Chapter 131:Forcefully Doting On You

The little priest of the gods (1)

Paltrow carried clean food and water on a tray, lowered his head, and stepped up the long steps in front of the grand hall with the most religious attitude. +++ Catino Novel Network

Dozens of Doric columns made of marble form this extraordinary, magnificent temple. Paltrow walked through the front hall and the long corridor intertwined with light and shadow, avoiding the clusters of flowers hanging down from the gentle winding vines, all the way to the main hall where the candles were lit.

In the center of the main hall, stands a ten-meter-high statue of a * made of gold and ivory. The golden robe and wings (color) of the * image are luxurious and luxurious, and the eyes inlaid with precious stones are shining. However, such finely crafted works of art did not (gou) pay Paltrow's slightest attention. His zealous eyes fell on the man who was kneeling in front of the idol.

That is their oracle priest Mu Cai.

The person kneeling on the mat wears a white robe that symbolizes purity, and his long black hair hangs softly, gently swinging between his thin waists. His waist was loosely tied with a blue (colored) silk belt, and the raised hips protruded from the bottom, and further down, it was because of the kneeling posture that the light appeared. foot.

These two feet are beautiful in shape, and the skin (color) is white, and the white robe above is eclipsed (color).

Perhaps because he heard Paltrow's footsteps, the oracle priest turned and looked over. His face is delicate and white, his lips are as bright as roses, and his gleaming eyes are like stars in the sky.

When the other party saw Paltrow coming, he got up from the kneeling mat and greeted him, with brows and eyes bent, and a gentle smile appeared on his face naturally: "You are here. Thank you for helping me." Brought food."

Mu Cai is the oracle priest of this city-state, the highest rank among priests, and he is in charge of "astrology." Like other priests, he will stay in the temple three times a year, each time for one month. During this period, priests must not eat unclean food and wear unclean clothing. Therefore, Mu Cai's food and clothing are all sent by someone.

With a thin white soft hand resting on the edge of the white porcelain tray, the oracle priest in front of him looked at the food on the plate and smiled: "It is the stewed lamb (meat rou) and fruit that I like to eat. Thank you.

Paltrow looked at his gentle and beautiful face, suppressed the frenetic emotions in his eyes, took a deep breath in secret, and respectfully said: "Priest, when the Lord asks you to start astrology?"

The new planting season is approaching. The priest in charge of the "sundial" needs to arrange the farming time according to the calendar, and the one-year calendar needs to be customized by Mu Cai, the oracle priest in charge of "astrology". At the same time, he also needs to make rough predictions based on astrology for various major events that may occur in the next year, such as possible coups, floods, and so on.

The cold has passed, and the spring breeze has blown across the land. Mu Cai had already made preparations to start astrology, so he was not at a loss when he heard the words, but smiled: "Also ask Priest Paltrow to convey a message to the monarch for me. Tomorrow night, when the Venus appears Every moment, I will do astrology at the astronomical platform on the top of the temple."

Paltrow is also a priest, but his status is much lower than that of the oracle priest. He is not in charge of sundial studies, astrology, and other spells that have a major impact on the city, but as a clergyman, he serves the oracle priests and assists the oracle priests to complete their offerings and sacrifices.

Therefore, when he heard what the person in front of him said, he just lowered his eyes and lowered his head, and said respectfully: "Yes."

Mu Cai put the white porcelain plate on the small table next to the cushion and sat on it to eat properly. He waited until it was almost done before he returned the tray to Paltrow, who had been waiting.

When the tray was handed over, Paltrow reached out to pick it up, but accidentally stumbled on a little cool, soft fingertip. He quickly withdrew his hand and lowered his head.

Mu Cai did not notice the reaction of the opposite person, but continued to express gratitude and instructions: "Tomorrow and evening, before I start astrology, I will trouble you."

Paltrow shook his hand, almost unable to hold the white porcelain tray.

Before performing their duties, the oracle priests will perform a special bathing. That's all about bathing. The priests who stay in the temple must bathe three or four times a day to ensure the body is clean. Paltrow has long learned to stand on the side with a towel without squinting.

However, the matter of "purification" was not something he could deceive himself and others.

As the "purifier" among the priests, he needs to remove part of the hair on the body surface for the oracle priests.

Before Mu Cai stayed in the temple this time, Paltrow had removed the hair on the arms and calves for this beautiful priest. He still remembers that when he was holding up that thin white leg, the skin on his palm was very delicate. It was obvious that the other party's hair was sparse and almost nothing, but he still deceived himself and used a knife to gently shave the tiny little fluff.

At that time, the pure and beautiful priest was a little shy, with his round toes curled up and stepped on his knees. The other party's two thin arms were resting on the mat, and the slender white neck was slightly raised, and the golden light of the sun behind him dyed his long black hair yellow.

It is like a helpless lamb dedicated to the gods on an altar.

When Paltrow thought of this, his fingers squeezed tightly, almost crushing the edge of the white porcelain tray, and even his body had a tendency to raise his head. A trace of scarlet flashed in his dark eyes, but he didn't know it, so he could only lower his head deeper to cover up the waves in his heart: "The oracle priest need not be so polite, this is all Paltrow should do."

After Mu Cai finished eating, he continued to pray in front of the idol, and the communication between the two ended here.

Paltrow carried the white porcelain tray and walked out through the front hall and the long corridor intertwined with light and shadow. His ears seemed to grow sharply in a moment when he passed the softly entwined vines.

A cluster of hanging flowers was swayed by the pointed devil's ears, but in an instant, the pointed ears disappeared. The Purifier priest Paltrow solemnly turned out from the back of the corridor and handed the white porcelain tray to the hand of the ** waiter who had been waiting for a long time, and dared not even lift his head.

Only a cluster of flowers that swayed gently on the promenade remained.


In the evening of the next day, many people from the city-state rushed to the vicinity of the temple, crawling on the ground, looking up to watch their most beloved oracle priest perform astrology.

The oracle priest is pure and beautiful, noble and kind. After the plague was predicted the previous year, the monarch ordered the cleaning of the corners and corners of the city, and controlled the city-state's entry and exit, so that the priest in charge of the healing technique was ready to wait. He himself wore a white robe and went down to the slums to distribute food and medicine to the poor. He took the wreath from a small child and put it on his head.

Later, the plague broke out, and the origin was another city-state, and almost all the surrounding city-states were recruited. However, due to the measures taken by the oracle priests foreseeing and urging them in place, the spread in their city-state was also brought under control in time, with very few casualties.

Therefore, all the people in the city love this oracle priest very much. Even if they know that the other party does not lack food and clothing, they often send fresh bread, (meat rou) and fruits to Mu Cai's door. Yesterday they heard that the oracle priest was about to perform astrology at the moment of the rising of the Eastern Venus star this evening, and they all came to watch it spontaneously, wanting to see the people who have stayed in the temple for many days.

Mu Cai is wearing a white robe, holding a scepter that symbolizes the power of the oracle priest in his hand, wearing a wreath of flowers woven on his head, and long black hair fluttering in the evening breeze. Standing in the setting sun, his snow-white face was reflected in warm yellow, and he slightly nodded to greet the monarch of the city in front of him: "Your Highness, I'm on the observatory."

The young monarch is tall, with his back facing the sunset, casting a silent and reliable silhouette. There was an obsessive look (look) in his eyes, and before he took the priest's hand to encourage him, he saw that the other party had turned and walked towards the stargazing platform.

The Eastern Venus star is about to rise. It is a good time for divination. Mu Cai didn't care about the monarch's reaction, and hurriedly walked towards the observatory. The top of the temple was already covered with flowers, and he walked barefoot on the silk-paved road, all the way to the observatory.

When the Venus star was completely up, the sky (color) was already dark, and Mu Cai lined up the astrolabe on the observatory, waiting for the moonlight and starlight to give him guidance.

The implementation of astrology must always observe the astrolabe and celestial phenomena, and it may not end until midnight. Mu Cai looked at the astrolabe for a while, and saw that the night (color) was getting thicker, and the creeping people underneath still did not leave, and lightly stepped down the steps from the observatory.

Paltrow, who had been waiting for the oracle priest, turned his head and saw Mu Cai walking under the moon (color) under the starlight. There are flowers on his head, half of his body is illuminated by the full moon, reflecting the beautiful features and thin body.

This scene is like a hazy dream.

Paltrow saw the oracle priest smile at himself (exposed) a gentle smile: "Patrow, it's already late. Let the people go back first. They will crawl on the ground for a long time, and they will be vulnerable to cold."

After the other party finished speaking, he paused for a while, those soul- capturing eyes looked over and expressed a little worry: "Patrow, do you feel okay? If you feel sleepy or cold, just start Go to the back hall (sleep in Shui) for a while, there is not much to do here, I just look at the astrolabe."

After Mu Cai finished speaking, he didn't know if it was his illusion. He saw a red light flashing in the dark eyes of the loyal Purifier standing under the steps. However, before he could take a closer look, Paltrow lowered his head, and a low voice came with the evening breeze: "My Lord Oracle priest, I will convey your wishes to the people."

When the other party said this, he paused: "As for myself, I will always guard you."

This voice is deep and full of magnetic (sexual xing), as if coming from the (胸xiong) cavity, full of strong emotions.

Mu Cai was stunned for a moment. Before he could speak, he saw the Purifier turning around and passing through the roof of the temple, conveying his wishes down.

Paltrow was unwilling to leave, and Mu Cai couldn't force him, so he could only continue to return to the observatory to observe the astrolabe.

Through the communication of many priests and ** servants, the people below heard that this was the wish of the oracle priests, and they all prayed devoutly before retreating. Paltrow stood at the revolving place of the stairs, looking through the window opened on the temple wall, until he saw that the people were gradually dispersed, and then he returned to the top of the temple along the steps.

But at this moment, the star shifted and Mu Cai observed the changes in the astrolabe, and his face (color) gradually turned white.

According to the astrology, there will be three years of severe drought in the region where their city-state is located.

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