Chapter 133:Forcefully Doting On You

The little priest of the gods (3)

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However, Mu Cai was sent to his teacher's home to learn about sacrificial rites since his enlightenment. He only yearned for the gods and rarely came into contact with these words like the prodigal son of love. His soft lips only kissed (kissed) children's cheeks and foreheads, and his thin arms have embraced many people, warriors marching for the city, crying children, and adults who need to be comforted.

They are all the people of the gods. He is worried about the drought of the city (gan gan). The two conditions are combined. In the eyes of the gods behind him, isn't he the child who needs to be comforted?

Mu Cai had turned around and saw the ** suddenly appeared behind him.

The appearance of the ** is very handsome, very similar to the statue made of gold and ivory. He is tall and strong, with his white wings flapping lightly, behind him are dark clouds and violent winds. At this moment, he is holding his waist and looking down at him with a smile.

The first drop of rain fell on the ground, and then more and more rain fell from the sky, dripping into the cracked ground, washing the (dry gan) riverbed. People who had been scorched by the sun for a long time knelt on the ground and looked at the sudden rain in surprise. The heat of the day was wiped out, and they all began to cheer.

Mu Cai originally thought that the dark clouds and violent winds were disasters caused by the failure of the sacrifice, but the cheers of the people and the sound of rain mixed into his ears through the mist, and the rain should be a gift from the gods. Mu Cai's (chest xiong) was instantly filled with gratitude and admiration. With his thin white hands propped in front of the other's wide (chest xiong), he immediately knelt down to thank the ** who saved the people.

However, an arm (强qiang) clung to his waist, preventing Mu Cai's behavior. The ** in front of him stretched out his hand (touching Mo) (touching Mo) the soft cheeks of his little sacrifice, and said in a seductive voice: "Knock to me for such rain? I don't like this way of thanking you."

The pure and beautiful oracle priest asked without hesitation: "The gods are above. I don't know what you like? Mu Cai is willing to do his best to find them for you."

The ** laughed, and there was a trace of deceit and cunning in his eyes that should not belong to the merciful god. However, the deceived priest did not see this, but waited with gratitude for the request of the gods: "I said, I like you as a sacrifice and don't want others. I will stay in the human world for a long time, If I have any needs, I will come directly to you. I only hope that you won't shirk any excuses."

The poor oracle priest didn’t know that he had made a deal with the devil. His (chest xiong) was still immersed in the joy of the (dry gan) drought being resolved. He looked at the ** in front of him with a gentle and firm gaze: "Who are you Mu Cai must be obliged to make reasonable demands of the company!"

The ** was very satisfied with the little sacrifice's obedient, he nodded, and stretched out his hand to wave away the white mist on the altar, exposing his appearance in front of everyone. The people who crawled on the ground in the distance and looked at here saw this scene:

Their pure and beautiful oracle priests are being held tightly in their arms by a pair of (强qiang) strong arms. Because of the tall and sturdy figure of the man next to him, their oracle priest was extraordinarily petite and small, and even the thin white hand he put on the arrogantly horizontal arm seemed very weak.

The man holding Mu Cai has blond hair and blue eyes, with huge powerful wings behind him. Only some people noticed that the wings seemed a little different from those made of ivory in the temple statues. The edges of the wings were not very clear, as if wisps of black (color) light smoke radiated out.

And this so-called ** didn't look in the direction of these people from beginning to end. The eyes that can be called fanatical and greedy always linger on the person in his arms, but their oracle, the priest, did not realize this, but turned his head to look at these people, with delicate and white faces full of It is a smile of joy.

Compared with the so-called god, their priests were obviously more concerned about them, and they had the compassion and love of God.

Although there are many doubts in (胸xiong), the rain from the sky cannot be faked. Besides the satisfied smile on the face of the Lord Oracle priest, who would have the heart to break it after seeing it? Therefore, all the people crawled on the ground, pressing their doubts in their hearts, thanking the gods for the gifts and the dedication of the priests.

The priests who had just chanted the curse around the altar also bowed and bowed, only Paltrow's eyes (showing) shocked, unwillingly raised his head to look directly at the dazzling picture of embracing.

Of course he knew that the humanoid monster that appeared on the altar was not a ** at all, but a demon that he deliberately disrupted the sacrifice and summoned himself as a sacrifice! It's just that Paltrow has already rigorously confirmed the recorded book, and followed the above step by step, using his own blood and spells as the medium. Why didn't the demon that appeared follow his orders? !

Paltrow thought of this, (chest xiong) was emotionally turbulent, and (强qiang) could no longer bear the pain that (强qiang) had endured, a breath of blood rushed to his throat, and he vomited it out.

The blood spread on the ground quickly became stale and gray, and there seemed to be slight undulations on the surface, like something wriggling inside. Paltrow tried his best to open his eyes wide to see, but his eyes were suddenly blurred.

The vomiting of blood just now made him dizzy. Almost the next moment, Paltrow fell to the ground, his eyes lost and motionless.

The moment he closed his eyes for the last time, he saw a slender figure dressed in a pure white robe leaping towards him. An ethereal and melodious voice sounded like a natural sound in front of him: "Patrow, what's wrong with you?" !"

A natural, almost instinctive thought popped up in Paltrow's mind when he had almost stopped thinking:

That's great, his priest saw him again.

As soon as this idea came out, Paltrow fainted completely.


Into the night.

There are bright red rose petals floating in the rippling bath, and Mu Cai soaks in it absently.

"What's wrong with my little priest? Is there anything in this world that bothers you so much?"

There was a deep and magnetic (sexual xing) voice, and Mu Cai recovered his senses. He quickly got up from the bath and bowed in the direction of the visitor, saying: "My lord God, you are here."

The light gauze curtain and the flickering candlelight illuminate the body of the person standing in the shattered water. His long black hair was wet and hung around his slender waist, and his skin was white all over, like the finest suet jade from the East in the warm yellow candlelight.

The round drops of water followed his slender neck and shoulders down, dripping across the satin-like skin, and finally submerged in the rippling water waves, flowing to the dreamy position.

The devil's throat rolled, and even his body was a little excited. Looking up at his little sacrifice, he didn't notice anything, and those eyes flashed with joy and gratitude, like the Milky Way of Summer Night.

There is no rush to taste delicious desserts, you have to enjoy it slowly. Not to mention, he liked this beautiful and pure little sacrifice very much, and didn't want to scare him at all.

So the devil squatted down, and he was very patient and asked again: "What makes you so upset, can you tell me?"

The gods have earth-shaking power.

When Mu Cai thought of the scorching sun turning to heavy rain during the sacrifice this morning, he pleaded with a pleading mentality: "Master God, you..."

A finger lightly touched his red lips like rose petals, the ** carrying the light squatted down, and held the cheek of the oracle priest, with a low voice, with a hoarse allure: "Don't use honorifics for me, just call me Perseus when there is no one."

Although the devil wanted to call each other so intimately with his little sacrifice before others, his real name was the source of their power and their shackles. If the little sacrifice is heard by people with ulterior motives and malicious people when calling his real name in front of others, even if he has the power to reach the sky, he may be unpredictably calculated.

Perseus is already a demon * of rank, and mortal calculations can't hurt him. Even if someone summons a true * to fight him, he has a great chance of winning. But if this conspiracy is to make Perseus return to the Demon Realm, it will be very troublesome.

It is not easy to shuttle back and forth between the two worlds, and the devil does not want to be separated from his little sacrifice.

Even if only one day.

Such a pure, beautiful and helpless little sacrifice should be protected by his wings and be loved by him.

When Mu Cai heard the request from the ** who saved them, he immediately changed his words: "Perseus, do you think Paltrow will get better? How many days will he need to wake up?"

When he said this, his thin white hands clenched unconsciously, and the eyes that were originally looking at the ** also began to appear confused: "I am very worried about him."

A human being can take the attention of his little sacrifice and occupy his mind.

The jealousy in the devil's heart almost broke through his (chest xiong) cavity. Without a word, he stretched out his hand arbitrarily, (强qiang) broke the hand of the little sacrifice, and shook his big hand with the opponent's ten fingers.

Seeing that the people in the pool finally recovered, and did not resist the shaking hands with him, the Demon God finally felt a little more comfortable. With a smile on his face, he said, "Don't worry about that human being can't die."

Although Perseus looked very uncomfortable with Paltrow, what the other party said was a medium that brought him to his beloved little sacrifice. Even though the weak human being was very self-reliant and tried to control his thinking and behavior, the opponent's backlash was regarded as punishment.

Although the demon ** does not like humans, he has reached the level of gods, and naturally he will not like to chaos (kill sha) people like those low-level monsters. When Paltrow is backlashed, he will also gain a part of his power, and now the opponent's shui (Shui) is absorbing this part of power. When the absorption is complete, the human will naturally wake up.

Although he didn't get the exact time to wake up, the gods had already given the answer, and Mu Cai was relieved. A smile appeared on his face and said, "Perseus, do you need me to bathe for you?"

The reason why the oracle priest waited in this pool was for this. When the gods come, they need to be washed away. According to the regulations, he was the highest-ranking clergyman in the city-state, and such things naturally fell on him.

The pure little sacrifice in front of him raised his head and looked at him, speaking with an innocent expression about the ambiguous invitation, almost driving the devil's reason mad.

His eyes (color) deepened, a trace of scarlet flashed in his eyes, and he directly held the shoulders of the person in front of him with both hands, and said in a low voice: "Of course I need, but I need you to do something else for me."

After the devil finished speaking, he went down into the warm bath and gently (kissed) the two rose-like lips in the little sacrifice's doubtful eyes.


The corridor leading from the bath to the bedroom is dim, with warm yellow candles burning on both sides of the walls.

The tall and strong man carefully hugged (Shui Shui) the oracle priest who was cooked and still had a flush on his face.

The person being held by him breathes smoothly, his snow-white cheeks are against his (chest xiong), his fine white hands are curled up, his body is covered with a white robe that is obviously too large, and it is in his arms (sleeping Shui). Very stable.

The Demon God's wish was fulfilled, and he was in a rare mood at this moment.

Therefore, he was more tolerant of the person standing at the end of the corridor and unconsciously blocking the way.

Themis clenched his own sacrificial scepter.

He is only sixteen years old this year, and he still doesn't know how to manage his face (color). His dark eyes were guttering with obvious jealousy, and he greedily looked at the person in the arms of the demon in front of him.

Compared with the man's tall and strong body, his teacher looks small, quiet and well-behaved, a scene that Themis had dreamed of when he first matured.

Now, his dream is occupied by this demon!

Yes, it is the devil!

Themis was born with the "Golden Eye" and extremely high sensitivity, and because of this, he was chosen by Mu Cai to be the successor of the next oracle priest. In the eyes of others, the ** with blond hair and blue eyes, with pure wings on his back, has nowhere to hide in his eyes.

A devil with firstborn horns, bat wings on his back, black hair and black eyes, and a lightning-like tail behind him is holding his pure and beautiful teacher. And his teacher's original rich and fragrant fragrance has been mixed with the smell of disgusting him.

His teacher, the enlightening lamp in his life, the person he admired since he was a child, and the last fascinated person, and the disguised demon in front of him.

When Themis thought of this, the hand holding the scepter could not help but squeeze tighter.

He felt resentful in his heart, but he could only pretend not to know. Now that the teacher is still in the hands of the other party, he must be patient, otherwise, in case the other party sees the clues, the demon will find that he already knows his identity, I am afraid that the teacher's life will not be guaranteed!

How could the devil not see the young man's mind.

Look at the forbearing look, look at the white knuckles holding the scepter.

At first glance, he was holding an unspeakable mind towards the small sacrifice in his arms.

But so what? The person in his arms is already in his half-being (强qiang) and half-being coaxing to dedicate himself to him, to pick up the (sexual xing) son, if it is not for his own special identity and rhetoric, the other party will not do anything with others. Something like this.

This young man has no chance at all, nor the ability to dismantle them!

The devil thought arrogantly, holding his sweetheart and strutting away.

The teenager who was left in the corner was trembling with anger. However, the more angry he became, the more he calmed down.

His teacher is blinded by the devil and is waiting for him to rescue him. He must not just let it go!

Thinking of this, Themis went back to the room and changed a set of black (color) night clothes. He quietly passed through the main hall of the temple, the front hall and the long corridor, all the way towards the city-state palace.

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