Chapter 134:Forcefully Doting On You

The little priest of the gods (4)

After Mu Cai woke up from a deep sleep, she felt a little sore in her waist and limbs. She was limp, lying on the soft bed and didn't want to move at all. +++Mobile reading visit

Because of this unusual feeling, Mu Cai instantly recalled what she gave birth last night.

Late last night, the candlelight swaying by the bath, the rippling water waves, the arms that were blocking my waist, and the sound that kept breathing in my ears.

A thin layer of red flew on Mu Caixue's white cheeks.

Last night, when the gods became more and more presumptuous in his actions, Mu Cai finally understood. Although he has had very little contact with this aspect since he was a child, and is very slow, it does not mean that he does not understand what is going on.

Mu Cai originally thought that the ** just wanted to relieve his desire, and asked if he needed him to call the concubine over.

Divine concubines are also a kind of priests, mostly by women, and there are also some beautiful young people. They usually serve some of the higher- ranking priests in the temple, and some will remain pure and marry the warriors of the city or the symbol of the gods.

After Mu Cai made this suggestion, the ** who had been doing trouble with him stopped, but instead of letting go of him, he hugged him tighter and pressed to his ear and said:

"You sacrificed yourself to me, and I have helped you fulfill your wish. You belong to me. Why don't you want to do such a thing with me, and want to push me to others?"

"After more than two months of drought, abundant rains will speed up the unearth of underground locusts. When the devil’s messenger crosses the border, the life-saving food that your people have worked so hard to grow will soon be wiped out. If you are willing, this Everything will be resolved."

"I just want you."


The low, seductive voice seemed as if the devil was tempting humans to sacrifice their souls and make a deal with him. While thinking that he was indeed a sacrifice to the gods, Mu Cai worried about the ensuing locust plague.

Under the double impact, he was dazed to agree to the gods, so that in the end he could only dumb his throat and let out a broken moan while holding on to the edge of the bath.

Thinking back to the scene last night, Mu Cai felt that there was heat on his face, and even the coolness after the heavy rain couldn't make him calmer.

He didn't think about where the other party was now or what he was doing (gan).

The oracle priest is trying to calm his mind. Outside the sleeping hall, a rush of footsteps came.

Mu Cai turned his head and looked around, and saw a * waiter running into his bedroom in a panic. The other party's face (color) was very anxious, and tried to express his meaning clearly: "The oracle priest, the monarch commanded the army, and the master Themis came to the direction of the temple! They said that they said that the * is a demon. Demon!"


Perseus is in a very bad mood now.

He was guarding next to his beloved Cai Cai, looking at the other's peaceful (ShuiShui) Yan, expecting his sweetheart to see him as soon as he opened his eyes. As a result, when the Demon God was still sitting in the bedroom deep in the apse of the temple, he heard the vibration of horses' hoofs on the ground from the distant earth.

The direction was directed towards this temple named "The Virgin".

You know it's bad intentions when you hear it.

And it seemed to be directed at him.

Perseus was sitting on the bed surrounded by a veil, and heard the cry of the united army several miles away:

"Stop the devil and guard the priest!"

"Stop the devil and guard the priest!"


The Demon God only felt ridiculous when he heard the earth-shaking, passionate shouts.

This group of mobs actually wanted to separate him from Cai Cai? How can the power of mortals be compared with gods!

Hearing the sound getting closer and closer, almost reaching the position of the temple, the huge bat wings behind Perseus flapped.

They come here again, even weak humans can hear their voices. The Demon God didn't want his beloved who had been overworked last night to be awakened, so he immediately made a decision.

He will go out for a while with these overpowering mortals.

By the way, let's see who has this ability and can see through his disguise.

Now Perseus paid the price for his arrogance.

The devil was suspended in the air, with long horns above his head, and the wings behind it flapped, the huge bat wings almost obscured the sky.

Although in the eyes of the mortals below, Perseus showed (exposed) the prototype at this moment, with amazing momentum. But in fact, he knew in his heart that he showed his original form because he was forced to show his original form, and even the disguise used to hide his appearance could not be maintained.

Only then did the Demon God admit that he really underestimated the two human beings.

Themis held the priest's scepter in his hand, and in the raised eyes, the (color) of the pupils were like molten gold in the sun. He stared at the demon ** above the sky, the scepter smashed heavily on the ground, and he said loudly: "Offense!"

The soldiers on the ground immediately rode on horses and surged like a flood. They held bows and arrows that were burning with flames, and shot a rain of arrows toward the demon ** above the sky from all directions.

Perseus couldn't help but want to laugh.

It seems that it is not just that he can't hold it a little bit, but the humans underneath are already poor. What kind of damage can these mortal wooden arrow feathers cause him? It's not as bad as the spells of the human being who coveted the Golden Eyes he picked.

The reason why demon gods become demon gods, rather than true gods, is because they usually represent a certain kind of original sin. Perseus's original sin was arrogance. He had planted several somersaults on it, and he still doesn't remember this lesson.

Perseus’s pair of bat wings flapped the wind, and instantly knocked down all the arrows he had shot. Some even went back at a very high speed, knocking down the soldiers who were shooting arrows from the horse, and fell silently. On the ground.

When the wind stopped and the dust settled, the dark eyes of the demon ** hanging in the sky looked towards the ground. He raised his hand, ready to make a break with these overpowering humans.

Although Perseus was not small this time, he also found some problems.

For example, the golden-eyed human underneath possesses power that obviously shouldn't belong to humans. When he was competing with the other party, he noticed that although this force appeared to be quite different from his, in fact, he knew the same origin.

what the ** is it?

Perseus thought for a while but didn't understand, so he didn't want to.

Anyway, after the two people underneath fell down, he could investigate as much as he wanted.

After all, the corpse cannot resist.

The demon ** thought of this arrogantly, the bat wings flapped behind him, ready to drop the last thunder.

However, as soon as he was about to raise his hand, he realized that his movement was restricted.

A (强qiang) great force restrained him.

Perseus found out that he didn’t know when it started. The thin, golden thread that (rou) eyes could hardly detect was densely wrapped around him, almost entwining his whole body with a piece of gold. (Color) inside the cocoon.

He looked down angrily, and saw that the mortals who were blown by himself and turned their backs on their horses had formed a magic circle glowing with golden light.

It's the golden-eyed human!

Outside the staff, Themis is holding the priest's staff, his pupils are like flowing gold, and there is a light array under his feet, which is continuously transmitting mana to the large array of gold (color) in front.

Themis was very young, only sixteen years old. This was the first time such a huge encirclement and suppression campaign had been carried out. A man's mana supplying such a large circle made Themis blush.

His eyes were golden, and a sentence was almost pressed from between his teeth: "The monarch! That's now! Toward the center of the devil's eyebrows, there is his fatal point!"

The Demon God never expected that the eyes of this golden-eyed human would be so powerful, and he could see through his weakness at a glance! Perseus turned his eyes again and saw the human monarch on the ground raising his bow.

The bow was extremely high, and the arrow on the string made the Demon God's pupils shrink.

The dazzling gold (color) arrow, and the snow-white tail feathers ignited an inextinguishable flame out of the air, and when they reached the string, they looked like a phoenix surrounded by flames.

Perseus recognized the arrow.

It is the Arrow of Killing God!

Once a warrior let the upper ** fall with it, this arrow was finally sealed.

Never thought it would fall into the hands of this human monarch!

The Demon God would never stop and wait for death.

Kross chose the angle and drew the bow and arrow.

As the bow was gradually pulled apart, the muscles on the arms of the young monarch gradually bulged. When the bow stretched like a full moon, the golden (colored) arrow gleamed in the sun, with a dazzling light, and headed straight towards the demon ** who was entwined by the golden thread.

The Arrow of Killing God screamed in the wind, and went toward Perseus' eyebrows accurately.

Everyone on the ground held their breath at this moment, and their eyes followed the flaming arrow and flew forward.

However, just as the golden (colored) arrow was about to sink into the center of the Demon God's eyebrows, Perseus, who was about to be wrapped into a cocoon by the golden thread, suddenly opened his mouth and smiled.

The next moment, the demon ** with long horns and huge bat wings on his back disappeared from the crowd.

This change (fa) was born too fast, and almost everyone on the ground had not yet come to react.

Themis never expected that the demon had left behind, and was so angry that he smashed the scepter to the ground.

But even a demon can't disappear out of thin air, unless he has been forced to escape back to the devil world.

Themis felt better when he thought of this.

As long as the opponent is gone, he has the opportunity to approach the teacher again. He still has a lot of time before the devil returns to the world.

Themis thought, raising his head, and then he saw Mu Cai, who was standing not far away, with pale and shaky face.


When Mu Cai woke up again, she was still lying on her own (bed chuang).

But it was already night, and the candlelight was lit in the bedroom. He had just woke up, his head was still a little groggy, and before he had time to adapt, he heard a clear voice from a young man by the bed: "Teacher, you are awake."

It's Themis.

The other party was sitting by the bed, the priest's scepter was tested by the side, and a pair of eyes like flowing gold were watching him.

Mu Cai's mood is a bit complicated now.

Today, he saw with his own eyes the students he raised and the monarchs of the city-states surrounding the gods.

No, maybe it shouldn't be called a god.

When the oracle priest hurried to the scene, although he didn't want to admit it, he still saw the demon with a face that was very similar to the ** but with horns and bat wings.

The devil is evil in Mu Cai's cognition. But the oracle priest never saw Perseus doing evil. On the contrary, the other party rescued the city-state from the drought, and even promised him that he would help solve the next possible locust plague.

The oracle priest couldn't help being confused.

Should such a demon be wiped out? Can this be called a demon?

The oracle priest in front of him sits in a soft bed, half of his body is illuminated by candlelight. His slender eyelashes were drooping, and there was light hidden in his eyes like the Milky Way of Summer Night, so sparkling as if to cry.

Themis clenched his hand.

Is his teacher sad? Are you crying?

Are you crying for that demon? !

While Mu Cai was still suffering the shaking of his faith, he suddenly felt the light in front of him dimmed. He looked up and saw that Themis had climbed onto his bed, knelt in front of him, held his shoulders with both hands, and looked at him with eyes like flowing gold.

A dangerous signal.

"Teacher, are you worried about that demon?"

Mu Cai didn't know how to answer.

But Themis didn't seem to want him to answer.

"You are an oracle priest respected by the people, and a beacon on my path. You shouldn't have worried about a demon! And the reason you think this way now is because you have been blinded by the devil!"

Themis said, holding his hands tighter, and frantic (color) bursts in his eyes: "The devil has left evil in your body, and it is precisely because of this that you will faint on the battlefield, and have not woken up until now. Come. You need to be exorcised."

After hearing this sentence, Mu Cai's originally stupefied mind instantly became sober. A blush appeared on his snow-white cheeks: " do you, you can't...I'm your teacher..."

Before he could finish his words, he saw that the students he had carefully nurtured had torn off the usual pretense, and the expression on his face became a little crazy: "Why?! Why can that devil smash you, but I can't?! Is it just because I am your student?"

Mu Cai looked at Themis's hideous face (color) and crazy eyes, and held up the other's cheek with distress: "Themis, you are in a stumbling block."

The young student refused to listen to the teacher’s motto, and instead said: "Then I need the teacher's help even more."

After speaking, Themis lowered his head, (kiss wen) stayed in front of the wide-eyed person in front of him, pressed his struggling hands and feet, and pinched his teacher to the (bed chuang).

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