Chapter 135:Forcefully Doting On You

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In the middle of the night, Cross walked silently through the long corridor with candlelights on both sides of the wall.

The young monarch frowned slightly, his face (color) tense, and his trembling hands vented (exposed) his tension.

In today's decisive battle, Kross almost stopped beating when he saw the pure and beautiful oracle priest fell with a pale face. And when he heard Themis gritted his teeth to reveal that the demon had been enchanted and had taken Mu Cai, he felt a blood rush to his head even more.

From the day Kross first saw his oracle priest as a boy, he planted in his heart the roots of love for this pure, beautiful, noble and kind priest. This kind of secret love is like making wine, as time grows, the understanding of Mu Cai has become more and more mellow.

Therefore, when he heard that his oracle, the priest, already belonged to someone else, Kross's heart was overwhelmed, and his jealousy and anger almost tortured his heart into a hole, asking him to toss on the (bed chuang) at night. Shui) can't sleep.

Kross wanted to see Mu Cai, wanted to see Mu Cai immediately, wanted to take possession of the other side fiercely, and put his own brand on the oracle priest. Let his priest forget that demon, he is the only one in his heart from now on!

He was in agitated mood and walked faster and faster. When he was about to walk to the door of the sleeping hall, he suddenly heard the noise from inside, the voice of struggle and resistance, and the ethereal and sweet humming and pleading.

Kross was shocked, afraid that the devil would return to the human world, and immediately pushed in.

He was born with supernatural powers, since he was a child, he was able to pull the bow and arrow that an adult warrior could open. The thin door of this palace was almost useless in his eyes.

However, the next moment, the young monarch opened his eyes wide, and the handle on the door was almost bent abruptly by him.

On the soft (bed chuang) exclusively reserved for the oracle priests, Mu Cai was pressed on the (bed chuang) by Themis. The clothes on his body had been torn off halfway, (exposing) white, satin-like skin. His soft black hair covered the bed, his thin arms were held in Themis's hands, and his thin waist was twisted like a thirsty fish because of the struggle.

When someone interrupted the good thing, Themis gave a "tsk". He had gone to the upper body, and looked over fiercely with a pair of golden (colored) eyes.

When Mu Cai heard the sound coming from the door, his first reaction was to ask for help from the person who came: "The Lord! The Lord save me! Themis is in a stray!"

After the oracle priest said this, he thought he would be rescued immediately.

However, he was wrong.

The young monarch stood in the doorway, with blue veins on his arms, muscles undulating, and the door in his hand was almost broken by him. Cross looked at this side, his face (color) turned red under the radiance of the candlelight, and the expression on his face was also very unnatural.

Watching this scene, Mu Cai felt a little uneasy in his heart for some reason.

The monarch did not save him the first time, but he didn't know what he was thinking, and he seemed to be trying his best to restrain him.

The first reaction of the oracle priest was that something might have happened to Cross. As a priest, he has received various requests for help since he was a child, and under the guidance of his teacher, he has been enthusiastically trying his best to help every person seeking help solve difficulties.

At this moment, he completely forgot that he was being controlled by others, and even asked Themis, his snow-white face was full of anxiety: "Themis, stop making trouble. Something may have happened to the monarch, you let go and let me examine him. a bit."

Themis looked at the teacher's anxiousness in his bright eyes like the Milky Way of Summer Night, and couldn't help but pinch the opponent's chin with his other hand, and chuckled softly: "Teacher, even Contaminated by the devil, your heart is still so pure."

After he said this, his flowing golden eyes cast a cold glance over: "Cross, do you want to share the teacher with me?"

As soon as Themis said this, Mu Cai's eyes widened, and the door panel in Kross's hand broke.

The young monarch finally looked at his heart squarely, and said with a dumb voice: "I don't want to."

Themis raised his eyebrows, and shouted condescendingly: "Then go out!"

Although the priests and clergy belonged to the city-state, they also belonged to the monarch on the surface. However, the temple is independent of the secular and accepts the worship of the people without following secular laws.

Themis is usually polite to Klos because of etiquette and because he is a monarch. Now this person is directly disturbing his good deeds. He is very angry and naturally will not show the other side a good face (color).

In particular, Themis found that the other party's eyes had been staring at the shoulder of his teacher's (exposed). He silently stuffed the teacher behind him, leaving only one hand to hold Mu Cai's thin wrist.

The people in the place where the sight converges were blocked, and Kross woke up as if in a dream. He squeezed his hand, and said solemnly: "I don't want to share the pick with you, it doesn't mean I don't want him."

After speaking, Kross faced Themis's golden pupils, without giving way.

Mu Cai held both hands tightly, feeling that he was going to faint again. He really feels helpless now, and Themis doesn't listen to his reasoning at all. Mu Cai originally thought that the monarch would be the sober person, but now it seems that the other party is not like that at all.

Just when the two parties were in a stalemate, there was a sound of footsteps outside the hall.

Mu Cai became nervous instantly.

There are not too many priests staying in the temple at a time, and every room is far apart, and basically no one can hear each other.

Who will come this time?

If such a situation were seen, the reputation of Themis and the monarch would have disappeared!

Themis and Kross also paused the confrontation, turning their heads and looking out the door.

The footsteps were getting closer, and finally turned to the door.

When Mu Cai saw the people coming, he couldn't help shouting: "Patrow?"

The other party had been in a coma before, but is he finally awake now?

But why does the state of the purifier priest look so wrong? He knew that Paltrow had always been accustomed to patience and lived a life like an ascetic. At this moment, he frowned and looked terrifying, and he might have been unable to bear it!

At this time, the other party is looking for himself, I am afraid I just want to help?

When Mu Cai thought of this, just about to get up, he was stopped by Themis: "Teacher, wait, he is not right."

Paltrow raised his eyes, his eyes were amazingly bright. His face was painful, but he still looked at Mu Cai persistently, and his voice was hoarse: "Cai Cai, hurry up...hurry up!"

As soon as his voice fell, a deep laughter echoed throughout the space.

"The clone that summoned me. Do you think you can stop my actions? Who do you think ordered you to come here? Besides, are you really willing to let the current Cai Cai go?"

This voice is deep and full of magnetism (sexual xing), full of temptations and invitations from the Demon Realm. As soon as it appeared, it caused the faces (colors) of everyone present to change.

It's that demon!

Paltrow's face (color) flushed immediately.

The white robe of the man who was clasped and kneeling on the (bed chuang) was hanging down, showing white and thin shoulders, and his eyes were full of shock and pity.

(Body shen) There was a tearing pain in his body. Paltrow knew very well that the devil he had summoned was about to come out!

Perseus wanted to understand one thing when he escaped into a different space.

Why can this man easily summon him who has not been to the human world for tens of thousands of years? Why do the city-state monarchs and priests have the same power as him?

Because they were all fragments of the souls who fell into the world after being seriously injured when he participated in the Battle of the Three Realms.

They are all him, and this time, the Demon God also returned from the different space with his own clone.

Came back to pick him up.

In the eyes of the other three people, Paltrow suddenly fell to his knees and let out a cry of pain. Immediately, behind him, the image of the demon ** gradually became clear.

At the same time, Themis, Kross, and Paltrow suddenly had a memory that did not belong to them.

From the war of the Three Realms tens of thousands of years ago, ancient gods, demons, and humans fought. The demon ** was severely injured, his soul was shaken, torn apart, and he wandered into the world.

And they are one of them.

When the image was completely transformed into a real entity, the demon ** unfolded his huge bat wings and (exposed) a somewhat evil smile: "Why are you fighting so much?"

"Since it's just a part of me, why not love our Cai Cai together?"

The other three paused, without speaking.

But they all turned their heads, and they looked at Mu Cai with fanatical (color) colors.

Thinking of the terrifying scene that followed, Mu Cai couldn't hold it anymore and fainted.


Mu Cai suddenly woke up from his dream.

The air conditioner in the room is working and the temperature has been adjusted to a very low level, but it still can't stop the rush of heat. The person hugging him is like a stove, with a heavy arm resting on his waist.

On such a summer night, it was a torture.

Mu Cai thought of the dream just now, and then looked at Mu Qing who had just woke up (sleeping Shui), and he was so angry that he directly hammered the people beside him several times: "What are you (gan)! What are you doing, how can you do this? !"

He originally promised his lover, but he was thinking about the old man and the old man, and it was good to have fun. Who would have thought that after reading several books, the other party would create such a world for him? !

Mu Cai still remembers the helplessness and despair in the dream, and I can't wait to beat this bad guy right away!

The ruler of the planet allows his sweetheart to wave a small fist.

This strength seemed to him to be tickle, and he did something wrong, so Mu Qing chose to let Cai breathe out first, and then he went to coax the opponent.

After Mu Cai (fa) finished venting and stopped angrily. The planet's master quickly sat up, wrapped Mu Cai's shoulder with one hand, and the other's white hand with the other, coaxing, "Caicai, don't be angry."

The body is too hot, the air conditioner is useless at 16 degrees, just like sitting in the stove. Mu Cai was angry again now, and immediately pushed people hard: "Go away! You are too bad! Don't come by!"

Mu Qing immediately put on a pitiful face: "It's because you have been so indifferent to me during this period of time, so you don't let me hold it, don't let me (touch Mo), or hold me. I'm really uncomfortable. Ah, I came up with this script."

Mu Cai's hand paused.

This is indeed his problem.

Although Mu Cai had to do this because it was too hot, it did hurt the lover's heart.

He didn't want to say the reason, after all, it is not the other party's fault that the temperature of the lover's body is too high. If he speaks out, not only will the problem be unsolvable, but it will also force both of them to be indifferent for a summer. Maybe Mu Qing will feel too utilitarian. Hold him when it's cold in winter, kick him away when it's hot in summer.

Therefore, Mu Cai just quietly moved away from the opponent without (showing) a trace. It was too hot to stand before I found something else to do to break away from the embrace of Mu Qing.

But after all, he is a lover who gets along day and night, the ruler of the planet still quickly noticed his abnormality.

Seeing that he could not hide his escape, Mu Cai could only tell the truth: "Because, because you are so hot. I hugged you before (sleeping in Shui), even though I turned on the air conditioner, it didn’t last all night ( Sleeping Shui), it’s too uncomfortable."

After saying this, Mu Cai's long eyelashes fell, and his snow-white face was full of grievances: "You can't feel it, but I am really uncomfortable!"

Mu Qing took a meal.

He did not take this into consideration.

Because he is the master of the planet and the embodiment of will, the temperature rise of the planet's surface by several degrees has no effect on him. Not to mention that Mu Qing's orbit is closer to the sun than the earth, and the temperature is higher, so the temperature in summer is not a big deal to him, and he does not take it seriously.

But he didn't consider the situation of his little lover, he was too inconsiderate!

When he thought of this, Mu Qing hurriedly coaxed the person in her arms: "I'm sorry Caicai, I didn't think about it. But don't worry, I will cool myself down soon!"

The lover admitted his mistake in time, and Mu Cai felt that his previous beating behavior was excessive. He lowered his eyes and stretched out his thin white hand (touching Mo) (touching Mo) the other person's arm, and said coyly: "Okay, don't apologize. I was wrong too. I should have told you earlier."

"I shouldn't have beaten you just now," Mu Cai raised his eyes again and solemnly said, "No more such scripts for me in the future!"

Mu Qing quickly hugged each other: "Good, good! Definitely! Shall we go to see Dad today?"

Mu Cai remembered his father in the hospital. Although it was just a minor operation, he was still a little worried and said quickly, "Go! I have to accompany my father to perform the operation today."

Mu Qing stretched out his hand (touched Mo) (touched Mo) on the cheek of his lover, and laughed: "Don't worry too much. Mom and Dad, big brother, big sister and I have said that we will always love you."

Cai Cai’s family is really good. As early as when they were together and he shared his life with Cai Cai, they solemnly said:

Whether life or death, through time and space, we still love you, love you forever.

That night, as the people of the whole earth witnessed history, the Dawn Star itself jumped out of its previous orbit and entered an orbit away from the sun.

And that night, Mu Cai finally hugged his lover (Shui Shui) for a comfortable sleep.

The air conditioner has not been turned on.

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