Chapter 1:Forcefully Doting On You

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When Mu Cai first became aware, she felt pain all over her body.

There was a cold and hard concrete floor under him, and countless ruthless fists fell heavily on him, making him exhale in pain.

Mu Cai's thin body was almost bent into a shrimp, and he subconsciously raised his hand to hug his head. However, the next moment, he heard a sneer from not far away:

"I've been beaten like this, the first reaction is to protect the face? Do you really think that you can seduce...seduce people with your face?"

The voice was lazy, with undisguised contempt and disdain: "If you don't have Mo Hengqing's capital, don't try to replace Mo Hengqing! You don't take a ** and look in the mirror to see what you have. Comparable to the actor? Don't be daydreaming, it is impossible for Brother Gu to see you!"

Mu Cai just walked into this (body shen) body, while having to endure the large amount of information that suddenly popped out of his brain, he had to pay attention to reducing the harm he suffered. He didn't have the mind to listen to the other party's words, only his mouth vented ( Lu) a few groans that endured pain...

I don’t know how long this situation lasted before a low and cold voice sounded: "Enough."

Upon hearing this sound, a mechanical voice suddenly came from Mu Cai, who was curled up on the ground and beaten:

[Gu Yunchen, the protagonist is attacking, he loves the object in the original. ]

The kicking has stopped, and the place where Mu Cai had been beaten hurts fiercely. But he couldn't take care of it anymore, and quickly raised his body to recognize the person.

Two men stood opposite.

Fengshen was handsome and indifferent, and he didn't even look here. The setting sun coated his whole body with a warm yellow halo, and outlined his wide shoulders and long legs, which looked very eye-catching.

It was the protagonist who attacked Gu Yunchen.

And the other person, arrogant and domineering, with a smile on his face, is the cousin of the protagonist, translated by Lin Jia.

Lin Jiayi heard Gu Yunchen's order and knew that the other party was warning him.

Pervert stalker, just a lesson. Although the opponent is only an 18-line artist, he is also the younger brother of the actor Mo Hengqing, and he can't really kill him.

Lin Jiayi looked at the expression on Gu Yunchen's face, and it was still cold all year round, and she didn't even fly to the stalker's side. His cousin is like this, except for the people and things he is interested in, he is indifferent to everything else, and can even be called cold.

But Gu Yunchen didn't care about this perverted stalker, but that doesn't mean Lin Jiayi didn't care. This person named Mu Cai is really annoying, he usually just stares at the spot all the time. I didn't expect that this time he would be bold enough to follow to the toilet and tried to move his feet!

Such a pervert, if you don't give it a lesson, he can't be reconciled!

Therefore, with Gu Yunchen's acquiescence, he dragged the man into the dark alley and asked the bodyguards around him to give Mu Cai a good beating.

Only when Lin Jiayi turned his head and hit the man on the ground with malicious eyes, a trace of surprise flashed across his face, and even his mind was blank for a moment.

I saw the person on the ground half propped up, probably because the key was well protected. There were no traces of bruise on his face, but a large patch of gray dust was stained on his left face.

The dust didn't make the other party more embarrassed, on the contrary, it made his face (color) paler as paper. Lin Jiayi also discovered that the skin of the person sitting on the ground (exposed) was very white, his face was white, his neck was white, and even the hand pressing on the dirty ground was dazzlingly white.

This perverted stalker gasped wildly, and looked over, full of water, as if to cry.

He was obviously a man, but he looked so attractive.

Lin Jiayi looked at it, and suddenly recovered his senses. Only then did he realize that he had seen God unconsciously.

Facing a perverted stalker, he actually saw God! This fact made Lin Jiayi irritated, and he immediately sneered: "I didn't expect you to get up. It seems that the lessons are not enough."

He was about to beckon the bodyguard on the side to do it again, and the cold voice on the side rang again: "Go."

As soon as the words fell, Gu Yunchen on the side turned and left, the hem of the long windbreaker drew an elegant arc in the air.

The other party didn't glance at the person sitting on the ground from beginning to end.

Lin Jiayi quickly followed, and did not forget to look back at Mu Cai, who was sitting on the ground, and warned: "Don't let me see you again, or I will see you once."

The bodyguards around also followed the two in front to leave.

Sitting on the icy ground, Mu Cai couldn't help sighing at the thought of his personality and plot.

But he thought he was dedicated, so Mu Cai quickly cheered up and shouted, "Gu Yunchen, I like you!"

Gu Yunchen didn't seem to hear it at all, he kept walking under his feet, and even the arc of his clothes did not change. He still walked forward. When Lin Jiayi heard this sentence, she almost slipped.

This pervert! I have been beaten up, and it is not a long lesson!

He turned his head angrily and looked back, and saw the young man still sitting on the ground in the narrow alley in the afterglow of the setting sun. The other party didn't care about his grayed face and the injuries on his body, but just looked at this side infatuated.

Lin Jiayi originally wanted to say something cruel, but for some reason he couldn't speak as if his throat was blocked.

He turned his head angrily with an unspeakable mood, and looked at Gu Yunchen, who was indifferent with his long legs in front, and for the first time had a suspicion of this cousin in his heart.

Although his cousin is indeed very good, but Gu Yunchen is so indifferent to Mu Cai, is he really worthy of that person's madness?

Mu Cai, who was sitting on the ground on the other side, finished the play, feeling exhausted physically and mentally.

He was beaten up just now, and his whole body hurts. Now he just wants to go back and take a good bath, and then lie down on the (bed chuang) to recuperate.

Mu Cai stood up, because his body hurts, he couldn't straighten up a bit, so he could only squat himself (touching Mo) to the company dormitory where he usually lives.

Fortunately, because of Mo Hengqing's (guanguan) department, although he hasn't made his debut yet, the accommodation is still good. In a place like Beijing, he can have a small single room.

Mu Cai gritted his teeth and took a shower, washing off all the dust on his hair and body. During the (washing xi) bath, he also checked the scars on Yixia's body.

The bruises were connected into one piece, but there was no bleeding. It seems that Gu Yunchen's bodyguards are still very professional, specializing in playing in invisible places, and they are very clever. Even if he was in severe pain at that time, he went to the hospital for an examination later. It is estimated that the result of the test was only a minor injury.

It's just that Gu Yunchen and the others still think too much. Even if they are beaten by the other party, they will only accept it silently and will not call the police.

As for him, he can't even call the police.

Mu Cai thought silently in his heart.

He is a novice traverser, responsible for replacing the role of cannon fodder (color) in the novel world, promoting the development of the plot, preventing the world from being out of balance, so as to gather the energy of this world. In order to facilitate the crossing of Mu Cai, all the characters (colors) replaced by him will be silently changed to his name and his appearance.

This is the first world Muze experienced after a simple training.

After taking a shower, he wiped (dry gan) hair, pushed the door and lay on the (bed chuang), shrank under the quilt, and started to sort out the situation.

The character (color) that Mu Cai traverses is the younger brother of the protagonist Yu Mo Hengqing, but they have no blood (guanguan) relationship. Mo Hengqing's father and original mother are married and restructured, each with a child.

The original body is so obsessed with Gu Yunchen, and wants to enter the entertainment circle to get close to each other. Mo Hengqing is the actor, and at the request of the original mother, he usually takes care of the original.

But the original body hates Mo Hengqing. This is because Gu Yunchen is very cold on weekdays, but he takes the initiative to make friends with Mo Hengqing. He also claimed in the talk show that his most respected senior is Mo Hengqing.

But in fact, the two of them are only two years old.

This makes the original body mad with jealousy.

The original obsession with Gu Yunchen has reached a pathological level. All the posters in his room were Gu Yunchen's posters. He also collected the discs of every Gu Yunchen movie and bought the products endorsed by Gu Yunchen.

Moreover, the original body is still relying on himself in the entertainment industry. There is an actor brother who searches for Gu Yunchen's news everywhere and follows the other party's movements. Even this time, he ran to the toilet to block people while Gu Yunchen was in the bathroom. He was simply a member of the entertainment industry. A typical illegitimate meal that people shout and beat.

Although the original body did not intend to do anything, and indeed did nothing, this does not prevent this behavior from falling into the category of perversion.

And crossing novice Mu Cai is to play such a role (color).

Mu Cai couldn't help knocking the system in his brain:

[Will a good novice reduce the difficulty? ! Where is this simplicity? ! ]

However, there was no response.

This system is just a broadcaster without feelings.

Mu Cai sighed, shrank into the quilt, and wrapped herself into a baby.

His cheeks bulged slightly, and he thought aggrieved, I was too difficult.

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