a little bit, even the closest friend around you."

The woman is called Su Yuqi.

A legendary woman in China.

The author's remuneration and various copyright fees superimposed up to 20 million women writers in the 23 years of the Chinese calendar.

In addition to creative talent, her voice and acting talent are also unique.

At a fan meeting, after Su Yuqi sang a song for many fans, she was immediately favored by major entertainment companies and successfully entered the entertainment circle.

She has released two records, each of which has reached a staggering million sales.

Then she starred in another movie, in the image of a beautiful lady who played a supporting role.

But her performance was so outstanding, she won the Golden Elephant Best Supporting Actress in one fell swoop, and was called the ‘Master of the Jade Girl’s School’ by her fans.

The current Su Yuqi is brilliant.

The man opposite her called Li An, Su Yuqi, a man who has been married for six years.

The two met at university. At that time, Li Ang was the president of the school's literature club and a member of the Hezhou Writers Association.

Su Yuqi admires Li An.

And Li Ann also pityed this poor girl.

Lang is a talented woman, the two soon fell in love and got married.

It’s just this marriage, which is definitely a burden to Su Yuqi, who has already stepped into the entertainment industry and became the head of the ‘Jade Girl Sect’.

Faced with the 10 million compensation and confidentiality request, Li Ang still did not answer, only slightly shook his head with a smile.

Su Yuqi's beautiful eyes showed a bit of sullenness: "Li Ang, ten million is a lot. Even if the money is put in the bank for interest, it will be enough for you to live the rest of your life safely. Find a beautiful and sensible woman. , You can be ordinary and happy."

"And you know my worth, I can't pay more."

Li An looked at Su Yuqi, did not answer her face-to-face, just gently took off the one-carat diamond ring on the ring finger with his hand, and then played in the palm of his hand.

After playing for a while, Ang Li raised his head again, his eyes calm as water but like a round of warm light: "Are there any times, you can make me a bowl of egg noodles with green onion."

"A bowl of green onion egg noodles?" The smile on Su Yuqi's face narrowed, her beautiful eyes trembling slightly.

A memory from six years ago, like a tide flooded into the minds of the two sitting opposite each other.


six years ago.

Su Yuqi is just an ordinary student at the Teachers College, while Li An is already a member of the Hezhou Writers Association and is well-known in the school.

At a rainy noon.

Su Yuqi drank some wine and knocked on Li An's door with flushed cheeks.

She is like a helpless and a little crazy girl.

Li Ang helped her into the house and sat down.

"Do you know, do you know Lee An-Senior..."

On that day, Su Yuqi vomited to Li Ang about her experience.

This is a poor girl.

Parents divorced since childhood, and with her father who was drinking alcohol every day, Su Yuqi not only did not experience the slightest paternal love and maternal love, but also started washing and cooking for the alcoholic father every day when she was ten years old.

Even the tuition fees for studying are all earned by Su Yuqi's part-time job.

On that day, her father finally fell into the gully of the new road after being drunk and fell to his death.

"Senior Lee An, do you think I should be happy or painful. My alcoholic father finally died, but I don’t have a father anymore."

"I'm so pitiful."

Su Yuqi cried with pear blossoms and rain.

She said: "I envy other people's children. My parents loved me since I was a child. When I was hungry, I had food and sleep. When I was sleepy and sleep, I had new clothes for the holidays. What about me!? I will cook for my alcoholic father when I return. When will anyone be able to cook me a bowl of rice, even if it's just a bowl of plain chopped egg noodles with green onion."

"My dream is very simple. Accompany, love, want a warm home..."

That day.

Li An gently wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes with his hands, and walked to the kitchen to make her a bowl of egg noodles with green onion.

Then stroked her face: "In the future, I will give you a warm home and give you the company and love you want."


Su Yuqi also thought of the bowl of green onion egg noodles.

A trace of panic flashed in her trembling and beautiful eyes, but she was quickly suppressed by her.

Because she is a strong woman, a well-known figure in the literary, singing and performing arts circles, she does not allow herself to be vulnerable at all.

Li Ang smiled and said: "From that day on, I abandon all my dreams, and treat your dreams as my dreams."

"Your dream companionship, love, and a warm home, I have helped you round it up."

"Your dream starts with a bowl of scallion egg noodles I made for you, and it ends with a bowl of scallion egg noodles."

His words are very light.

It was so weak that he couldn't feel any sadness in him, like a passerby who had nothing to do with me.

Su Yuqi's body trembled, then she looked down at Vacheron Constantin on her wrist, shook her head and said, "Sorry, I'm very busy and don't have time. I'll do it for you later if I have a chance."

She breathed slightly: "In addition...people are always changing. Now our two people's outlooks on life and values ​​are completely different."

Su Yuqi's answer seemed to Li Ang's expectation.

Li An silently placed the diamond ring in his palm on the smooth mahogany table, and asked, "Is the divorce agreement brought?"


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