Chapter 132:Forcefully Doting On You

The little priest of the gods (2)

Paltrow once again walked through the corridors and front halls intertwined with light and shadow, and headed to the main hall where candles flickered. +++ Catino Novel Network

He still bowed his head respectfully, holding a white porcelain tray in his hand, which was full of fragrant stewed lamb (meat rou), soft bread and fresh fruit, all of which the oracle priests loved to eat.

Only this time, Paltrow hadn't stepped into the main hall, and found that more than Mu Cai was present inside. In front of the golden and ivory idol, the young and handsome city-state monarch is holding the thin shoulders of the pure and beautiful priest, and his voice is full of pain and struggle: "Cai Cai, do you have to do this?!"

The face (color) of the person he was holding was calm, with two thin white hands resting on the arm of the tall and strong person, and the eyes looking up at the other party even had a little compassion: "My lord, for the sake of the city, I must Do it."

"The drought has been going on for a long time. The poor people have almost no food to eat, and they have to withstand the scorching sun. The land has cracked huge gaps, and the evil locusts are about to move in the soil. In the near future, they will hatch. When we cross the border, we will gnaw the little field we have left."

The eyes of the young monarch were red: "We are offering sacrifices! We have offered to the gods cattle, sheep, vegetables and fruits, and (gan) clean water! The gods will help us! No need for you, no need for you..."

Before he finished speaking, a pair of cool and soft hands cupped his cheeks. The person who was almost in his arms looked at the young king tenderly: "We have offered sacrifices to the gods for two full months, and the drought has not been alleviated. Don't waste food anymore, Distribute the sacrifices to the people. I think the gods need something different."

The monarch's hand clenched subconsciously, and quickly released it, fearing that it might hurt the person in his arms. He almost broke the crown of his teeth: "What kind of a * is a * who needs people as a sacrifice! He is simply..."

A thin white finger touched his lips. The beautiful and pure priest's face (color) cooled down and whispered: "Sovereign, speak carefully."

The young monarch's just like a rainbow's aura suddenly fell short. He almost sticks to the priest in front of him: "But, Cai Cai, even if you need someone as a sacrifice, you don't need you..."

Paltrow walked into the main hall with a white porcelain tray, and interrupted the atmosphere in the hall very uninterestingly: "My Lord Oracle priest, your food is here."

The monarch's words stopped abruptly, and then turned his head in a dull (color) face, and looked over fiercely like a young wolf king on the grassland.

However, only the lowered head of the Purifier and the food held respectfully responded to him.

The monarch realized with hindsight that it was time to gather food. His oracle priest is thin, and his back is even more slender than the beautiful girl (female nu) in the city-state, and the meal cannot be delayed for a moment.

Thinking of this, Kross felt less resentful about the purifier who was not interested and disturbed him and Cai Cai. The young monarch immediately stopped talking and changed his words: "Cai Cai, you can eat first."

Mu Caiguang's feet were snow-white and graceful in shape. They stepped on the ground silently, wearing a white robe that symbolized purity and walking over like a cat. He glanced at the tray in Paltrow's hand and sighed slightly, his face showed a sad look: "It's already such a time, but I can still eat such good food. "

As he said, his moving eyes turned to the monarch on the side, and his bright black eyes seemed to be washed with water: "Lord, you see, I don’t do production, but I am loved and worshipped by the people all the year round. They ate hard bread and drank. The light (meat rou) soup, nibbling on the sour fruits and leaves, but the soft bread made from the finest sieved wheat flour, the best part of the lamb (meat rou), and the sweetest The juicy fruits are offered to me."

"I have received such preferential treatment all the year round. If I do not take the stage as a sacrifice in such a crisis, should I let the people of God who work hard to sacrifice their lives? As the oracle priest, if I cannot protect my people , What does it mean for me to stay in this world?"

When Kloss heard this, he became excited: "You have a lot of meaning! You are in charge of astrology, making calendars, restraining the congregation, and in charge of architecture..."

Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by the priest oracle in front of him: "My student Themis is talented and has been studying here for four or five years and has basically mastered the essentials of astrology. The rest. He has also dabbled in the things, and I believe he will be able to comprehend it properly through the books of his predecessors and my notes."

"After I dedicated my life to the gods, Themis took my place. The lords of the Senate have agreed to this."

After Mu Cai finished speaking, his eyes, like the Milky Way at night, were stained with firm (color) color, his voice sank, and there was no doubt: "Please come back, Lord."

Hearing this, Kross looked into the eyes of the opposite person, knowing that the incident was irretrievable. He resented that the elders of the Mu Cai United Senate were hiding from him, and he hated his inability at the moment.

He was standing here now, unable to say a word, unable to make a single expression, and finally turned away hastily.

Mu Cai watched the young monarch's escape until the tall and sturdy figure disappeared at the end of the corridor before he calmly sat back on his cushion.

Paltrow stepped forward in time, put the tray in his hand on the small table in front of the cushion, and stood silently aside.

Mu Cai stretched out his white hand and took a bite of the soft wheat-flavored bread. His lips were red like a rose. The petals lightly staggered, and a small piece of thick and long bread disappeared, leaving only a shallow thin tooth mark.

He slowly finished chewing the bread and swallowed it in, then raised his bright black eyes to look at the Purifier who stood silently beside him, and gently said, "Thank you for helping me out, Paltrow."

Mu Cai has served as a priest for seven or eight years since he entered his teacher's home. Although he is not familiar with the world, he still knows this purifier who has been following him.

The other party is loyal to the gods, usually reticent, and does more than he says, and there is almost no extra word. Only Paltrow made a deliberate voice, he must have seen that he was under the control of Kross, and then he deliberately made a voice to relieve him.

Although the priests are not under the jurisdiction of the royal power, the two complement each other on weekdays, and it is inevitable that there will be constraints between each other, and sometimes they will restrict each other. Pat Loken offended the monarch out loud for him, and Mu Cai was naturally grateful.

The candlelight illuminates the somewhat dim main hall, dyeing the pure white robe and long black hair of the oracle priests with warm yellow. Two small clusters of agile flames flashed in his eyes, and his expression was very gentle and grateful when he looked at him.

Paltrow's throat rolled.

In fact, he was not as good as the pure and beautiful priest before him thought. The reason why he stopped the monarch's behavior out loud was because the image of the two nearly embracing each other pierced Paltrow's eyes.

As a purifier serving gods and oracle priests, he is not as desireless as he seems on the surface. Paltrow knew very well that his desires and thoughts were turbulent, even worse than ordinary believers.

He longed for the gaze of the oracle priest, even if it was just a gentle glance when the opponent faced sentient beings. He also longed for the care of the oracle priest, even if it was just the normal state of the opponent facing the people around him.

And what he desires most is the (body shen) body under the pure white robe of the oracle priest.

When Mu Cai took a bath, no one knew what kind of picture appeared in Paltrow's mind, who was standing outside the curtain holding a towel. He thought, if the priest in front of him had seen even a moment of scene in his mind, he might be connected to a piece of pink from the snow-white face to the round toes.

So Paltrow would not just watch his beloved oracle priest walk up to the altar. Of course, he wouldn't be as stupid as Kross, directly requesting this world-minded priest to stop his sacrifice.

When Paltrow thought of this, he looked closely at Mu Cai while he was eating the stewed lamb (meat rou) with a darker look.

Everything will be revealed in the sacrificial ceremony a few days later.


A few days later.

The hot sun is scorching the earth, and the (强qiang) strong sun shining hardly open one's eyes, and it burns on people like a flame. However, even in such hot weather, there are still countless people gathered under the sun, prostrate on the hot ground and bow down to a place, even if the palms and knees are hot red, they don't care.

Because they knew that the oracle priests whom they had always loved and worshipped would take their bodies as sacrifices and pray for them on the altar for saving rain.

Upon learning this news, all the people made a sensation.

Since the establishment of this city-state, even if it is a major disaster, there has never been in history that priests sacrificed themselves to gods. The sacrifices were all boys and girls (female nu) in the city-state. .

The people who had school-age children in the city-state saw the drought lasting for more than two months, and I am afraid it will continue for more than two years in the future, and they are all ready to sacrifice their children. As a result, no one thought that in the end it was their beloved oracle priest who did it.

They wanted to cry, but the long-term lack of water and food made them almost unable to shed tears. They had to crawl on the ground to express their gratitude and dissatisfaction to the noble priest.

After the Senate released the news, before today's sacrifice, there was a young man (female nu) who lost her parents and was fostered in someone else’s home and wanted to replace the beloved oracle priest on the altar, in order to protect her beloved priest. (Sexual xing) fate, but in the end, Mu Cai stroked (touched Mo) to persuade him to return home. No one knows what the Lord oracle priest said to her, only the people of the city-state watched the young (female nu) cry back home under the ** of the clergy.

Mu Cai wears a wreath of vines on his head and a white robe that symbolizes purity. This time he did not take the scepter that symbolized the power of the oracle priest, but calmly stepped onto the altar exposed to the sun under the gaze of the people around him.

Around the altar, there are several priests sitting. There are old people and young people among them.

Paltrow is also one of them.

Mu Cai lay down on the altar surrounded by the clergy. To his surprise, even though he had been exposed to the scorching sun for so long, the surface of this altar was still warm. For his skin, it was only slightly warmer, and there was no burning sensation.

Maybe this is a gift from the gods.

The oracle priest thought so, and then thought about the next (fa) event, and had more confidence that the gods would help them through the difficulties, and couldn't help but show a little smile on his face.

The clergy who presided over this sacrifice saw that their beloved priest was smiling at this moment, and turned his head tremblingly and announced:


A neat, buzzing voice suddenly sounded around the altar. The priests who were sitting around began to whisper the spell to summon the gods.

The sacrifice has already begun, and it must not be stopped in the middle, otherwise the purpose of the sacrifice will not be achieved, and it is very likely that the ** will be offended.

Therefore, even if the people around him feel helpless, they can only let them go.

Except Paltrow.

The Silent Purifier usually looks solemn, careful and rigorous, and has made almost no mistakes. However, at this time, the look (look) on his face became more and more fanatical, and the voice of cursing in his mouth became louder and louder.

The priest sitting next to him even heard a spell that was completely different from everyone else!

The people sitting around the altar were even disturbed by the completely inconsistent sound, and the curse was broken for a moment. Under this mistake, after the huge mistake before, everyone on the altar suddenly clicked!

At this moment, the abnormal change rose sharply. After the venomous sun gradually faded into the dark clouds, thunder and lightning flashed in the center of the clouds, and there was a violent wind in the city, flying sand and rocks.

Like a rainstorm is coming.

Mu Cai didn't know what was born.

The altar was huge, and the people sitting under the altar were a little far away from him, and the voice of the curse was so small that he could only perceive that the collective voice seemed to break for a moment. Mu Cai was about to check it out, and saw the celestial phenomena change.

However, as a sacrifice, he didn't feel any abnormality. He just felt that the surface of the altar seemed to gradually heat up, making Mu Cai, who was trembling unconsciously by the wind, felt very warm.

During the sacrifice, the celestial phenomenon may not necessarily be the result they want. Maybe the gods will punish them and turn the drought into a flood.

Since the sacrifice has failed and the celestial phenomenon has changed, Mu Cai eagerly wanted to stand up and urged everyone to go home as soon as possible. It's just that he just got up, he felt a cloud of white mist on the altar, covering his sight.

From a distance, there seemed to be screams and shouts, but Mu Cai had no intention of listening.

(强qiang) His powerful arms encircled his waist firmly, and the sound of flapping wings echoed beside Mu Cai. A fluffy head touched his shoulders from behind, and a deep and magnetic (sexual xing) voice rang in his ears: "You are the sacrifice given to me?"

Immediately, Mu Cai felt a moist touch on her cheek: "It's so beautiful. I like it."

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